Zara Shoes spring summer 2017: collection

There new collection of spring summer shoes 2017 signed Zara brings with it all the joy of colors pop and refined and unique details. Different materials come together to create shoes that can be remembered.

Wear it style and do not be afraid to impress with polished finishes and the design trendy of these shoes!


Unique models for Zara heeled sandals. Details a leaf or a fringed they turn every shoe into a high fashion model. Special fabrics are mixed with great classics of the footwear world, to give life to the creations that innovate the canonical shoe without ever losing style and trend.

THE high heels they alternate with those square , crystals and metallic shades light up the shoe, while the weaves of the straps make it original.

Zara Shoes 2017
Fuchsia sandal with vinyl heel (39.95 euros)
Zara sandals leaves
Green wrap-around sandal with leaves (price 79.95 euro)
Zara silver sandals
Silver T sandal (cost € 49.95)
Zara black sandals
Black leather sandals with contrast heel (€ 69.95)
Zara white sandals
White braided sandal (price 59.95 euros)
Zara red sandals
Multi-colored red sandals (39.95 euros)
Zara jewel sandals
Gray sandal with stones and feathers (cost 79.95 euros)
Zara gold sandals
Golden braided sandal (price € 45.95)
Zara high heel sandals
Black sandals with python print (39.95 euros)
Zara blue sandals
Blue high heel sandals (cost 29.99 euros)
Sabot Zara
Mule with satin stiletto heel (€ 49.95)
Zara wide heel sandals
Low heel sandal in leather (price € 59.95)


Sandals for the hot season are essential. The true must have it will be the sandal with wide and square heel and the imaginative details. The bright colors in all the nuances will be principles in your outfits. Free way also to fringed , stone applications Swarovski and flowers, fabrics ethnic or floral and texture in contrast.

Sandals Zara summer 2017
Sandal with multicolored satin platform (€ 49.95)
Zara sandals wide heel
Sara high red sandals with plateau (cost € 49.95)
Zara low heel sandals
Zara sandal with low heel in floral pattern (39.95 euro)
Zara denim sandals
Denim sandal with plateau and flowers (price 69.95 euro)
Zara flowers sandals
Net sandal with applied flowers (79.95 euros)
Zara golden sandals
Golden sandal with fruit in sequins (price € 59.95)
Zara ethnic sandals
High heel sandal in fabric and ethnic print (59.95 euros)
Zara fringed sandals
Sandal with fringe (cost 29.99 euros)
Zara pointed sandals
Pointed shoe with heel (price 39.95 euros)


There comfort first of all with the low sandals of the Spanish brand. There are so many models proposed: from the beloved ciabattina , must have of 2017, to the model slave with the closure that rises along the calf making the shoe sensual and feminine.

Presented the platform capable of slimming the figure and raise the foot without the discomfort of the heel.

Zara slippers
Striped low sandal (29.95 euros)
Flat Zara sandals
Low sandal with lace-up laces (cost 29.95 euro)
Zara low sandals
Low sandals leather interchangeable ribbons (price 45.95 euros)
Sandals with Zara pearls
Low sandals with pearls straps (45.95 euro)
Zara wedge sandals
Low metallic sandal with plateau (cost 39.95 euros)
Zara blue slippers
Blue low sandal with satin bow (29.95 euro)
Zara slippers gold
Low golden sandal with beads (price € 39.95)
Zara silver slippers
Silver sandal with stones and lightning detail (cost 29.95 euros)
Zara jute sandals
Low rope sandal with black leather straps (49.95 euro price)


These models are a great compromise for those looking for femininity is comfort in the same shoe. Beautiful details with pearls is flowers, even the fabrics can be remembered, such as velvet and metallic leather.

Zara sandals with pearls
Velvet low-heeled sandal with pearls (price € 49.95)
Zara sandals with flowers
Sabot gold with low heel and beads (49.95 euro)


Platform tall braided rope form the basis for Zara wedges.

The heel can also be tattooed with floral patterns or botanical as you want it tropical trend of summer 2017. The colors are many and in line with the seasonal trends. The characteristic of these shoes are i tapes that weaving around the ankle make this shoe practical but at the same time female.

Zara sandals with plateau
Sandal with tropical print plateau (cost € 49.95)
Zara sabot
Open vinyl sandal on the heel (price € 49.95)
Zara wedges 2017
Jute plateau jute heel (cost € 49.95)
Zara blue wedges
Satin wedge with white platform (price 25.99 euros)
Zara wedge rope
Striped lace wedge heel (39.95 euro)
Zara black wedge
Platform plateau wedge heel (cost € 49.95)
Zara wedges flowers
Lace raffia wedge heel with flowers (price € 49.95)
Zara high wedges
Crossed jute wedge (39.95 euros)
Zara bronze wedges
Combined wedge (price € 49.95)


The Zara decollete is Pointed , classic and tapered or extremely elegant in the variant Chanel model with uncovered heel. Fluo colors , damask or bucolic prints, leather or perforated fabric : these are the elements that transform a shoe with a heel into a sophisticated accessory.

Zara Golden decollete
Gilded decollete with satin bow (39.95 euros)
Zara Decollete 2017
Jacquard decollete (39.95 euros)
Zara Fuchsia Decollete
Decollete Zara fuchsia with medium heel (39.95 euros)
Zara green decollete
Metallic green decollete (39.95 euros)
Yellow Zara decollete
Decollete in open yellow leather on the heel (59.95 euros)
Zara Decollete tropical print
High-heeled shoes with tropical print (59.95 euros)
Zara Decollete perforated
Decollete in perforated fabric (49.95 euros)


Super stilish flat flat shoes are perfect with summer dress or short shorts. They know how to combine the comfort of a dancer with the style of a high-heeled shoe high fashion . A riot of colors and colors unique models that will make you feel like a fashion influencer. Even the lace they are trendy and perfect for any occasion or outfit.

Zara flat shoes
Open shoe on the heel with bead detail (59.95 euros)
Zara lace-up
Golden Derby with plateau (39.95 euros)
Zara pointed shoe
Low shoe in pointed leather (€ 49.95)
Zara low toe shoe
Low fringed shoes (29.95 euros)
Zara bronze lace-up
Metallic flatform derby (price € 39.95)


Zara sneakers are feminine and refined. Girly fabrics and details with Swarovski or sequins make them perfect even for the most elegant occasions. When style and comfort meet, shoes are born pink tones with pearls and details taken from the world of clothing.

Zara sneakers
Pink satin sneakers with pearls (29.95 euros)
Zara stone sneakers
Sport shoes in satin with crystals (39.95 euros)
Zara wedge sneakers
Silver sneakers with plateau (45.95 euros)
Zara Slippers fuchsia
Fuchsia slippers with stones (49.95 euros)
Zara Sport shoes
Sports shoe in fabric (39.95 euros)
Zara Silver sports shoes
Silver sports shoe with rips (39.95 euros)
Zara Two-colored sneakers
Two-colored sneakers (19.95 euros)
Zara Floral sneakers
Sport shoe with floral print (price 29.95 euro)
Zara Sneakers sock
Sock sneakers with glitter (€ 49.95)
Zara Sneakers jute
Women’s sneakers with jute sole (45.95 euro)
Zara Fluo sneakers
Neon green sneakers (29.95 euros)
Zara Pink sneakers
Net rubberized sneakers (cost € 45.95)
Zara Metallic sneakers
Laminated wide sole sports shoe (€ 15.99)
Zara White sneakers
Sport shoe detail gambetto (29.95 euros)
Zara Fringed sneakers
Fabric sneakers with fringes (19.95 euros)
Zara Written sneakers
Fabric sneakers with lettering (price € 39.95)


Confort is fashion they join in the ballerina, beloved by women who do not want to wear their heels every day. I’m a true one evergreen which adapts to any occasion or event. Pointed and structured or very soft leather, the important thing is that there are not missing colors, rigorously bright and flashy.

Zara silver ballerinas
Silver ballerina in leather with elastic band (39.95 euro)
Zara ballet shoes laces
Ballerina with interchangeable ribbons (price € 39.95)
Zara pointy ballerinas
Fuchsia low open shoe on the heel with jewel detail (59.95 euros)
Zara ballerinas studs
Ballerina with studs and bow (cost 29.95 euros)
Zara elastic dancers
Soft satin ballerina (25.95 euros)
Zara pointe ballerina
Ballerina in leather with V opening (price € 39.95)
Zara Ballet shoes 2017
Woven ballerina with black tip (cost 17.95 euros)


The entire Zara shoe collection can be purchased on the website or in the many single-brand stores present not only in all Italian and foreign cities, but also in large shopping centers.

Discover how the Spanish brand combines its footwear by browsing the entire catalog of Zara clothing !

Do you like the new Zara shoes? Which model would you like to buy?


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