YSL Touche Eclat concealer and illuminating foundation

Sleepless night? Do not worry, there is Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Le Teint, the water based foundations most famous in the world, accompanied by the illuminating corrector in pen Touche Eclat, for an immediate health effect!


For a luminous skin resistant to tiredness and stress, Ysl Beauté unveils a formula , new generation, able to light up is revitalize Skin. As explained by the claim of the French cosmetics company i’m not a morging person, all lights on me. No need to sleep ‘, Which literally means’ I’m not a morning person, all the lights are on me, I do not need to sleep’.

The combination of concealer and liquid foundation Ysl Touche Eclat is in fact the secret for the brand to have a luminous complexion, healthy and rested, also dedicated to more rebellious women, who like to stay away from home during the night and be splendid 24 hours a day, without effort.

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To celebrate the eclectic style of every woman Yves Saint Laurent proposes the iconic illuminating corrector in pen the most desired and imitated in the world, in the ‘signature’ version with bewitching slogans , in full Ysl style.

ysl make up spring 2016

illuminating concealer touche eclat ysl

For a complete light ritual, in fact, you can not miss the iconic Touche Eclat, dressed for spring 2016 by three statement dresses for a limited edition Collector Slogan Edition, which fits the mood of each of us.

corrector yves saint laurent

From the rock woman who fights with the alarm clock in the morning to the glam woman who loves being in the spotlight, but also for the electrifying woman who lives at night Ysl proposes her always excellent magic formula to illuminate every complexion, making it more beautiful every day.

ysl touche eclat i'm not a mornig person


The Touche Eclat Teint foundation is another excellent ally for one flawless skin from sublime radiance. It combines maximum lightness and perfect coverage for a rested and luminous skin, enlivened by a ‘bonne mine’ glow.

Touche Eclat Teint foundation

Why is Touche Eclat Teint foundation special? Because it is able to capture the light perfect and shiny Golden Hour and keep it for the whole day.

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Teint was indeed designed to donate one continuous radiance , controlled and light, without shiny effect, to electrify the nights and enliven the days, awakening the skin.

liquid foundation touche eclat


The indicative price of the multipurpose light corrector Touche Eclat is around 35 euros, while that of the foundation Touche Eclat Le Teint is around 44 euros. It is possible to buy them in the best perfumeries and in the department store , such as La Rinascente and Coin and in the Sephora perfumeries , on This Page .

For more information on this interesting ritual of beauty to all brightness we invite you to visit the official site Yves Saint Laurent Beauty.

Have you ever tried i products for the YSL face base ? Would you also need a touch of light more anti fatigue? Let us know what you think!

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