Wycon Vanessa Villa: make up collection

WYCON seals its collaboration with the karate champion Vanessa Villa and launches a capsule collection to celebrate the energetic and vital women , gritty and positive, that never give up.

A line of ultra-performing makeup products and long-lasting we are happy to present you in detail!

Wycon Vanessa Villa makeup collection

Wycon Vanessa Villa

Wycon Vanessa Villa

Wycon Vanessa Villa make up


The WYCON Vanessa Villa makeup collection is dedicated to women who never give up.

Vanessa, a winning woman, determined and with character, has made make up an integral part of her uniform, accompanying her in a long journey made of victories and of enormous satisfaction. The young woman Italian champion , since she was a child she learned to fight to pursue her goals with sacrifice and enormous commitment.

As an adult she has been able to appreciate what she has achieved over the years with the same awareness of a woman but without ever giving up personality that distinguishes it, ai distinctive traits that made it unique.

In the same way WYCON invites every woman to fight and never give up but above all not to give up their own unique and unrepeatable personality .

There WYCON Vanessa Villa make-up collection it is a stimulus to create, to live every day with intensity, exhibiting one’s own femininity through a range of high performance cosmetics.

Representing it the iconic symbol of black bow , a more feminine version of the belt knot part of the karate uniform which indicates the high degree of who practices this oriental discipline.

Let’s find out then all Vanessa Villa WYCON makeup products !

Vanessa Villa Wycon makeup collection

Wycon Vanessa Villa


The WYCON Vanessa Villa la collection opens Waterproof Eye Pencil , eye pencil suitable for both internal and external rhymes characterized by a waterproof formula with long lasting and intense and full color.

Sliding and ultra pigmented is formulated with Vitamin E to protective action and promises one long seal up to 8h. The practical format includes smelt and rubber for an optimal and perfectly modulated application.

Wycon Vanessa Villa eye pencil


The new Black Belt WYCON Mascara instead it is designed to give the eyelashes a pleasant one volumizing effect and extending.

The practical bristle brush in triangular shape on the one hand it allows to release the formula in an optimal manner while on the other to distribute it uniformly avoiding the formation of lumps.

Formulated with Panthenol from moisturizing and protective properties offers a sliding and enveloping ultra-black texture for one intense look and seductive that enhances make-up.

Wycon Vanessa Villa mascara


The WYCN Vanessa Villa capsule collection concludes Empower Lip Kit , the perfect combination of a lip pencil combined with an opaque liquid lisptick available in two different shades : powder and bright red.

There lip pencil long-lasting helps to define the lip contour by promoting the adhesion and the duration of the liquid lipstick applied subsequently.

The liquid lipstick instead, thanks to the sliding and saturated formula, it adheres perfectly to the lips thanks to an elastic texture and to the long-lasting formula immediate color release .

Wycon Vanessa Villa set lips Wycon set lips Vanessa Villa


All WYCON Vanessa Villa products are already available at single-brand store distributed throughout the country.

It is also possible to buy them online, directly through the Wycon official website with free shipping costs against a minimum order of 9.90 €.

And what do you think of this new WYCON capsule collection? Let us know your opinion in the comments!


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