WYCON loves Barbie: new beautiful liquid lipsticks!

WYCON launches a new one limited edition of the best seller Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick . It’s about a capsule collection dedicated just to Barbie , the most famous fashion doll in the world.

Discover the new ones with us WYCON liquid lipsticks : you will not be hard pressed to find the shade that’s right for you!

Wycon Loves Barbie lipsticks


Take i Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick WYCON have long become a “must have” and unite them to an icon of female emancipation like Barbie.

The new capsule collection was born WYCON Loves Barbie limited edition dedicated to the timeless fashion doll .

They have passed 58 years from the birth of Barbie , by the hand of its creator Ruth Handler , and since then the most famous doll in the world has turned from playmate to real style icon .

Always accompanies entire generations by adapting and always keeping in line with the trends of the moment : 180 were in fact the different styles that Barbie has masterfully interpreted.

In the same way he knew how to embody the philosophy he sees woman as absolute protagonist of his life , free to make their own choices and to pursue their desires.

Even today, Barbie represents a modern and contemporary female model that perfectly meets the most current and representative canons of female emancipation .

There fashion doll that has made millions of little girls fantasize embodies one free woman , in career, which expresses its own ideas and its own personality also through the look and make-up.

Wycon Long Lasting Liquid Barbie Lipstick

And just in Barbie WYCON dedicates a magnificent limited edition capsule collection consisting of 30 exclusive and vibrant shades that enrich the range Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick .

From the classic pink to the brightest fuchsia, from the nude tones to the most extreme and strong variations such as purple and blue, each liquid lipstick WYCON Loves Barbie ensures a saturated color , intense, full and a long seal .

There sliding formula adheres to the lips in an always impeccable way thanks to precision applicator in felt.

Accomunated by an irresistible matte finish , all new Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick WYCON Loves Barbie, promise a high pigmentation , but without ever compromising comfort.

The brand, with his collection WYCON Loves Barbie it makes us come back a little ‘girls dressing our lips with Barbie and making us for a moment, feel a bit like her.

You are ready to know all the shades of the Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick WYCON Loves Barbie proposed by the brand?

Wycon Barbie Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick


The collection WYCON Loves Barbie It includes 30 new shades of the iconic long-lasting liquid lipsticks Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick . A wide chromatic range and ready to satisfy every need, from the most classic to the most original and strong.

Every liquid lipstick , saturated and intense, is accompanied by an indispensable matte finish, elegant and refined.

The 30 shades available I’m:

  • 88: light pastel pink;
  • 89: medium intense pink;
  • # 90: light beige nude;
  • 91: nude pink hot;
  • 92: nude rosy cold;

Wycon Barbie liquid lipsticks

  • 93: nude pink intense warm;
  • 94: dark beige;
  • 95: hot fishing;
  • 96: baby pink;
  • 97: intense bright pink;

Wycon Barbie liquid lipsticks

  • 98: light coral;
  • 99: fluo strawberry;
  • No. 100: dark coral;
  • # 101: sienna;
  • 102: intense red hot;

Barbie liquid lipstick Wycon

  • 103: intense red neutral,
  • 104: clear mauve;
  • 105: strawberry red;
  • 106: intense pink neutral;
  • 107: intense raspberry;

Barbie Wycon liquid lipstick

  • 108: cold dark brick;
  • 109: cold mauve;
  • 110: light bordeaux;
  • 111: warm brown;
  • 112: fuchsia lit;

Wycon liquid lipstick Barbie

  • 113: intense cyclamen;
  • 114: intense intense purple;
  • 115: light purple cold;
  • 116: Navy blue;
  • 117: dark purple cold.

Liquid lipstick Barbie Wycon


All liquid lipsticks WYCON Loves Barbie in limited edition , are on sale at the single-brand store present on the national territory.

Also you can buy the Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick Barbie on the official website www.wyconcosmetics.com

The price of every liquid lipstick is of € 7.90 .

Do you like these new WYCON liquid lipsticks? Which shade do you prefer among those proposed?


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