Whole costumes 2018: the best 100 of the summer

First female costume of the story, born well before the bikinis, the swimsuit whole in recent years it has been cleared through customs and has returned to the limelight more modern is bold that never.

We have collected for you a selection of whole of all types, from sportsmen to sexy, i more beautiful than the summer !

full costumes 2018
ASOS Design swimsuit with ruffles on the sleeves and high collar (price € 48.99)
2018 whole swimsuit
ASOS Design Premium deep neck swimsuit with lace cape (€ 48.99)
whole costumes with bardot neckline
ASOS swimsuit with Bardot neckline and double ruffle (price € 38.99)
striped one-piece swimsuits 2018
ASOS Whistles swimsuit with panels with multiple stripes (117,99 €)
full costumes for the 2018 band
OYSHO bandeau costume with ruffles (price € 45.99)
full costumes 2018
YAMAMAY one-piece swimsuit with Kashan side openings (€ 59.95)
whole sea costumes 2018
OYSHO triangular costume with lamé thread (cost € 39.99)


The whole costume can also be a ‘ weapon of seduction . Deep necklines and cut-out finishes make this model sensual and provocative. Full bathing suits are also coming straight out of Baywatch’s California beaches super sgambati , which still become bold thanks to the foliage prints .

Among the trends of this season emerges the valance and i whole bustier costumes , models that recall i corsets the ladies of other times reinterpreted in a sexy key for an unforgettable sea outfit.

2018 trikini costume
GUESS monokini Youth Tonic geometric print (59 €)
full fantasy costumes
ZALANDO Vero Fashion swimsuit (39,99 €)
black swimsuits 2018
TEZENIS one-piece plain laced swimsuit (€ 19.90)
2018 full ruffle costumes
ASOS Design concert swimsuit with deep neckline and tropical print (€ 44.99)
2008 full-length swimsuits
ASOS swimsuit with tropical pop print and stretch details (€ 30.99)
whole costumes with ruffles
CALZEDONIA one-piece swimsuit with Frida ruffle (59 €)
full-length swimsuits
ASOS Design red swimsuit with flower embroidery and lacing on the front (€ 52.99)
whole thong costumes
YAMAMAY Crinum low-cut swimsuit (cost € 59.95)


The colored prints is another fashion trend protagonist of the summer. Whole sea swimsuits with striped fantasies alternate with more jaunty models, with colorful fringes or tropical print , with palm leaves and exotic flowers.

We can choose the most appropriate model for our body: neckline with bardot or deep V-neck for the very young o for those with little breast .

swimwear 2018
OYSHO triangular costume with leaf print on yellow background (39,99 €)
full costumes 2018
ASOS Desgn swimsuit in bright color with layers of fringes (€ 48.99); Monki tropical swimsuit with open shoulders (33,99 €)
whole floral costumes
GUESS monokini Youth Tonic print (price 79 €)
full costumes 2018
H & M striped swimsuit (€ 24.99); fancy swimsuit (€ 24.99)
floral costumes 2018
TEZENIS one-piece swimsuit Romance Jungle white (€ 19.90)


Strapless or braces, to leave the shoulders completely uncovered and a homogeneous tan . A tan without signs of the costume and a sinuous beach outfit. We can choose between models with rouches , openings, decorative rings and wide necks on the back.

Not missing the swimsuit with ruffle , a trend in line with the dictates of current fashion.

full costumes for the 2018 band
OYSHO plain bandeau costume with rings (45.99 €)
costumes whole shoulders uncovered
H & M costume with bare shoulders (€ 29.99)
full costumes for the 2018 band
OYSHO solid color bandeau costume (€ 45.99); bandeau costume with flowers on the neckline (€ 49.99)
2018 whole costume
BERSHKA swimsuit with ruffles (24,99 €)
swimwear 2018
CALZEDONIA one-piece swimsuit with rose bow (price € 69)
black swimsuits 2018
TEZENIS one-piece swimsuit plain color (19.90 €)
full costumes for the 2018 band
YAMAMAY one-piece padded costume with underwire Bukara (€ 59.95)
2018 polka dot swimsuit
ASOS Whistles polka dot swimsuit (117,99 €)


There neckline in V, deep and generous , is extremely feminine and refined, even in the swimsuit. Belts, ruffles is lace inserts make this original models, without affecting the practicality . They are in fact the ideal costumes for a day at the spa or for an evening by the sea.

full costumes 2018
OYSHO blue triangle swimsuit (39,99 €)
swimwear 2018
OYSHO triangular costume Glossy capsule (€ 45.99)
whole costumes with ruffles
OYSHO costume with ruffles (€ 45.99)
full costumes 2018
BERSHKA suede effect swimsuit (€ 19.99)
whole costumes with lace
TEZENIS one-piece swimsuit Macramé Rock Lace inserts (€ 22.90)
full costumes 2018
H & M whole costume (€ 24.99); swimsuit with knot (€ 29.99)
2018 full ruffle costumes
H & M one-piece swimsuit with ruffles (€ 29.99)
double face full costumes
YAMAMAY one-piece swimsuit with laces Jolly double face (49,95 €)
full lace 2018 costumes
YAMAMAY one-piece swimsuit with lace details #YamamayLovesLA (cost € 49.95)
swimwear 2018
LA REDOUTE one-piece swimsuit with ruffles (€ 37.99); iridescent full-length swimsuit (42,99 €)


Many women do not like to wear costumes with padded cups because, after a swim in the sea or in the pool, they are weighed down by water and therefore uncomfortable. To not give up support you can opt for the whole costumes with underwire.

With fantasies we can get crazy, from the classic floral to the press tribal , passing through the classic foliage with unusual colors.

full costumes with underwire 2018
ASOS Lipsy swimsuit with flower print panels (€ 53.99)
full costumes with underwire 2018
PARAH one-piece swimsuit with underwire scarf Marrakech (201 €); swimsuit with underwire Paradisea foulard (238 €)


What is the best color to make stand out the tan ? Obviously the white. An ethereal nuance that will be noticed on the water’s edge.

The style varies from the simplest without cups to underwire, up to ornate patterns of sequins, lace, fringes, laces or ruffles.

white whole costumes 2018
ASOS Bridal swimsuit with deep neckline tied at the neck with appliqués and fringes (€ 44.99)
2018 white one-piece swimsuit
ASOS swimsuit with deep neckline and ruffles in front (€ 27.99)
white whole costumes 2018
CALZEDONIA one-piece swimsuit Ester (cost € 69)
white swimwear 2018
MANGO ribbed costume (€ 39.99)
full costumes with sequins
CALZEDONIA one-piece special edition costume Marilyn (89 €)
trikini 2018
ASOS Lipsy trikini with ruffles (price € 45.99)
deep sweetheart costumes
ASOS River Island deep-necked swimsuit with eyelets (44,99 €)
white whole costumes 2018
GOLDENPOINT one-piece plain sea costume (cost € 29.99)


Black is a evergreen , I’m not because sfina the silhouette but also because it is extremely refined . We find many models, from the romantics with floral embroidery with rhinestones on the breast, the most daring with laces in the simil version corset .

Modeling costumes on tummy and hips and with drop-shaped or sophisticated neckline whole blacks with knotted straps.

black swimsuits 2018
H & M one-piece swimsuit (€ 29.99)
black swimsuits 2018
CALZEDONIA one-piece special costume Britney (€ 89)
2018 black whole swimsuits
CALZEDONIA one-piece swimsuit Brazilian Indonesia (49 €)
2018 black one-piece swimsuit
ZALANDO Women Secret swimsuit (44,99 €)
full costumes 2018
GOLDENPOINT one-piece plain sea costume (29,99 €)
whole costumes with bows
MANGO one-piece swimsuit with bows (39.99 €)


A monokini dynamic and sprint. The monospalla plays on asymmetries and is characterized by openings on the sides that make this swimsuit whole one of a kind. Volant, jewel details and laser cuts complete the style of this particular model.

One-shoulder whole costumes 2018
OYSHO costume in solid color with ruffles on the shoulder (€ 45.99); BERSHKA solid color asymmetrical costume (19,99 €)
2018 full ruffle costumes
CALZEDONIA one-piece special edition costume Julia (89 €)
black trikini 2018
OYSHO pleated trikini (39,99 €)
2018 one-shoulder swimsuits
YAMAMAY one-piece swimsuit Sun Island (49,95 €)
asymmetrical full costumes 2018
CALZEDONIA one-piece swimsuit with Pamela flowers application (79 €); one-piece swimsuit with ruffle Zoe (49 €)
asymmetrical one-piece swimsuit 2018
LA REDOUTE one-shoulder swimsuit (€ 26.99)
One-piece swimwear 2018
ZALANDO Anna Field swimsuit (34,99 €)
one-piece swimwear 2018
MANGO wavy asymmetric costume (39,99 €)


There woman Mediterranean is busty . He makes his curves a strength and knows how to make the most of his curvy body . Deep necklines and cups for those with the big breast , fabric draped over the waist.

The most fancy costumes for the plus sizes? The models in style pin up , inspired precisely by the model of prosperous woman as it was in vogue at the time of their success.

If you are interested in discovering other models, we advise you to look at our article dedicated to most beautiful curvy costumes ell’estate!

intery curvy costumes 2018
H & M modeling swimsuit (€ 29.99)
full size swimsuits 2018
H & M one-piece swimsuit with ruffles (€ 29.99)
whole costumes plus sizes 2018
ASOS Curve contrast monochrome striped swimsuit (30.99 €)
whole costumes for curvy women
ASOS Design Curve swimsuit with sweetheart neckline (22,99 €)
Curvy whole costumes
LA REDOUTE whole slimming cotton quilt at the front (cost € 64.99)


The new full swimsuits transform the lacing at the neck so that you look like the top brassiere. This model offers various possibilities and games necklines details, both on the décolleté and on the back.

whole costumes with flowers
OYSHO trikini jungle bird print (39,99 €)
full costumes 2018
ZALANDO Mint & Berry swimsuit (34,99 €)


Finally, let’s not forget that the whole costumes are the ideal model for sports. Who practices one water sports – whether it is competitive swimming, synchronized or aquagym – necessity of practicality. That’s why i costumes for the pool they are gripped, perfectly adherent and without frills.

swimming pool suits
OYSHO white costume with holes (39,99 €)
sports costumes 2018
H & M one-piece sports costume (€ 29.99)
whole sports costumes
ASOS Nike Swim modern swimsuit with cut out (€ 39.99)
sports costumes 2018
OYSHO V-neck costume (€ 49.99)
whole sports costumes
ASOS Nike Swim swimsuit with cut out (€ 49.99)
whole sports costume
ASOS Roxy Pop Surf swimsuit with cut-out on the back (€ 103.99)
swimming pool costumes 2018
ZALANDO Adidas Performance swimsuit (27,99 €)

What do you think of the whole costumes we showed you? Which model do you like best?


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