Water-resistant KIKO lipsticks: Unlimited Stylo

Intense color lipsticks long-lasting: here are the new Kiko Unlimited Stylo water-resistant lipsticks.

14 new shades of color are already available on the official website of the Milanese cosmetics company long-lasting stylus lipsticks from semi-matte finish , great seasonal trend. Kiko has tested these products that have proven themselves resistant up to 8 hours on the lips leaving them soft and smooth.

If this concept of lipstick does not seem new to you, do not be wrong! Kiko has created this line certainly given the great success of the lipsticks of the same kind proposed in some limited editions.

This product is hypoallergenic and free of parabens , available in 14 color variations from the most intense and gaudy to the most wearable ones: let’s discover them together!
Water-resistant KIKO lipsticks: Unlimited Stylo

The wonderful model wears Red Cherry lipstick. Below you can see the elegant packaging of this new product Kiko for spring summer 2014 : a practical stylus with a mirrored package. In the front part there is one small colored band that allows to identify the color of the product.
Water-resistant KIKO lipsticks: Unlimited Stylo

Here are the shades of the Kiko water-resistant lipsticks Unilimited Stylo semi mat:

– 01 Pearly Pink Coral ;
– 02 Pearly Natural Rose ;
– 03 Red Hibiscus ;
– 04 Pearly tangerine ;
– 05 Orange ;
– 06 Red Poppy ;
– 07 Cherry red ;
– 08 Pearly Strawberry Rose ;
– 09 Pink Baby ;
– 10 Cyclamen Pearly ;
– 11 Pearly Orchid ;
– 12 Bordeaux ;
– 13 Cocoa ;
– 14 Natural Beige ;
Water-resistant KIKO lipsticks: Unlimited Stylo

The new ones Kiko Unilimited Stylo they are available in Kiko stores as well as in the online store at the price of 6.90 euros each

You have already tried these water-resistant lipsticks and very long lasting ? We are very curious to discover them, the colors look really beautiful!

Water-resistant KIKO lipsticks: Unlimited Stylo

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