V) OR Make Up: Color Block Face Chart collection


V) OR Make Up launches the Color Block Face Chart collection , an explosion of color where the technical tool for once becomes fashion and design.

The new make up collection bears the signature of Valeria Orlando , the creator of the brand.


V) OR Make Up is a dynamic and professional brand that comes from the 2012 . The name stands for Valeria Orlando , Make Up Artist ed Image Consultant famous all over the world for its creativity and creativity.

The same creator, known for collaborating with celebrity and fashion photographers international, for years he worked in his work trolley, the prototypes of what would become his cosmetic line .

Eclectic and volcanic, but with an eye to the latest trends, Valeria, in collaboration with a chemical expert, has created the professional make-up line V) OR Make Up. All products, strictly Made in Italy, I’m cruelty free and formulated to offer high performance, both in backstage and in everyday life.

The formulas they are characterized not only by one very long estate , but also by a very high percentage of pigments, up to 56% compared to 12% commonly present in conventional products.

But V) OR Make Up it is also synonymous with practicality and customization because it is important, especially for an MUA but also for us beauty addict, to have the possibility to customize the kit according to your needs.

The versatile is also born according to this concept collection Color Block Face Chart , a limited edition to say the least explosive, which combines functionality with the highest quality standards.

V) OR Make Up Valeria Orlando


There face chart represents an indispensable working tool for each make up artist .

It’s a technical table where you can design and sketch make-up before reproducing it on a face, an experimentation object, as well as a representation of inspiration and creativity .

It was born taking its inspiration from this instrument, the limited edition signed V) OR Make Up Color Block Face Chart celebrating the color and the energy it transmits through the art of makeup .

V) OR Make Up introduces a series of specific kits both for the make up face that for eyes and lips selecting carefully and conscious shades and tones. Come on products for contouring , in cream or powder, to eyes and lips pencils, spacing for lipsticks in pot practical and functional. It’s still palette of modular eye shadows is kit of eye and lip pencils , assorted to masterfully implement the note Pencil Tecnique .

The Color Block Face Chart Collection offers color and very high performance , and is ready to amaze us with one “Exclusive chicca” .

Valeria Orlando MUA


The “gem” foreseen for the V collection) OR Make Up Color Block Face Chart it’s a limited edition t-shirt which encloses design, fashion and creativity according to the vision of Valeria Orlando.

V) OR Make Up Color Block T-Shirt

For once the make up is worn, and not necessarily on the face, through a gift idea unique and original result of Valeria’s work.

Color Block T-Shirt V) OR Make Up


This very original T-shirt, included in the collection Color Block Face Chart it is in fact a reproduction of a sketch created for the V) OR Fashion Editorial and published by LuiMagazine in September 2017.

Creativity and originality of Valeria Orlando is expressed through the skilful use of color imprinted in a gift idea suitable for the professional but also for beauty addict lovers of fashion and fashion designer design .

V) OR Make Up exclusive t-shirt


The Lip Contouring Kit inserted in the Color Block Face Chart Collection proposed by V) OR Make Up It is designed to give volume to the lips through the use of makeup.

It consists of a selection of 3 lip pencils in natural shades and one white pencil suitable for volumizing the mucosa. They offer a very high pigmentation combined with a long seal.

V) OR Make Up lip pencils

Made of natural wood and characterized by one soft and flowing mine , ensure an optimal color release for one intense and vibrant final yield . Above all for professional use , they can substitute the lipstick or simply increase its hold.

For those who want a wider color range, the Lip Pencil Collection (price 87.00 €) composed of 7 lip pencils in neutral and more vibrant and vibrant shades.

Lip pencils V) OR Make Up


V) OR Make Up proposes i Lip Stack Kit , set of lipsticks in cream proposed in practice formed in pot , indicated for both professional and daily use.

V) OR Make Up lipsticks in pot

Proposed in three different color variations , Natural, Trend and Holiday Shades, i Lip Stack Kit they combine practicality with high performance.

Perfectly combinable with each other , the various pots can be stacked comfortably in a tower to minimize the clutter, while always at hand, the chromatic selection required.

Lipsticks in pot V) OR Make Up

Thanks to creamy formula and highly pigmented give the lips a full color and ensure a long seal. All the lipsticks present in the Lip Stack Kit V) OR Make Up can be used individually or mixed together up to create new interesting declinations.

Lipsticks in cream V) OR Make Up

V) OR Make Up Cream lipsticks


The brand then proposes Afro Lover Kit , the perfect product set for those at contouring extreme just can not give up.

V) OR Make Up has thought of a specific product set for dark skin or to emphasize the contouring making it almost dramatic.

V) OR Make Up Afro Lover Kit

Made up of a bronzer in cream and from one free tone-on-tone powder , the Afro Lover kit allows you to work in a modular way on the features, making them more or less obvious depending on your needs.

V) OR Make Up kit contouring products


The Face Contouring Kit V) OR Make Up instead, it is characterized by 3 creamy foundations and compact, suitable to be mixed and combined to adapt to any type of complexion, thus achieving perfect contouring.

V) OR Make Up Face contouring kit

Available in three different color variations to meet the needs of each type of skin, from clear to chocolate, each set, sees the inclusion of a white foundation .

This is to be able to mix the various shades, adapting perfectly to any type of incarnated and subdued .

V) OR Make Up facial contouring products


V) OR Make Up proposes then The Ultimate Pencil Technique Collection , a set of pencils lips and eyes useful to implement this particular technique that begs in part the use of eye shadows.

V) OR Make Up Pencil Tecnique

This selection contains 7 lip pencils and as many eye pencils proposals in versatile shades and easily exploitable in the realization of every type of make-up.

Perfect for professional make-up artists or for simple enthusiasts, The Ultimate Pencil Technique Collection , offers a truly complete chromatic range.

V) OR Make Up Pencils Pencil Tecnique



Concludes the Color Block Face Chart collection signed V) OR Make Up, la Eye Pencil Collection , a selection of 7 eye pencils proposed in the essential shades in the realization of every type of make up.

Soft, creamy and flowing, they ensure, like the lip pencils, a immediate color release , always saturated and full, and one long seal in all circumstances, from catwalks to everyday life.

V) OR Make Up eye pencils


V) OR Make Up is synonymous with practicality and the possibility of customizing ours work essential kit .

An example is surely represented by the modular magnetic pallets available in the variants Small capable of containing for example 6 blushes in refill, e Large which can instead hold up to 18 eye shadows.

V) OR Make Up modular palette

This is possible thanks to the magnetic support customize the palettes according to our needs, choosing between the wide range of shades that make up the range.

Eleven are the shades available for the blush in refill (price 12.45 €) while there are 29 declinations that characterize the eye shadow in refill (price € 9.95) .

modular palette V) OR Make Up


All kits included in the Color Block Face Chart collection proposed by V) OR Make Up and in limited edition , as well as all the references offered by the brand are available for purchase on www.vormakeup.com .

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