Urban Decay Distortion Palette: preview, photo, swatches

Urban Decay never ceases to amaze and once again promises to make us shine your eyes with the new one Distortion Palette!

We show you in preview of this fantastic news by Urban Decay , sure that it will drive you crazy too!

Urban Decay Distortion Palette


Is called Distortion Palette and represents the new launch Urban Decay ready to transform the make up eyes making it unique.

The latest news coming from the American brand is a fantastic palette consisting of 15 eye shadows high pigmentation that conceal this time a “gem” more.

Distortion it is not a randomly chosen name from Urban Decay: it derives from the fact that of the 15 shades proposals, the first 5 arranged inside the palette allow to “distort” the other shades.

The originals Duochrome made up of multi-colored interference they can be mixed and combined with each other or with other shades to give life to unique and multi-dimensional nuances .

An instant transformation that can offer one new experience linked to makeup, allowing us to play with the imagination creating eye make-up always different and absolutely unique.

There Distortion Urban Decay Palette offers endless possibilities. Made up of one versatile and varied color range offers neutral and brighter tones that are well suited to be combined together.

There silky texture and impalpable guarantees a immediate color release while the high percentage of pigments makes each saturated and vibrating shade without the need for stratification.

However, it is possible to emphasize the proposed shades, simply by using the wet brush : in this way the shades, saturating further, are even brighter.

Urban Decay with her Distortion Palette once again from the best of itself, marking a real evolution of eye make-up.

Urban Decay Palette Distortion
Urban Decay Palette Distortion – pic: @glamorable


The brand also recalls in the packaging the “distortion”, the chromatic transformation which becomes multi-faceted through plays of light and nuances.

The new Distortion Palette is “built” on a purple base, color symbol for Urban Decay . The real surprise lies in the upper part of the case, made of reflective and multifaceted material accompanied by holographic reflections .

Struck by light determines reflections and nuances extraordinarily luminous that reflect the concept of the eye shadows that compose it.

Inside we find then i 15 eye shadows arranged on three horizontal rows , accompanied as usual by a large mirror .

Let us always remember that the common thread that binds every detail of the Distortion Urban Decay Palette it is the art of transformation , of the combination, of the metamorphosis .

UD Distortion Palette Packaging


There are 15 shades proposed by Urban Decay and inserted into the new one Distortion Palette .

Of these 9 are absolute novelties , while the remaining ones represent gods repressive of success .

The 5 shades on the first row, instead, are Duochrome , characterized by particular interferences that make them suitable to be used as “topper” in combination with other shades.

UD Distortion Palette

Specifically they are:

  • Bleach: duochrome gold interference;
  • Shifty: duochrome green interference;
  • Space: duochrome blue interference;
  • Mind Game: duochrome lavender interference;
  • Blur: duochrome pink interference;
  • First Offense : gold metallic rust;
  • Hot Box: deep green satin with green micro-sparkle;
  • 5.0 : medium metallic blue;
  • Rogue: medium violet / metallic plum;
  • Trash Talk : medium pink shimmer with purple interference;
  • Territorial: intense metallic bronze;
  • Blackout : intense black opaque;
  • Old Smoke : gray metallic smoke;
  • Shag : metallic silver with iridescent micro-sparkle;
  • Velvet : burgundy metallic micro-sparkle gold.

Urban Decay Distortion Palette Swatches

We also show you the swatches made from Anastasia , the famous blogger of the site Glamorable.com who had the opportunity to try the preview palette! These photos are all colors applied individually, without color interference.

Swatches Urban Decay Distortion Palette

Swatches Urban Decay Distortion Palette

Swatches Urban Decay Distortion Palette


The new Distortion Urban Decay Palette will be on sale on the Urban Decay website from January 2018 while it will be found in the perfumeries and on the Sephora in website This Page from February 2018 . If you do not want to let go, we suggest you buy it right away, as soon as it comes out on the site.

The selling price is equal to 49 euros .

You like this news Urban Decay ? We fell in love with it! We await your opinions!


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