Unique Lipstick Collistar 2018: all colors!

Collistar launches the new line Single lipstick . It is a lipstick with an intense and immediate color release creamy formula and ultra-comfortable.

THE new Collistar lipsticks from the many shades are perfect to create make up lips suggestive, elegant and refined!

Collistar Unique Lipstick


The new Collistar single lipstick line offers the best performances typical of a professional product .

All Lipstick Unico Collistar lipstick are in fact characterized by a vibrant color, full and intense that wraps the lips through an unmistakable creamy texture .

Collistar Unique lipstick

The lips are so wrapped in one thin film , elastic and comfortable that outlines the contours in an impeccable manner without causing smudging, ensuring a always saturated and homogeneous color .

Unique Lipstick Collistar also offers a long ultra-comfortable hold given by the formula that adheres perfectly to the lips, keeping the color unchanged.

A’ intense hydration and immediately characterizes the new Collistar lipsticks. Thanks to the presence of a mix of ultralight oils extracted from lotus flowers and from bixa orellana , ensure a anti-radical action and anti-pollution.

Collistar Unique Lipstick Packaging


The new Unique Collistar Lipstick is unique in every detail, starting from packaging that perfectly incorporates the style of the homonym best seller mascara .

Both the stick and the pack proposed in gold metal they are made up of a pattern with horizontal grooves that contribute to making the product a beauty accessory luxurious and refined.

The Collistar logo , distinctive trait that characterizes the wonderful jewel packaging .

Packaging Collistar Unique Lipstick


Collistar launches 15 permanent shades of Single lipstick , original versatility, e 3 shades in limited edition consisting of the trendiest finish of the season, that metallic .

From red to nude, from raspberry to pomegranate, ranging from pomace to burgundy: it will not be difficult to find our favorite shade of Collistar single lipstick .

Here are the 18 shades available :

  • 01 Nude beige rose;
  • 02 Warm beige;
  • 03 Pinkish beige;

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  • 04 Cold ancient rose;
  • 05 Intense hot pink;
  • 06 Rust;

Collistar Lipstick Single Lipstick

  • 07 Coral;
  • 08 Strawberry red;
  • 09 Fuchsia;

Collistar Single Lipstick Lipstick

  • 10 Cyclamen;
  • 11 Hot red metallic (and limited);
  • 12 Classic red;

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  • 13 Intense red cold;
  • 14 Red scarlet;
  • 15 Intense cyclamen;

new Collistar lipsticks

  • 16 Metallic fuchsia (limited edition);
  • 17 Burgundy;
  • 18 Metal marc (limited edition).

Collistar moisturizing lipstick


Collistar on the occasion of official launch of the range Rossetto Unico offers to all consumers, a interesting opportunities .

While stocks last , in homage matched with Rossetto Unico, a Mascara Volume One , best seller of the brand that sublimates every type of eyelash giving volume, length and curvature. An opportunity not to be missed!

Collistar Mascara Single volume


The new collection Rossetto Unico Collistar in limited edition is available starting from mid-March 2018 in all perfumeries dealerships of the brand.

Soon it will be possible to buy the new Collistar lipsticks also online for example on the Sephora website in this page .

And what do you think of the new Collistar lipsticks? Have you already chosen your favorite shades? We are curious to know your opinion!


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