Ultra Violet: fashion trends purple, pantone color 2018!

Like every year the inevitable appointment with Pantone which announces the chosen color among an infinite palette of nuances.


The color that will dominate on fashion catwalks in 2018 design projects will be the PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet , an intense violet in blue base. Let’s see in detail the meaning of this nuance and how it is declined in the world of clothing and of the accessorifemale!

Ultra violet Violet fashion trends

Pantone Ultra Violet

pantone color Purple 2018 Ultra Violet


A visionary color , in perfect line with the contemporary era that requires intelligence is imagination . A shade that will illuminate the road that leads us towards what is yet to come, towards the future . This is the meaning hidden behind the color of 2018 , which wants to evoke the mysteries of the cosmos, of a world that goes beyond what we know.

The violet is indeed a mystical color , used very often in spiritual practices by those who want to take refuge in reflection . The lighting in shades of purple is in fact often used in meditation spaces. A tone so evocative, almost dreamlike, already seen on the catwalk in designer dream dresses Elie Saab , Zuhair Murad and many other fashion houses.

Ultra Violet pantone dresses

Ultra Violet pantone suits

ultra violet pantone fashion trends

ultra violet pantone fashion trends 2018

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2018 ultra violet fashion trends


The new trend of Pantone Ultra Violet also fits very well to the ceremonial clothes , to wedding dresses or to be the main color of the marriage . Flowers, ribbons and decorations that recall the color of the violets give character and a touch of originality to the wedding party.

Plissè, taffeta, chiffon is tulle on the other hand, they will give body to ceremonial dresses, whether they are empire cut or vaporous princess models. Invitations and witnesses can also wear the 2018 fashion color , as Pronovias shows with his slipped mermaid models.

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2018 ultra violet wedding trends

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pantone ultra violet ceremony

pantone ultra violet ceremony


Enigmatic violet has always been symbol of nonconformity e genius. It is no coincidence that people like Prince, David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix have often used this color as an expression of their own individuality .

A perfect nuance then for one of the women’s accessories that best expresses her personality : the bag. With studs for the more rock characters or from the classic cut and smooth flap, for those who love timeless looks. Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy is Miu Miu have already shown how this color can make our bag unique.

ultra violet pantone bags

ultra violet pantone bag

ultra violet bag

pantone ultra violet bag

pantone ultra violet bag 2018


A color evergreen that can be worn with any outfit, from total black winter to total white summer. Pantone purple footwear has a natural feel elegant allure whether they are ankle boots, classic décolleté, popped or sandals.

pantone ultra violet shoes 2018

pantone ultra violet shoes

ultra violet shoes 2018

Do you like the color that will be trendy in 2018? What do you think of this Pantone Ultra Violet shade? Write it to us in the comments.


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