Ultra Violet Beauty, Eye Makeup, Make up lips: color 2018


Pantone like every year, he decreed the color 2018 : is called Ultra Violet , intense purple that already represents a trend regarding the beauty sector .

We have selected make up lips , eye makeup and beauty products that resume this wonderful Pantone shades , certain to provide you with ideas and pleasant inspirations for your looks!


It is identified with the code 18-3838 : We are talking about Ultra Violet , the color chosen by Pantone to represent 2018 and destined to mark all the trends linked to the beauty sector .

The shade Ultra Violet , characterized by a declination of violet, intense, dark, provocative and decisive, strictly cold that communicates creativity, talent and genius. Blue , a bit of red and a touch of periwinkle they determine a literally explosive combination ready to give life to the most modern trends of 2018.

Ultra Violet beauty make up makeup

ultra violet eye makeup

panty ultra violet make up

ultra violet purple makeup

The beauty sector it is undoubtedly one in which Ultra Violet expresses itself at its best: the make-up art in fact, it allows you to play with color in a bold and creative way.

The most famous cosmetic houses such as Dior, Yves Saint Laurent it’s still Mac Cosmetics and Kat Von D entice us to experiment. From lipsticks to nail polishes, from eye shadows to mascara spacing for eyeliner, Ultra Violet becomes the protagonist of make-up, making it unique, original and effective.

The modus is proving provocative and never go unnoticed: you are ready to show off the wonderful saturated and gloomy purple chosen by Pantone ?

In this regard, we offer you an overview of beauty ideas related to Pantone Ultra Violet , certain to offer you a source of inspiration for yours look 2018 .

Ultra Violet Color 2018 beauty


Ultra Violet makeup


The eye makeup for 2018 will certainly see the protagonist Ultra Violet Pantone , a strong purple, dark and intense perfect to enhance every type of iris.

He’s fine on it light eyes , green and blue, but it is perfectly suitable even on brown ones where it manages to bring out an interesting green component.

The Ultra Violet makeup leaves ample room for our creativity: if we talk about eye shadow it is indeed possible to play with finish and different textures to create games of lights, shadows and shades, provocative and strong.

ultra violet violet eye makeup

make up Ultra Violet Color 2018

Ultra Violet eye make up

Ultra Violet eye makeup

Whether in cream or powder free, the password is ” intensity “, where is the eye makeup is enhanced and completed by a line of graphic eyeliner Tone on tone. We can of course also play with the colored mascara , having fun emphasizing make-up by volumizing eyelashes with a intense purple .

Free way also to the smokey eyes ultra violet , able to pleasantly enhance the depth of the look up to make it magical and mysterious as called Pantone.

Sfumato or chart, the Ultra Violet eye make up it is rigorously intense and intense, perfectly suited to those who love being the protagonist expressing character and personality right through the trick.

Ultra Violet 2018 eye make up

2018 ultra violet eye makeup

Ultra Violet 2018 makeup

pantone ultra violet eye makeup

ultra violet eye shadows

Violet makeup green eyes ultra violet


The wonderful Ultra Violet it expresses itself very well also through the lip makeup . The combination of the shade with the finish more trendy of the moment, that opaque , makes lips elegant and sensual.

However, nothing prevents us from unleashing our fantasy while having fun creating make up ombre lips playing with different chromatic variations . Also r Ultra Violet creamy bones able to give turgidity and volume to the lips, especially if characterized by modern metallic or sparkle finish .

Ultra Violet 2018 lip makeup

Ultra Violet lips makeup

For those who do not like to exceed but appreciate the new vibrant Pantone 2018 gradient , glosses are recommended, less loads but still saturated, better if characterized by holographic effects glam.


Once again, i will be protagonists liquid lipsticks , versatile, functional, easy to apply and characterized by a full color able to enhance the nuance and one very long estate .

make up lips Ultra Violet 2018

Ultra Violet lips make-up

purple lips makeup 2018

Ultra Violet beauty trends will invest in the coming months and throughout the year 2018.

You are ready to dare with Ultra Violet Beauty ? What do you think of the new tonality selected by Pantone for 2018? You like it apply make-up using dark purple?



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