Ultra HD Foundation Make Up For Ever: The Make-up Event


For a perfect, silky and luminous complexion in everyday life as on the most important movie sets , Make Up For Ever offers two new Ultra HD foundations.

Ultra HD Make Up For Ever, that we have already proposed among the new Make Up For Ever Fall 2015, represents one new generation of foundation , ideal to make the face ‘perfect’ in view of the advent of the new 4K technology, which provides a sharpness on the screen up to four times higher compared to HD.

To discover this irresistible new range of face products, which boasts a liquid foundation and one in stick , we participated in a training day at the academy (and store!) Make Up For Ever La Truccheria in Bologna, a special place where the magic of MUFE comes to life.

Do you want to know how it went? Follow us to discover the Ultra HD Mufe Foundation!

the bologna truccheria


The Truccheria of Bologna is one of the famous and coveted Italian centers for the makeup schools . As you surely know, MUFE is a French professional brand beloved among makeup artists because it combines high performance with innovative colors and formulations, which allow you to create very natural looks and even very elaborate artistic make-up , up to the extraordinary art of body painting.

the bologna truccheria

In this sense, La Truccheria is a make-up-lovers’ paradise because we can not only buy the entire range of cosmetics from the French cosmetics company, but also subject ourselves to exclusive make up sessions , self-make-up courses, useful to enhance the features of our face, and of course participate in very accurate courses for professionals.

academy make up for ever bologna

The courses for professionals at La Truccheria include courses in corrective makeup , photographic, artistic, bride and much more. We remind you that the expert MUFE makeup artists are available to give personalized make-up lessons according to the needs.

make up for ever bologna

the bologna truccheria


Ultra HD foundations represent a leap into the future for one invisible long-lasting make-up . If the classic HD has made thousands of women and make-up artists fall in love all over the world, Ultra HD will be able to steal the heart of the most attentive consumers thanks to the moisturizing and super natural finish characterized by very high coverage of imperfections.

Advancing in tune with the latest technological advances, today the Ultra HD technology it responds to the new standards of 4K cameras, four times more demanding in terms of definition. The new Ultra HD foundation is defined as ‘ultra-perfect’ by MUFE, able to give the skin a impeccable appearance , natural and luminous, without being noticed.

new make up for ever foundation

mufe ultra hd foundation

make up for ever ultra hd foundation


The first foundation compatible with the 4K technology is, according to the manufacturer, characterized by a ‘perfect consistency’, for an incredibly natural and luminous result without any trace of product, both in photography and on the big screen or on TV , passing through smartphones and tablets. The formula is also light and able to enhance the natural beauty of the complexion , going to efficiently but invisibly hide imperfections, dilated pores, signs of expression and stains.

Inside we find three key ingredients of great prestige, which represent the important 4k Complex , patent Make Up For Ever: encapsulated pigments enriched with reflective particles, brightness booster is hyaluronic acid spheres.


The color pigments contained in Ultra HD foundations are protected by thin membranes that make them resistant to water (even if the foundation is not waterproof). The same coverage makes the reflective pigments, and therefore able to create a soft focus effect that reflects light and c optically induces imperfections.


The Radiant Booster instead it is a special plant complex that stimulates the micro circulation going to make it more oxygenated skin, healthy and vital.


The hyaluronic acid spheres have been introduced into the formula for conferring radiance and hydration to the skin continuously throughout the day: in this way the product resists intact on the face for a longer time, avoiding wrinkles and little creams, for a embodied sublimated long-lasting.

foundation ultra hd liquid mufe

foundation ultra hd liquid mufe

make up for ever ultra hd liquid foundation




The formulations of Make Up For Ever Ultra HD are two: one liquid , similar to that of the previous HD foundation, is available in 40 color variations , and one in stick , proposal for the professional market in 15 different colors.

How are these two formulations different? The liquid one is certainly suitable for all types of skin from fat to normal , while the stick is indicated in a particular way for the normal to dry skin , because it has a richer and moisturizing texture. However the effect on the skin is the same: medium-high coverage imperfections, semi-matte natural finish, light effect both in video and in photography as well as in everyday life.

With respect to the proposed colors we can also indicate that there is a subdivision of undertones for each nuance: Y , yellow, for the foundations with yellow undertone is R , red, for those with pinkish undertone.

It is important to remember that for a year the new color nomenclatures will continue to be joined by previous HD foundations, which will soon disappear. The new colors will be divided into ‘Color bands’ : 200: light skin, 300: medium skin, 400: dark skin, 500: very dark skin.

ultra hd stick foundation

ultra hd stick foundation

make up for ever ultra hd stick foundation



During this delightful day together with some blogger friends and make-up artists we immersed ourselves in the Ultra HD world under the guidance of the Mufe team. In particular Eugenia , the Pr of the Trademark ed Elisabetta , one of the very good MUA Make Up For Ever presented us the Ultra HD innovation with one live demonstration.

eugenia pr mufe

elisabetta mua make up for ever


The expert make-up artist MUFE has created a model on a model light and natural make up , characterized by a super smooth and perfect base, naturally created with the new Ultra HD foundations.

After hydrating the skin, Elisabetta has prepared the skin of the face with two different types of skin face primer Step 1 , the new MUFE face bases, which can be applied in combos for custom effects, to then create a perfect canvas thanks to Ultra HD liquid all over the face, and then sculpt the volumes with the new foundation in stick format : the two products can be freely used together.

How do they apply for an optimal result? These new foundations they are easy to work Therefore, it is up to us to decide which method to use. We can indeed use a classic foundation brush then ‘pull’ the product, or tampon with one sponge or simply apply it with your fingers. The final result is buildable and customizable!

make up step by step mufe

After sculpting the face and warmed the complexion with bronzer is blush cream to powder HD , the MUA MUFE then set the base with the now legendary face powder HD with an improved soft focus effect.

The eyes were then highlighted in fullness thanks to opaque compact and shimmer powders , and a touch of stretching mascara Smoky Stretch , last born in the Make Up For Ever house.

On the lips then, the absolute brilliance of a red gloss mirror effect Artist Plexi Gloss.

makeup make up for ever

And here’s the final result: let’s focus on the brightness and on the perfection of the complexion created by Ultra HD foundations autumn 2015.

ultra hd foundation test make up for ever


In order to make our experience even more complete we had the pleasure of touching and ‘playing’ with i MUFE cosmetics under the guidance of the MUA experts present.

Here is one for you gallery full of images that portray the wide Make Up For Ever range at La Truccheria in Bologna.

mono mufe eyeshadows

face powder for ever

foundation make up for ever

eyeshadows powder cream mufe

colored mascara mufe

the bologna truccheria

fluo night phosphorescent pigments make up for ever

fluo night phosphorescent pigments make up for ever

fluo night phosphorescent pigments make up for ever

fluorescent pigments make up for ever

correctors make up for ever

matt foundation make up for ever

water shadows make up for ever

lipsticks make up for ever

lip gloss make up for ever

make up products make up for ever

mono eyeshadow make up for ever

bronzer mufe

eye shadows in cream make up for ever

water brow mufe

eyeliner mufe


eye shadows artist shadows make up for ever


Here we are at the trial of the nine: me and the other boys guests of La Truccheria we have ventured into a make up with Utra HD foundations . Someone, like me, has put himself in the hands of the make-up artists at our disposal, while others, such as Antonio, have created an original trick independently. To allow us to better understand the functions, we had the pleasure of trying on half the face the liquid version, on the other half the stick.

Testing the new MUFE foundation was incredible: having mixed skin I found a velvety and spectacular effect on the whole face, both in the liquid version and in the stick format.

The effect on the face is light, and the appearance is that of a embodied smooth, bright and ‘perfect’ In short, I fell in love with Make Up For Ever Ultra HD right from the first use, thanks to the suggestions of Maira , the make-up artist who took care of me during the session.

serena d'angelo foundation ultra hd mufe

serene of angel ultra hd mufe

Here I am with Antonio, made up only on half face, with a crazy look inspired by the legendary singer and make up artist Jefree Star.

serena d'angelo antonio sorvillo make up for ever

This is instead the dearest Alice Venturi , surely known by all of you as AliceLikeAudrey.

alice venturi make up for ever

Antonio at work!

antonio sorvillo make up artist

We arrive at the group photo with my companions of adventure: Julia, Mua and author of the Trucchi Unveiled portal, Elena of the Team Clio Makeup Blog, the make-up artist and Youtuber Antonio and make-up artists and bloggers Alice , AliceLikeAudrey e Chiara , of the La Vie En Cosmetique blog.

event mufe the truccheria bologna


Make Up For Ever Ultra HD foundations are available for purchase at The Truccheria of Bologna located in via Galliera 12 a-b, as well as on the official site The Truccheria, while they will debut, only in the liquid version in 18 different colors at the Sephora perfumeries starting from September 2015 . The price of Ultra HD Liquid and Ultra HD Stick is d 43.63 euros.

It inspires you Make Up For Ever Ultra HD foundation ? Let us know if it inspires you and if you plan to buy it for the next season leaving us a comment!


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