Twin Set fashion collection Fall Winter 2017

Games of textiles that overlap – lace and wool, tulle and alpaca – for a collection characterized by warm, yet sophisticated and elegant garments, the adjectives that best describe the style of Simona Barbieri .

Let’s find out all the Twin Set collection fall winter 2017.

Twin Set autumn winter 2017 2018
New arrivals Twin Set 2017


In the Twin Set catalog fall winter 2017 we find the trend that has accompanied us in recent seasons: the floral print . Flowers in contrast with black background, combined with arabesque fantasies or embroidered on tulle.

The bright nuances are not lacking in the winter season that is colored yellow , teal is blue . A distinctive feature of the Italian fashion brand remains unchanged: wearing the classics lingerie items as the petticoat above the clothes.

Twin set black dress
Twin set black dress in tulle with floral embroidery (cost € 260)
Twin Set flower dress
Dress in viscose twill with ribbed collar and wrist in geometric print (180 Euro)
Geometric print dress Twin Set
Dress in viscose georgette with ruffles on the shoulders and bow at the neck (225 Euro)
Twin set clothes fall 2017
Lilium print dress with straight line (price 190 Euro)
Twin set yellow dress
Yellow tunic dress with removable cady sash (cost € 215)
Twin set Dress petticoat
Petticoat dress in lace with flounce and thin straps (168 Euro)
Twin winter clothes set
Milan point dress with symmetric lacing with buttons (180 Euro)
White dress Twin set
Geometric lace dress with scalloped sleeves and pleats at the waist (170 Euro)
Black and white dress Twin set
Black and white dress in macramé and velvet collar (235 Euro)
White and black dress Twin set
Dress with bows on shoulders, pockets and silk shirt (260 Euro)
Twin set winter clothes
White dress in viscose blend and wool with removable petticoat (215 Euro)
Twin set Black ribbed dress
Black ribbed dress with lace petticoat (208 Euro)
Twin set Wool clothes
Cashmere dress with ruffles and pleated petticoat (238 Euro)


The refined aesthetic taste of Simona Barbieri mixture and overlap cracks, lace is georgette giving life to elegant and sophisticated clothes that are well suited to ceremonies . Appropriate lengths both for religious rites and for worldly parties; in fact, the clothes arrive just above the knee and are not snug.

The preference is preferred line to A or the tunic – with wide sleeves and bell or volants – while crystals, sequins is flakes embellish the profiles.

Twin set dresses 2017
Crepe dress with A-line, jewel crew-neck and drop-shaped neckline (cost 198 Euro)
Twin Set lace dress
Transparent lace dress on the back with V-necklines and three-quarter sleeves (175 Euro)
Twin Set lace dress
Dress with plumetis lace bow (cost 220 Euro)
Twin Set ceremony dresses
Blue bustier dress with lace top and drop-shaped neckline at the back (€ 214)
Twin winter clothes set
Midi dress with pleated skirt (270 Euro)
Twin winter clothes set
Baltic blue cady midi dress with double asymmetrical ruffles (315 Euro)


Twin Set clothing is one of the reference brands for fashion addicts who are looking for the ideal dress for a ceremony. The long dresses signed Simona Barbieri play on pastel colours for the models in macrame or with flounces , while they prefer the strong nuances for the long dress from the cleanest line, like the dress cyclamen or that green octane with polka dots.

With the 2018 Twin Set fashion collection, the tight-fitting ones are back in the limelight ribbed dresses , proposed by Twin Set a r multicolor ighe to give a lively touch to an outfit with total black accessories.

Twin Set long dress in lace
Long dress in multicolor lace (350 Euro)
Twin Set long dress necklace jewel
Cyclamen long dress with slit and jewel necklace (290 Euro)
Twin Set long dress
Long pink dress with rhinestones (cost 301 Euro)
Twin Set long dresses winter 2017
Long dress with jewel embroidery (346 Euro)
Twin Set long winter clothes 2018
Asymmetrical floral dress (270 Euro)
Twin Set polka dot dress
Long green ottoman dress with ruffles and polka dots (228 Euro)
Twin Set ribbed dress
Long striped ribbed dress (240 Euro)


The new Twin Set 2018 collection follows the floral trend and offers it on all clothing items for winter 2018. Maxi pullover in alpaca or classic sweaters in wool they become bucolic thanks to the splendid ones bouquet of flowers that decorate them.

Solid color but fluorescent color for the orange sweater with heart from particular felted effect and many other monochrome models made from sequins, studs and embroidery.

Twin Set black sweater
Maxi black tunic with flowers (310 Euro)
Twin Set wool sweater
Sweater in alpaca with roses (cost 265 Euro)
Twins sweaters set 2018
Shirt-cardigan with rose print (price 158 Euro)
Sweater and flowers Twin Set
Floral print sweater-cardigan (160 Euro)
Twin Set sequins sweater
Full sequined blouse (200 Euro)
Twins set winter sweaters 2018
Orange sweater with heart (130 Euro)
Twin Set black sweater with studs
Black sweater with studs (160 Euro)
Twin Set Yellow turtleneck
Viscose yellow turtleneck (100 Euro)
Twin Set black sweater with lace
Black sweater with lace and pleated back (cost 172 Euro)
Ribbed turtleneck Twin Set
Ribbed turtleneck (190 Euro)
Black sweater with bows on the back
Black sweater with bows on the back (198 Euro)
Twin set knit lurex
Striped lurex sweater (185 Euro)
Twin set Black cardigan
Long black viscose cardigan (180 Euro)
Twin Set sweatshirts
White sweatshirt with lace embroidery and beads (190 Euro)


Straight cut is regular for Twin Set blouses, made dynamic by the ruffles and the frills on all the models. Feathers , sequins and beads decorate the cuffs of the shirts or the bottom of the short-sleeved shirts.

In this collection Twin Set autumn 2017 also many Tank Tops with thin straps , perfect to wear under jackets and cardigans.

Twin Set blouses
Polka dot blouse with ruffles (150 Euro)
Twin Set shirts
Maxi green lace shirt (price 185 Euro)
Twin Set Blues autumn 2017
Blouse with colorful geometric print (150 Euro)
Twin Set T Shirt
Maxi t-shirt with flower print (150 Euro)
Twin Set top with feathers
Pink top with feathers (185 Euro)
Twin Set knitwear 2017
Printed Twin Set Blouse (170 Euro)
Twin Set silk blouse
Fuchsia silk blouse (210 Euro)


In the Twin Set winter 2017 2018 collection we find all the shoulder garments for the cold season, from the lighter ones leather jackets biker model – softened by slim profiles and refined studs – up to heavy hoods in woolen cloth .

The Italian brand uses the fur to embellish i denim jackets , but also for long waistcoats , also to be worn over leather jackets. Obviously also many in the catalog coats is duvets , with details in mutton or pearls as accessories.

Twin Set black nail
Black nail in nappa leather (440 Euro)
Twin Set leather jacket
Brown jacket with studs (490 Euro)
Twin Set pink jacket
Antique pink bomber in crepe (167 Euro)
Twin Set denim jacket
Denim jacket with fur collar (420 Euro)
Twin Set sheepskin jacket
Sheepskin (1,100 euros)
Twin Set coats winter 2018
Short bouclé coat (425 Euro)
Twin Set long coat
Long coat in cloth (450 Euro)
Twin Set hood
Cloth hood (350 Euro)
Twin Set duvets winter 2018
Blue down jacket with pearls (230 Euro)
Twin Set duvets autumn 2017
Quilted white long down jacket (360 Euro)
Twin Set fur
White fur in lapin (390 Euro)
Twin Set fur waistcoat
Long fur gilet (340 Euro)
Twin Set black coat
Black sheepskin coat (1,300 euros)


Skinny , regular , palace trousers or jogger . Twin Set Simona Barbieri has thought of all the models of pants and all the fabrics, from denim to the lurex .

Once again, lees are preferred flower prints it’s at lines , but there are also elegant models in solid colors, evergreen evergreens.

Twin Set Jeans
Skinny jeans (96 Euro)
Twin Jeans Set
Wide leg jeans (128 Euro)
Twin Set black trousers
Black jogging trousers (128 Euro)
Twin Set striped trousers
Lurex striped trousers (220 Euro)
Twin Set trousers
Wide trousers with side band (165 Euro)
Twin Set palazzo pants
Palazzo trousers (165 Euro)
Twin Set trousers yellow flowers
Jogging pants with yellow flowers (160 Euro)
Palazzo rose trousers (165 Euro)


Simona Barbieri focuses on full skirt pleated effect declined in various versions: with flounce , midi length or up to the ankles but in semi-transparent fabric .

The only exception is the longuette in lace of a splendid light blue sugar paper , a romantic color in keeping with the rest of the winter collection.

Twin set skirts winter 2018
Long tulle skirt (220 Euro)
Twin set sequin skirt
Full sequin pink skirt (170 Euro)
Twin set long skirt
Long skirt in geometric print (210 Euro)
Twin set lonquette in lace
Lonquette in lace (168 Euro)


Twin Set garments are on sale on the official website and in brand stores or retailers.

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