Tom Ford collection make up

Tom Ford Make up The exclusive has finally arrived in Italy make up collection of the American designer and director Tom Ford!

The tricks of the collection are well 132 and include make up for eyes, face and lips, nail polishes and brushes, all marketed and produced by Estée Lauder.

The former artistic director of Gucci after launching lines of clothing, sunglasses and a perfume in his name, continues to amaze with luxury products, this time in the cosmetic sector.

THE make up of Tom Ford they will be super sought and only very few boutiques will have the honor of selling them. La Rinascente in Milan will have them available from November 2011, as stores Tom Ford of Rome and Milan.

Let’s find out all the tricks of the Tom Ford makeup collection fall winter 2011 – 2012.

For Tom Ford the lips must be perfect. Lipsticks contain rare and exotic ingredients, including soybean extract, Brazilian butter and chamomile flower oil, for a creamy consistency that is applied with incredible ease. The result is a full and bright color. You can choose from 18 colors of lipsticks.

Tom Ford Make up

An extremely bright and saturated gloss of color that illuminates the lips. The soft and creamy consistency ensures natural comfort. It is available in 10 colors.

A transparent lip gloss that paints the lips with precious pulverized pearls, creating a brilliant shine and a feeling of extreme softness.

Tom Ford Make up

The Eye Color Quad palettes are the highlight of the make up collection of Tom Ford . Each combination of eye shadows is designed with four rich complementary shades that allow different looks, from an intense and provocative style, to intermediate shades. The sparkling finishes, satin, bright and opaque, offer a wide range of effects. 10 pallets are available.

The pencil with an intense kohl effect. It combines innovative technology with rich pigments that glide over the skin for an ultra-fluid application. Supplied with a special sharpener. Available in 6 colors: light brown, dark brown, blue, purple, green, blue.

A black gel to spread over the eyelid to create an intense look, or to use to outline the eyelids with softness and audacity. The intense black pigment is combined with a touch of blue reflections that capture the light.

We arrive at the black mascara of Tom Ford , which enlarges the eyes and accentuates the look. The combination of volumizing powders and the black smoke pigment transform the eyelashes. Creamy formulation that lasts all day without lumps or smudges.

Tom Ford Make up

This exclusive 3-in-1 foundation ensures a balanced appearance that emanates vitality and brightness. Extremely light and bright, it includes a complex that helps protect the skin. The SPF 15 sun protection factor protects against sun damage. Available in 12 colors.

It creates a comfortable and flawless finish, allowing versatile, transparent, medium or complete coverage, but always natural and invisible. If used as a concealer, imperfections decrease. Available always in 12 colors.

Tom Ford offers a pencil that allows you to enhance, outline or reduce the characteristics of the face to create symmetry and perfection: 4 shades capture the light bringing attention to cheekbones and eyes, other 4 shades perform corrective action to reduce defects and shadows. You can choose from 8 shades.

A pair of creams that highlight the qualities of the skin. The super transparent and bright shade can be used to capture light and illuminate the face with a lifting effect. The dark shade defines and contours the cheekbones while remaining invisible. Two versions are available.

Tom Ford Make up

Powder with very fine powders that adhere individually to the skin. A transparent, light and non-glossy finish that lasts all day. Diffuses the light, helping to reduce imperfections. The appropriate applicator brush is included in the package. You can choose from 4 shades.

An invisible powder, very light and very fine, creates a veil of transparent light on the face to guarantee a silky and smooth appearance. Thanks to its ultra-fluid consistency it penetrates into the skin, moisturizing it.

The blusher signed Tom Ford It is formulated with spherical pearls and rich emollient substances, it glides on the skin with the ease of a cream, giving an exceptional brightness and a velvety transparency. 6 colors are available.

The mine allows a personalized stretch, from thin to thick. Removing the cap at the other end, the brush is brushed to brush the eyebrows and turning the cap counterclockwise emerges the pencil sharpener. A make up of extreme luxury! This pencil is available in 4 colors.

Tom Ford Make up

There collection of brushes Tom Ford It is created to make the makeup ritual simple and luxurious. The brushes are 12 to use for the concealer, for foundation, for shades of light, for eyeshadow, for blusher, for bronzer, for lips, for eyeliner, and one for smokey eye.

The nail art addicts will not wait to try these super refined, refined enamels, precious packaging, for bright and shiny nails. A rich range consisting of 16 colors from the most vibrant to the neutral nuances. The innovative high performance formula guarantees a remarkable coverage and shine. To learn more and discover all the colors, read the our article dedicated to the enamels of Tom Ford .

Tom Ford Make up

The photos of the make up they were taken over by the website of Tom Ford that you should visit. If you want to find out their prices, you can go on website Neiman Marcus that resells products in the United States but also internationally.

What do you think of this very rich collection? We await your opinions! 😉

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