Tezenis costumes 2017: swimwear collection

Tezenis makes us dream beaches white and seas crystals with the new collection of swimwear 2017. Colors and Hawaiian fantasies they will take you already to the mind holidays or a day in pool with friends.

Let’s find out all together Announcements preview!

Tezenis Costumes 2017
Tezenis costumes 2017, two-piece model in floral fantasy


To present the new summer collection Tezenis has organized a wonderful one fashion show: an event held on April 4, 2017 at the headquarters of Dossobuono (Verona) that involved VIPs from the world of music, sport, entertainment and the web. These include Bebe Vio, Aurora Ramazzotti and singer Roshelle.

On the catwalk they paraded famous models including: Rocio Crusset , Fernanda Chavez, Valeria Rudenko, Juste Juzvaite, Katherine Henderson, Lily Lightbourn, Milica Tepavac, Marilhea Peillard, Noel Berry, Paulina Fuchs, Malaika Firth, Melissa Cuc, Sarah Shaw, Zhenya Katava, Semka Semenchenko, Yulia Rose, Alena Podloznaya and Bruna Lirio. Among the models are Ben Dahlhaus and Francisco Lachowski. We show you the first shots of the 2017 Tezenis fashion show whose theme is the trip on the road and the desert vacation. The official video will soon be available.

Tezenis show 2017 costumes

Tezenis Show 2017

Tezenis costumes

Tezenis costume show

Tezenis costume show

Tezenis whole costume with pineapple

Tezenis swimwear 2017

Tezenis men's costumes


The Veronese brand – which also deals with underwear, clothing and accessories – has just presented its new collection sea ​​fashion , designed for women who love to play with playful patterns and nuances. Bikinis and swimsuits designed for each physicality . They will know how to value women of all sizes, making them sexy and fashionable even under the sun.

Tezenis Bikini 2017
Tezenis bikini with high-waisted briefs
Tezenis swimwear
Tezenis swimwear
Tezenis palms bikini
Tezenis women’s costumes new collection

The interpretation of the different moods of the Tezenis costumes collection is splendid singer twenty-six Rita Ora.

Rita Ora

Rita Ora Tezenis

Tezenis Rita Ora

Tezenis costumes Rita Ora


Tezenis’ flagship fantasy will have designs Hawaiians with flowers and palms mixed with the classic ones lines white and blue marinate . The bra is a band with curled edges that enhance even the least prosperous. Sbarazzina is instead the brasserie combined with a slip with matching bows. Great return also of the sea slip a high waist , modeling and very sensual.

Tezenis swimsuit
Tezenis swimsuit in floral pattern
Tezenis Bikini women 2017
Tezenis Bikini woman, band model with palm print
Tezenis sea fashion
Beachwear, V-neck bandeau style
Summer 2017 costumes
Bikini with high-waisted briefs with stripes and palms
Brassiere costumes
Tezenis swimwear, brassiere model


The bra a cup with underwire Tezenis manages to combine support and style. The proposed fantasies range from bright colors and themes marine solid color classic and elegant. Perfect to wear with the slip in a pendant or with a contrasting pant. Be it a push up or a balconette the Tezenis bikini bra will give you security and refinement. Sensualissimi models that propose a bow in the middle of the breast, true trends in the 2017 swimwear.

Tezenis costume
Tezenis push up padded model costumes (12.90 euro)
Tezenis black costume
Tezenis bikini, padded push up black jacquard pattern (12.90 euro) and briefs with side openings (9.90 euro)
Tezenis Costume push up
ostume push up padded palms (cost 12.90 euros)
Ethnic costume
Bikini in ethnic fantasy (12.90 euros) and briefs (9.90 euros)
Swimsuit with palm trees
Bra bikini with palms and stripes (price 12.90 euro) and brazilian with laces (9.90 euro)
Tezenis black costumes
Solid color padded push up bikini (12.90 euro) and black briefs with laces (price 9,90 euro)
Tezenis Hawaii print costumes
Push up costume hawaii print (12.90 euro)
Blue and white striped bikini
Blue and white striped bikini (cost € 9.90)
Tezenis padded bikini
Banano chevron padded push-up bikini (12.90 euro)
Tezenis bikini push up
Push-up padded braid paisley bikini (12.90 euro)
Tezenis push-up bikini
Zebra flower padded push-up bikini (12.90 euros)

The sea ​​slip Tezenis seem designed specifically to enhance yours side B with brasiliane without seams e curled briefs able to hide the small defects. From the classic black that can be combined with every bra, to the blue with palm trees printed in white. Whatever will be your choice you will not go unnoticed.

Fantasy palm and striped bikini
Padded push-up bikini with striped lines (12.90 euros)
Tezenis ethnic bikini
Inca push-up bikini (9.90 euros)
bandana bikini
Bandana push-up bikini (9.90 euro)
one-shoulder bikini
One shoulder paisley patch bikini top (9,90 euro)
Afro fantasy bikini
Afro chic push-up bikini (9,90 Euro)
Tezenis one-shoulder bikini
Afro chic single shoulder bikini top (9,90 Euro)
Tezenis bikini
Bikini triangle mexi color (12.90 Euro)
Tezenis balconette bikini
Balcinette bikini mexi color (12.90 Euro)
Solid color bikini
Push-up jacquard motif fan bikini (9.90 euro)
Red tezenis costume
Push-up jacquard motif fan bikini (9.90 euro)
Tezenis khaki bikini
Piquet motif padded push-up bra (12.90 euro)
Tezenis blue costume
Padded push-up bikini with piqué motif (12.90 euro)
Tezenis solid color bikini
Red coral padded push-up bikini (12.90 euro)


The black bikini that is in cups, push ups, underwire or balconette is a real one passe-par-tout for beach outfits. It will allow you to combine simplicity and elegance even on the shore . Available in different models and with different padding adapts to every type of woman. A bow in the center or a torchon they will make your bikini sought after. To combine with a black brief or with a patterned one for a unique broken costume of its kind.

Black bra costume
Solid color push up bikini (9.90 euro) and black high waist briefs (9.90 euro)
Unpadded costume bra
Simple balconette bikini (12.90 euros)
Balconette costume
Balconette bikini with knot (cost € 14.90) and black Brazilian (price € 9.90)
Tezenis black bikini
Solid color push-up bikini (9.90 euro)
Tezenis super push up bikini
Super push-up bikini padded solid color (14,90 euro) and shorts shorts (12,90 euro)


The bra turns into a top perfect both for the beach and for a appetizer . In rigorous black the bralette plays with transparencies and valance . True must have in your costume collection.

This fashion has been successful last summer season and is becoming increasingly important in the sea trends. Indispensable for the fashion victim who want to be in step even under the umbrella and, why not, for lovers of beach sports like beach volleyball who want a practical costume but with style.

Tezenis costume top
Solid color top ruffle bikini (9.90 euro) and black brazilian with bows (9.90 euro)
Tezenis ruffle bikini
Bandana top volant bikini (9.90 euro)
Tezenis top costume
Bikini bra top American jacquard pattern neckline (12.90 euros) and jacquard motif jersey briefs (price 9,90 euros)


2017 will see a great return of the triangle costume that becomes an increasingly fashionable accessory. With plot in the middle of the breast or with laces that embellish the cups and shoulder pads, will be the king of the garments beach . Perfect also for the less prosperous thanks to cups preformed and curls on the edges, which enhance every breast size.

Tezenis triangle costume
Hawaii padded triangle bikini (cost € 12.90) and hawaii costume slip (cost € 9.90)
Tezenis triangle
Ethnic triangle bikini with tulle inserts (12.90 euros) and briefs (price 9.90 euros)
Tezenis black triangle
Black triangle bikini (price 9,90 euro)
Tezenis with padded Triangle costumes
Padded triangle bikini tropical bouquet (9.90 euro) and tropical high side briefs (9.90 euro)
Costume and fantasy triangle
Triangle padded bikini with palm trees (price € 9.90) and palm flakes slip (€ 9.90)
Tezenis triangle bikini
Cross triangle bikini (cost € 9.90)
Tezenis triangle bikini
Paisley patch triangle bikini (9.90 euro)
Triangle bikini
Banana chevron triangle bra bikini (9.90 euro)


Inevitable the bandeau costume if you do not want the sign of the straps on the tan. Many are the types proposed, from the structured and padded to the novelty of the range with the V-neckline . The fantasies proposed will satisfy every type of woman, from the classic black to the summer fantasies . For those of you looking for the refinement you will find ruffles, overlapping fabrics and pince.

Tezenis bandeau costumes
Tezenis bandeau costumes, black model with curls (12.90 euro)
Bandeau bras
Jacquard pattern padded bandeau bikini (price 12.90 euros)
Bandeau bras
Bandeau bra with jacquard insert and palm print (12.90 euro) and briefs with embroidered insert (9.90 euro)
Costumes at the end of 2017
Black bikini with tulle insert (12.90 euros)
Costumes at the end of 2017
Striped striped bandeau bikini (cost 9,90 euro) and slip with palm trees (price 9,90 euro)
Tezenis band with watermelon
Watermelon padded bandeau braid with watermelon print (12.90 Euro)
Bandeau bikini with ruffle
Bikini bundles aimbottled afro chic ruffles (12.90 Euro)
Tezenis band with flamingos
Padded bandeau bikini flamingo strips (9.90 Euro)
Band with patch
Padded bandeau bikini with fiesta patches (14,90 Euro)
Bikini with patches
Padded bandeau bikini curling ice cream patch (14,90 Euro)
Tezenis costume with patches
Bandeau padded curvy sailor patch bikini (14,90 Euro)
Costume with pineapple
Pineapple padded bandeau with pineapple print (12,90 Euro)

For those who love the classicism Tezenis has also designed wrap-around briefs without side laces. High waist, shorts or sensual details. The sides are enhanced by contrasting patterns or very thin laces. The high-waisted black versions are perfect and timeless for those looking for a sober and evergreen costume.

Black band bikini
V-neck bandeau padded bikini (price € 12.90) and high-waisted black solid color briefs (cost € 9.90)
Black band bikini
Padded bandeau bikini with ruffles (12.90 euros)
Tezenis bikini with ruffles
Padded bandeau bikini with ruffles zebra flower (12.90 euro)
Tezenis band with strips
Padded band bikini inca strips (9.90 euro)
Tezenis padded band
Padded bandeau pon ponyskin bikini (12.90 euro)
Tezenis bikini band
Inca padded bandeau bikini (12.90 euro)
tezenis bandeau costume
Zebra flower padded bandeau costume (12.90 euro)
Bikini band with ruffle
Padded bandeau bikini with paisley ruffles (12.90 euros)
Tezenis fascia
Striped striped bandeau bikini (12.90 euro)

The costume with laces is perfect for enhancing the curves without emphasizing the hips. The briefs yes double face for lovers of change or plain if you want to dare with a whimsical bra. So many are the proposed patterns – ethnic, striped or with Hawaiian themes – that will make you exclaim “Haloa”.

costume band with curl
Bandana band bikini (12.90 euros)
Fancy bandeau costume
Padded band bikini stitch smock paisley patch (14.90 euro)
Tezenis striped band
Padded bandeau bikini with black and white stripes (cost 12.90 euros)
bikini band in lace
Padded jacquard bandeau bikini (12,90 euro)
Tezenis bandeau bikini
Piqué padded bandeau bikini (9.90 euro)
Bikini with red stripes
Solid color padded bandeau bikini (9.90 euro)


The swimsuit is a perfect garment to show off on the beach lying on your towel or for a walk on seafront , maybe paired with denim shorts. Black, strapless and with a sweetheart neckline for those looking for a refined and simple whole. It turns into sensual and bold with transparencies in the jacquard motif. If you are true marinarette you will love the costume with blue and white striped fantasy valance on the breast.

Flamingo one-piece swimsuit
Flamingo crossover swimsuit (22,90 Euro)
Tezenis costume with ice cream
One piece of ice cream swimsuit (19.90 Euro)
Tezenis whole costumes
Tezenis whole costumes, jacquard pattern (price 22,90 euro)
One-piece swimsuit with ruffles
One-piece swimsuit with ruffle (19,90 euro)


Sea fashion news can be found in the shops on the website tezenis.com . In the online store you will also find the Tezenis underwear collection.

What do you think of the new Tezenis costumes line? Which ones will you buy for your beach holidays? Leave us a comment!


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