Tattoo STILL: history, meaning and 200 photos to inspire


Tattooing an anchor is one choice of great character , as well as of great taste. The tattoo still has important meanings.

The anchor, in the field of boating, is a heavy object used for keep a boat stationary in a specific point of the backdrop. The anchors are generally made of metal and connected by means of a rope or a chain to the boat that floats in water. The anchor is an ancient instrument used by the Phoenicians, the Greeks, the Romans that over time has evolved both for its shape and for the materials used such as cast iron, iron or steel.

Let’s see all together meanings of tattoos with anchor, their use in the past until today, the different types of anchors and numerous tattoo examples still to be copied and inspired.

tattoo again

Tattoo again

Anchor tattoo

tattoos still woman

The tattoo still represents one classic style but at the same time modern , sought after and full of deep meanings: discover them with us in this article, accompanied by inspiring photos.


What is the history some tattoos again? The tattoo still falls into the old school tattoo category, the most classic type of tattoo , which originated in the 40s and 50s. The old school tattoos are in fact those that the sailors of the time chose to draw on their bodies their lives, their emotions and their ties.

In the category of old school tattoos, in addition to anchors, which we will talk about in depth, we find rose , sailing ships , sirens , pin up , hearts , swallows and also daggers is guns . Often these elements are united in classic tattoos and are enriched by the use of bright and ‘full’ colors, such as red, blue, green and yellow.

still tattooed

tattooed anchors

still male tattoos

Another distinctive feature of classic old school tattoos is the use of the black colour, that delimits the edges of the design in a strong and decisive way, giving the tattoo a very definite appearance.


With the passage of time, however, the anchor symbol has acquired a different connotation, being adopted by many people all over the world, who have attributed it very different meanings and styles between them.

tattoo again

tactoo anchors

still male tattoos

The tattoos can still be made in many ways. Among these we find in fact the classic tattoos, the tattoos still colored , tattoos again realistic , tattoos again watercolor , tattoos still with symbols and so on.

Furthermore also the shape of the anchors it can be different precisely because they exist different types of anchors : Anchors to log; anchors with articulated marras; anchors to plowshare or plow; spoon anchors; anchors with a grappa or an umbrella. There are provisional anchors, which are kept on board ships and are used in case of mooring and permanent anchors that are used to anchor floating piers, oil platforms, buoys, etc. Finally there are the floating anchors used to tow the boat or a seaplane, to brake in case of bad weather and storms, or bow to keep it oriented to the sea and the wind. Just because there are different types of anchors, it is possible to create images of different anchors.

tattoos anchors

tattoos again


What is the meaning of a tattoo with the anchor? What are the symbolisms? Let’s see them all, from those of the past connected to an esoteric or seafarer meaning up to the most modern ones connected to feelings and love.

  • The anchor is a strong symbol that represents stability, strength, loyalty and security . Tattooing an anchor can represent the need to have a ‘safe harbor’ , that we can be ourselves or a loved one, as well as the need to tie ourselves firmly to someone or something.
  • The anchor also represents the courage . The sailors who in the 1940s started to tattoo their anchors chose them to represent their own more daring enterprises: those who passed the equator or crossed the Atlantic ocean often carried this symbol for life.
  • The anchor also has a religious meaning linked to the Bible. It is the symbol of hope in the promises of God and of faith in the resurrection. In fact, the anchor is identified with Jesus who, thanks to his death and resurrection, led Christians on the mainland of communion with God. It is not by chance that the way of saying ‘lifeline’ is famous.
  • The tattoo can still be interpreted also as need to have something, real, like a place or a person, or abstract, like a religious belief, which ‘cling’ in times of difficulty.
  • Different is the meaning still and rudder , two elements that are often present in the same tattoo. In the nautical field the rudder is the directional organ of the boat. Together with the anchor, it indicates a person’s ability to make his own choices autonomously, to drive, to lead, to decide, and at the same time also the ability to restrain and be stable and secure.
  • Anchor tattooing is also often chosen for couple’s tattoo , and it certainly means: ‘You are my lifeline’.

story tattoos again

tattoos still history

Of course, everyone can choose to interpret the tattoos still to their liking: decide to draw indelibly on his body this symbol so special can also be a simple choice dictated by aesthetics.


In short, you like the tattoo yet you are not driven by profound meanings ? It does not matter , what matters is that you are sure of the design you prefer and you can rely on your tattoo artist to create a beautiful design, which fully represents you!

meaning tattoos again

tattoos still meaning


As anticipated the possibilities of choice are many. The tattoo can still be colored or in black and white, large, small, combined with other symbols, geometric or nuanced design. There are typically male tattoos appreciated by men and others very feminine for women.

still female tattoos

tattoos still for women

tattoo again

Below are many ideas: look at the photos and let yourself be inspired for the creation of yours!


If you love minimalist and realistic style and you like them crazy classic shades in black and white that give three-dimensionality to the subjects, the choice of a tattoo still black and white is the one for you.

The black and white tattoos are more discreet than the colored ones and allow you to create games of shades and chiaroscuro really very beautiful, just like the ones we see in the images that follow. In this inspirational photo for tattoos still in black and white we find indeed realistic tattoo of anchors, but also still with musical notes, still with feathers and still with ropes, certainly the most classic choice.

black and white tattoo again

tattoo ideas still black and white


On the other hand, colored tattoos represent a bolder choice and a livelier taste. Playing with colors, in fact, our tattoo artist can draw on our skin incredible works of art.

The tattoos still colored can in fact have large shades of color until you get to be real watercolor tattoos , a kind of tattoo that refers to the watercolor technique giving an extra light and romantic appearance to the design.

Those who choose a still colored tattoo can also opt for old school style colors, so full and in bright shades like red, yellow, green and blue, or decide to create a composition outside the box, creating a completely colorful tattoo, including lines, as for the tattoo still white that you see below.

still colorful tattoo

still colorful tattoos


Have you decided that you will tattoo an anchor but still do not know where to make your tattoo? The places where your heart symbol are forever engraved are innumerable, and vary according to yours tastes and yours physicality .

You can in fact choose to tattoo an anchor in a particularly visible place , to be able to admire it every time you go and make sure that others can always have it in sight, such as on the wrist, on arms or on hands , or decide to do the tattoo in a more hidden and intimate place , to make this almost invisible unless you want to highlight it, such as the back or the cost .

Let’s now see together with lots of inspiring photos.


Very small and very cool, i tattoos still on the hands I am very popular during this period. Whether you want to tattoo this symbol of stability on fingers or hands, such as doses, palms and side portions, we suggest you choose very simple and not very elaborate designs, preferably in black and white.

As surely indeed the skin of the hands it’s a lot thin and delicate and in this area subject to sweating and often in contact with water and detergents it is possible that the color ‘migrate’ creating unsightly spots. Naturally your tattoo artist Sara advise the perfect design for a tattoo still on the 10 and praise hands.

still finger tattoo

examples still tattoo hands


Here is another visible area of ​​the body on which to tattoo a beautiful anchor. In this case we have a lot of space to create tattoo of very elaborate and showy anchors , rich in colors, details and nuances. Among the most beautiful we find tattoos with still navy and rudder, but also with mosaic effect, still stylized and even of tribal inspiration, a very unusual choice. It can be a tattoo that is still small or it can get to surround the arm like a bracelet.

colorful tattoo still arm

tattoos still arm


As we said, tattooing an anchor on the side is a choice that can be of interest to the most reserved people, who do not like to constantly show their tattoo. In the following images you can see some beautiful examples of tattoos with anchor, both great that little ones , really impressive.

tattoo still flank

tattoo ideas still flank


Even a nice tattoo on the foot is a good choice if you choose an anchor. It is indeed a type of design that goes well with rich styles as well as minimal ones, so even a small area like the foot can carry this kind of tattoo.

The tattoos still on the foot that we show you as inspiration are in some cases accompanied by written like ‘family’, family or ‘I refuse to sink’, which means ‘refusing to sink me’. Also in this case we can choose one old school colored mood or basic in black and white , as well as creating a beautiful 3D effect of an anklet with charms that falls gently on the foot like a real jewel!

tattoo still foot

pedi anchors tattoos


As mentioned previously, in the old school style the preponderant symbols are often approached. For this it is very common to find tattoos with anchors combined with compasses rudders hearts , flowers , symbols of infinity and much more. Below you can see the most beautiful ones to get ideas!


Whether it is a compass or a compass rose, choosing a tattoo like this makes you think of it freedom to be oneself and live their lives without forgetting their origins. Similarly to such a tattoo we can attribute the need to have fixed points in our life , like the anchor, but also the desire to discover unexplored places, thanks to the compass or the blowing of the wind.

still tattoo and compass rose wind


If the anchor is a symbol of stability is fidelity at the helm we can attribute a meaning of strength, of a driving element, of driving. It is in fact thanks to the rudder, and its captain, that an immense ship can sail the seas in the desired direction.

These two symbols are naturally linked by being part of the symbolism linked to the world of the sea and the sailors, as well as to the gods tattoo old school . Both the rudder and the anchor are also seen as two lucky symbols: perfect tattoos!

still tattoo and rudder

tattoo still and rudder


Who wants instead to attribute to the anchor tattoo a meaning more romantic or sentimental can instead choose to match the symbol of the trips at sea to a heart. The heart can be included in the silhouette of the anchor or decorate it, such as in the image where the rope wraps around the anchor creating a beautiful heart.

tattoo still with hearts

still tattoos and hearts ideas


Probably more than feminine taste that is not masculine, the tattoo still with flowers is a romantic and classy choice because ‘ refines ‘What is a typically masculine design, linked to the strong figures of the sailors.


For this kind of design certainly the rose they are the most chosen flowers to adorn the anchors, in any case nothing life to develop a tattoo with peonies, gerberas, daisies or any other heart you like or represent.

still and pink tattoo idea

tattoo ideas still and flowers


That of Infinity It is a beloved symbol, well known and very tattooed. Many choose to join it at anchor precisely to strengthen even more the meaning of one and the other.

Those who opt for this design often include the two symbols in each other creating a unique one design that has continuity , but it is possible to simply place them side by side or overlap them, perhaps playing with shades of color.

Tattoos ideas again and endlessly

endless tattoos and more


Each tattoo expresses a message. This message can be clear to everyone, like a motto ‘, A word or the phrase of a song, or more intimate, like the sentence of a book, the first name of a person we love or that of our pet.

The tattoo of an anchor expresses a deep and personal meaning and often accompanying it to a writing is a winning choice because it allows us to customize 100% what is a very nice design but very common and known.

tattoos still with writings

examples of tattoos still with writings


Despite his dismal nature , the skull always has a certain charm for those who love tattoos. This is why creating a tattoo of anchor with a skull reflects the tastes of those who love style more Gothic and rock’n’roll, but also those who are fans of pirates and their imaginary.

tattoo still swallow skull

tattoo still skulls

tattoos still with skulls

Have you found a design that you like? What is the style of tattoo still that you like best? Let us know your opinions and your impressions leaving us a comment!



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