Tarte Cosmetics: make up spring 2014

On the occasion of the launch of the spring 2014 collection, we introduce a brand that many already know, but others not yet, we are talking about Tarte Cosmetics .

Who discovers this brand made in the USA he falls in love with it! The difficulties concern its availability in Italy, for now you can buy it on some online sites that we reveal today, but rumors about its possible arrival from Sephora.


Tarte Cosmetics a highly performing American cosmetic brand. Born in ’99 from a girl like many, a beauty addict, Maureen Kelly , which never managed to get the right performance from cosmetic products found in perfumery has well thought of creating one of its own and that could be attentive especially to nature and animals .

Products Tarte they are in fact for the most part Cruelty Free is Vegan Friendly , and at the same time are characterized by very high pigmentation and hold . Another very important element for the company founder is the attention to the packaging , extremely accurate in detail, colorful and impressive.

Tarte Cosmetics: make up spring 2014

The spring collection, in addition to praising some of the must haves of Tarte with limited editions, introduces new products, like the palette Amazonian. Let’s discover the world together Tarte.


A palette to always keep in the bag, ideal for the make up of every day, entirely matte which includes 4 eye shadow in neutral tones and a blush light coral. Each color of this magnificent palette by Tarte is perfectly blendable with anti-aging agents, a typical element of the cosmetics, moisturizing and corrective cosmetics.
Among the eye shadows we find 6 nude nuances, from light beige to pinkish beige to burgundy, accompanied by a very intense brown and black (price 36 $).
Tarte Cosmetics: make up spring 2014


Vibrant and bright colors for a series of shades in the form of PENCIL , with a very special and sparkling design, enriched with infusions of vitamins, almond butter and mint, to moisturize the lips and have a full color (price 24 $):
Exposed, nude pink;
Fearless, coral pink;
Tipsy, fishing;
Blissful, intense coral;
True Love , red melon;
Flush, Red fruits;
Blushing Bride , plum pink;
Natural Beauty , cherry pink.
Tarte Cosmetics: make up spring 2014


For this Tarte collection renews the design and packaging of his blush best sellers, in stick easy to apply for a fresh and natural look, the nuances are 8 and we find them both sold individually or in the limited edition box (price $ 30):
Exposed, nude pink;
Tipsy, pink coral shimmer;
Fearless, bright coral pink;
Blissful, hot rose;
Blushing Bride , purple rose;
True Love , red watermelon;
Natural Beauty cherry pink;
Flush, cherry shimmer.
Tarte Cosmetics: make up spring 2014


The milestones of Tarte as regards i blush in stick are enclosed in a unique collectible box that includes 8, to have the full range of colors to wear at any time of the day with a simple gesture (price $ 150).
Tarte Cosmetics: make up spring 2014


Another top product of the brand founded by Maureen Kelly it’s the Maracuja oil , precious for the renewal of the skin, with anti-aging properties that illuminate the complexion, smooth it, control the excess of sebum and help to eliminate sunspots.

This famous oil of Tarte it is rich in vitamin C and essential acids that moisturize dry, sensitive and even with acne problems. For the spring 2014 the packaging of Maracuja oil is renewed and is presented in a fantastic decorated box perfect to use as jewelry, brush holder or pen holder (price $ 75).
Tarte Cosmetics: make up spring 2014


A truly original product is this new one primer in stick for the face, however, unlike other primers, is combined with correctors to have a combo that allows us to smooth the skin, eliminate color discoloration, cover imperfections and illuminate the skin, all in one product Tarte, available in 5 shades (price 34 $):
Tarte Cosmetics: make up spring 2014


For the more traditionalists, in the collection Tarte spring 2014 we also find 3 new nuances that add to the already wide range of brand powder blushes (price 26 $):
Flush, cold rose;
True Love , bright pink;
Fearless, coral pink.
Tarte Cosmetics: make up spring 2014

The collection, for our lucky American friends and is already on sale. To find out more you can visit the official website of Tarte Cosmetics .

Where to buy Tarte make up? For now you can find some products Tarte online, on Amazon , discovering vendors that ship to Italy, or from the English website rosesbeautystore . If you are looking for other brands that are difficult to find in Italy. Meanwhile, we trust in the arrival of Tarte in the Sephora perfumeries!

What do you think about Tarte Cosmetics? Are you curious about these makeups?

Tarte Cosmetics: make up spring 2014

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