Swarovski sunglasses: 2017 collection

Real diva glasses , round, square or butterfly frames. Swarovski has created a collection of sunglasses that mix style and quality, with certified lenses to protect against ultraviolet rays.

We show you the new sunglasses line signed by the Austrian jewelery brand!

Swarovski 2017 sunglasses
Swarovski Sunglasses


iconic the mounts proposals in the new Swarovski sunglasses collection, the emblematic mark of luxury jewelery. TO butterfly and black for a charm of a true femme fatale or in the tortoise version for the most sporty and style-conscious.

The lenses are monochrome or smoked to satisfy even the most demanding. The temples are embellished with crystals Swarovski and with contrasting and refined materials. These glasses are real jewels to wear.

Black Swarovski glasses
Black shiny black frontal sunglasses with smoked lenses with dègradè effect (cost € 159.00)
Black Swarovski sunglasses
Black Swarovski sunglasses
Swarovski Brown sunglasses
Havana sunglasses with brown lenses (price159,00 Euro)
Swarovski brown sunglasses
Swarovski Brown sunglasses


The aviator model is unmissable, true ever green of the world of optics, but super girly in the Swarovski version all played on purple nuance , with tortoise bars and golden details .

Feminine and fashionable with a touch vintage which makes them unique and inimitable. Perfect for any age group, from younger teenagers to mature women who do not want to give up their freshness and freshness.

Swarovski Aviator sunglasses
Purple front sunglasses and temples in rose gold metal, purple lilac lenses (cost199,00 Euro)
Swarovski Aviator glasses purple
Swarovski Aviator glasses purple


The Swarovski woman loves the class in all its forms and wants to wear only high quality items from the unique design . From this concept the 2017 sunglasses collection was developed.

Degraded lenses , crystal details and refined shapes. THE models proposed are more classics and suitable for any occasion that will be a real must have for sunny days.

Swarovski jewel sunglasses
Havana sunglasses with jeweled temples and brown dègradé lenses (cost 179.00 Euro)
Swarovski jewel sunglasses
Swarovski jewel sunglasses
Swarovski glasses with crystals
Black frontal sunglasses with smoked lenses with a dégradé effect (price 179.00 Euro)
glasses with Swarovski crystals
Swarovski glasses with crystals


Geometric patterns is squared in colors ranging from Navy blue , to brown, passing through the refined black will conquer your careful taste. Their characteristic will be the size: very large and like a real diva.

These Swarovski sunglasses are perfect to combine with a leather or shorts. sparkling and vamps can combine style and refinement.

Swarovski big sunglasses
Large sunglasses with smoked lenses with dègradé effect (cost € 149.00)
large Swarovski sunglasses
Swarovski big sunglasses
Swarovski dark lens sunglasses
Dark Blue sunglasses with shiny blue temples and lenses (price 199.00 Euro)
Dark Swarovski lenses
Swarovski sunglasses with dark lenses
Swarovski smoked lenses sunglasses
Black sunglasses, shiny black front and smoked opaque black temples (cost 149.00 Euro)
Swarovski smoky lenses sunglasses
Swarovski smoked lenses sunglasses


Black is the main color of this collection of sunglasses and with him they are precious Swarovski crystals which, wisely set on the sticks, give a light point to the glasses making it unique. These models will never go unnoticed in the streets of your city or aperitifs that friends.

You will wear small works of high jewelery that will guarantee you a shinier complexion and that will combine perfectly with your jewels and bags.

Swarovski Crystals sunglasses
Sunglasses with crystals (cost € 199.00)
Swarovski Round sunglasses
Round sunglasses
Swarovski sunglasses with white crystals
Sunglasses with white crystals (179.00 Euro)
Swarovski Sunglasses with white crystals
Swarovski Big black sunglasses
Swarovski sunglasses
Black front sunglasses and black shiny black lenses terminals (179.00 Euro)
sunglasses Swarovski
Swarovski squared sunglasses with micro crystals


The Swarovski 2017 sunglasses line is on sale in the brand’s boutiques and also on the official website www.swarowski.com .

We invite you to also discover the beautiful collection Swarovski jewelry !

What do you think of this line of glasses? Do you like sunglasses with crystals? Write us your opinions in the comments!


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