Swarovski Catalog spring summer 2018: Photo, Prices

There nature comes to life through the colors and creatures of spring. Swarovski crystals shine in contemporary revisitations of jewels of other times. Design evergreen like solitary is collier complete a collection under the banner of refinement and femininity.

So let’s find out together all the new arrivals Swarovski spring summer 2018!

Swarovski spring summer 2018
Swarovski spring summer 2018
Swarovski rings
Swarovski catalog 2018
Swarovski necklaces
New Swarovski collection


The new Swarovski Spring 2018 collection reinterprets the trend of the design inspired by nature . Sparkling flowers and butterflies enhanced by bright colors light up the Summer Glam style of Swarovski jewels.

Symbol of the transformative power of spring le butterflies of the Lilia line seem to come to life thanks to the delicate ones pink decorations is multicolour in Swarovski crystal.

Swarovski rings spring summer 2018
Rings Swarovski spring summer 2018
Swarovski jewelry
Swarovski Jewels
Swarovski necklaces with butterflies
Swarovski necklace
Swarovski jewels spring summer 2018
Swarovski jewels spring summer 2018
Swarovski spring summer jewelry
Swarovski necklaces 2018
Swarovski jewelry
Swarovski Italia, spring collection


The new editions of the Swarovski 2018 bracelet Crystaldust they express all the style glamorous of the spring! The new bangles are studded with Crystal Rocks blue or Violet . The end caps, plated in stainless steel, are embellished with crystals .

Rhodium plated Swarowski bracelet with charms in pavé refers to the charm of the bohemian style . While the rigid bracelet decorated with crystals in different shades of pink is made in a new patented technique. The crystals are set at 90-degree angles to create the illusion of chromatic variations .

The Swarovski Remix Collection line gives the possibility to create different looks with jewelry crystal customizable . Just combine different stands thanks to the magnetic closure Invisible. In pink gold or rhodium-plated steel, the 2018 proposals range from bright orange hues to floral patterns pavé .

Swarovski spring summer 2018 bracelets
Swarovski bracelet double bangle Crystaldust turquoise stainless steel (price € 89)
Swarovski bracelets spring summer 2018
Double Crystaldust Bangle purple stainless steel (89 €)
Swarovski bracelets summer 2018
Swarovski bracelets, bracelet Lucy Round multicolour plating rhodium (cost € 89)
Swarovski spring 2018 bracelets
Swarovski Remix Collection Orange multicolored gold plated bear (69 €)
Swarovski bracelets
Swarovski 2018 bracelets, Remix Collection Clover white gold pink plate (69 €)
Swarovski bracelet
Swarovski Remix Collection Sparkling Dance Flower white rhodium (price 69 €)
rigid Swarovski bracelets
Rose gold plated rose Luxury bracelet (129 €) and rose gold plated rose bracelet (79 €)


The Swarovski 2018 collection pays tribute to the colorful and ethereal charm of the butterflies . The set of rings in pink pavè and plated pink gold presents a romantic and feminine design. The three Swarovski rings can be worn overlapped, thanks to midi ring , or divided.

The Swarovski ring in the band shines and intrigues with the crystals in different shades of pink. In the model a castone rose gold plated is a symbol of timeless style.

Swarovski rings spring summer 2018
Swarovski rings, Luxury Domed model rose gold plated pink (cost € 149)
Swarovski rings set
Set of multicolored rings Lilia gold plated orsa (129 €)
Swarovski pink gold ring
Swarovski Stone Signet ring rose gold plated pink (129 €)
blue Swarovski ring
Stone Mini Blue rose gold plated ring (price 79 €)


The Swarovski summer 2018 collection is also inspired by the colors of nature ! Spring flowers e rainbows summer are represented in the earrings multicolour pendants . Their design combines a rose gold plating with Clear Crystal for a casual or elegant look.

Some Swarovski earrings, like the Latisha model, are customizable they can be worn with or without a Crystal Pearl jacket. The quatrefoil lucky charm is made with black crystals set with the new, exclusive Pointiage technique.

They return with great tendency hoop earrings . The tasteful model of the past is decorated with crystal pavé and rhodium-plated design.

Swarovski spring summer 2018 earrings
Rhodium plating multicolour lake earrings (99 €)
Swarovski earrings spring summer 2018
Mixed Black Latish Jackets Jackets Plating (cost € 89)
Swarovski earrings summer 2018
Attract earrings multicolour gold plating (99 €)
Swarovski earrings spring 2018
White rose gold plated earrings Latisha (79 €)
Swarovski multicolored earrings
Lilia earrings multicolored rose gold plated (price € 99)
Swarovski dangling earrings
Subtle earrings black plated rose gold (119 €)
Swarovski circle earrings
Rhodium plating white Stone hoop earrings (99 €)


Among the lobe earrings the most classic from the timeless line are definitely the diamond studs . Swarovski also offers one floral version from the thousand facets for an iridescent effect.

The butterflies , the main theme of the spring 2018 collection, are presented here in two versions. Totally chic and bon ton in rose gold and white crystals, or cheerful multicolour .

Swarovski lobe earrings
Attract Round earrings (49 €) and Sparkling Dance Flower earrings (cost € 69)
Swarovski earrings
Lilia multicolored rose gold plated earrings set (69 €)
Swarovski lobe earrings
Lilia Fig earrings white rose gold plated (49 €)


The Swarovski 2018 necklaces pay homage to the beautiful season with accumulations of natural motifs of butterflies but also with floral lines . An example is the “dancing crystal” whose design presents one sparkling stone floating inside a plated structure pink gold .

Among the Swarovski pendants stand the pendant in retro style in blue crystal pavè and the opening medallion ! The latter can be customized with a special image or a little treasure inside to make it unique.

The Attract Round necklace from design a solitary plated rhodium for a simple but classy style.

Swarovski necklaces spring summer 2018
Pink rose gold plated Locket pendant (price € 149)
Swarovski summer necklaces 2018
Swarovski Sparkling Dance Flower white gold rose gold plated necklace (99 €)
Swarovski spring 2018 necklaces
Stone Round pendant light blue plated rose gold (89 €)
Swarovski necklaces
Atract Round white rhodium plating necklace (cost € 59)
Swarovski necklaces spring summer 2018
Lilia small necklace white gold plated rose (79 €)


The rhodium design of the Swarovski Attract choker sparkles with a row of suspended crystals in the shape of a drop. The model lends itself to creating overlays adjusting the length thanks to the innovative closure.

The choker Latisha is inspired by the floral world. The design combines different plating metal with white and black crystals, set with the Pointiage® technique.

Pavè of butterflies multicolored and elements in Clear Crystal shaped kite accentuate the playfulness and joy of the hot season.

Swarovski summer necklaces 2018
Sparkling Dance Flower medium white rhodium plating necklace (149 €)
Swarovski choker
Attract white rhodium plating choker (99 €)
Swarovski necklaces
Latisha white gold plated pink choker (price 79 €)
Swarovski necklace with butterflies
Lilia large multicolored necklace rose gold plated (249 €)
Swarovski round neck
Rhody white Kite rhodium plating choker (119 €)


In full style 20s Swarovski long necklaces present details scattered along the length of the chain.

A first version with shamrocks with white and black crystals combines different metal plating. While the rose gold-plated model flaunts butterflies multicolour . From the pink of the central part we pass symmetrically to yellow, green and blue going up towards the closing.

long Swarovski necklaces
Mixed multicolored Latisha necklace mixed plating (cost € 179)
Swarovski long necklaces
Multicolored Lilia rose gold plated necklace (199 €)


The Swarovski watch from butterfly design wants to make us feel free and read! The silver white dial has a radial pattern, while the strap white in real skin It is decorated with embossing coconut .

Swarovski female watches are made impermeable up to 30 m and are Swiss Made .

The Stella clock with essential design and elegant It has a dark gray dial and is completed by a stainless steel case covered in shades pink gold . The chain bracelet it is extremely decorated with a sparkling clear crystal pavé.

Swarovski watches spring summer 2018
Swarovski woman watch, Stella model with silver tone white metal bracelet (price 299 €)
Swarovski watches
Swarovski watches, Stella model silver tone white leather strap (cost € 249)


The flagship brand of Swarovski International Holdings, the brand was born in 1895 from an idea of ​​the jeweler and glass cutter Daniel Swarovski . The Austrian company operates in the luxury jewelery sector and specializes in the production of crystal products, formulated with a special composition of glass and lead. To present the Swarovski 2018 collection, the face of super models Karlie Kloss and Alessandra Ambrosio, Angels of Victoria’s Secret, has been chosen. Currently the catalog of the Austrian brand offers watches, jewelry, special edition decorations, sunglasses, pens, covers for smart phones and accessories.


The new Swarovski Spring Summer 2018 jewelry collection is already available on the official website www.swarovski.com and in single-brand boutiques in Italy and abroad. In addition to the collections of Swarovski woman jewelry, it also produces men’s jewelry collections, accessories, gifts, candle holders, vases, home decorations and many items that can be used as home gift ideas. Finally, to find excellent opportunities, we recommend you visit the many Swarosvki outlets.

What do you think of the Swarovski 2018 jewelery collection? What creations have you already won? Let us know by leaving a comment!


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