Swarovski autumn winter 2017: entire collection

Swarovski has always made brilliance its raison d’etre and today, with the brand new campaign Be Brillant , The brand is more and more determined to do sparkle women all over the world.

Bracelets, necklaces, earrings and Swarovski rings with new designs will allow us to embellish any fashion outfit during the cold season. Let’s find out all the bright ones Swarovski news autumn winter 2017!


The new collection of jewelry Swarovski for the coming winter is based on simple and clean lines where the crystals are the undisputed protagonists. The swan , symbol of the brand, is declined on necklaces and bracelets and covered with pavé with diamonds in the essential colors black and white. The pavé of brillants is also the protagonist of the fantastic Ginger collection which presents round pendants or a drop , with elegant plating in pink gold and sophisticated games with a layered look.

The catalog of new proposals completes the sparkling clocks and the line of necklaces with i Zodiac signs , suitable for women and girls of all ages.

Swarovski autumn winter 2017 2018
Swarovski A / W 2017 2018
Swarovski swan necklace
Swarovski, Facet Swan black necklace with mixed plating (119 euros)


Among the new Swarovski bracelets the rigid model and decorations in the shape of a swan in pavé of diamonds, as well as a series of elegant bracelets, on the false line of the tennis model , rhodium plated. These bracelets are soft and have pendants with essential shapes like the moon , to star , to heart or a quatrefoil , with a brilliant in the center to capture all possible reflections. You can also combine with Swarovski rings with the same design that are already in the permanent line.

Swarovski swan bracelet
Swarovski bracelets, rigid model facet Swan black with mixed plating (149 euro)
Swarovski bracelet
Delicate and bright blue Subtle bracelet (69 euros)
Four-leaf clover Swarovski bracelet
Subtle Clover white bracelet with rhodium plating and four-leaf clover decoration (79 euro)
Swarovski moon bracelet
Subtle Moon white bracelet with rhodium plating and crescent decoration (79 euro)
Swarovski heart bracelet
White Subtle Heart bracelet with rhodium plating and heart-shaped decoration (79 euros)
Swarovski star bracelet
Subtle Star white bracelet with rhodium plating and star decoration (79 euro)


The new ones watches they are suitable to give an extra touch to a casual outift or to complete a luxurious evening look. The clock face is enriched with 2,000 crystals in the rose gold tone, which together with the gold plated crown give the maximum sparkle.

The strap in real leather complete the exclusive design and is available in black and white. You can see them in the photos of the Swarovski catalog fall winter 2017 2018 that we propose below.

Swarovski watches
Karlie Kloss, new Swarovski brand ambassador
New Swarovski watches collection
Swarovski crystalline Hours watches black and white with crocodile print strap (329 euro)


The Ginger collection is characterized by the essential design , easy to wear and created to instill instant style for any outfit. The elegant Swarovski pendants are proposed in round shape or a drop , also in the original variant layered with two pendants.

For those who love them jewelery set Swarovski also made the matching bracelets, earrings and Swarovski rings.

Swarovski winter 2018
Ginger, the new Swarovski winter 2018 collection
Swarovski rose gold necklace
Ginger small necklace in white rose gold plated with drop-shaped pendant (59 euro)
Swarovski drop necklace
Small Swarovski necklace in rose gold-plated gray with teardrop silhouette (cost 59 euros)
Chain with Swarovski pendant
Ginger gray rose gold plated pendant (59 euros)
Swarovski pendant
Ginger white chain with pendant (59 euro)
Swarovski gold necklace
Ginger blue gold plated double layered pendant (price € 99)
Swarovski layered necklace
Ginger laminated pendant in gray rose gold plated (99 euro)
Swarovski A / W 2017 2018 Necklace
Ginger layered pendant in white with round decorated in crystal pavé (99 euro)
Swarovski hard bracelet
Blue Ginger rigid bracelet with chain (79 euro)
Pink gold Swarovski bracelet
Ginger white rigid bracelet with superimposed effect (79 euros)
Swarovski jewelery set for A / W 2017 2018 collection
Swarovski catalog, Pure Crystalline Set for a layered style (399 euros)


Look how beautiful the design of these Swarowski earrings is. It is about very long hanging earrings they slip on and drop a chain behind the lobe and in front of it the pendant studded with Swarowski crystals hangs from it. The drip version which leads to the lobe.

Swarovski earrings
Swarovski earrings Ginger gray, blue and white with crystal pavé disc (69 euro)
Swarovski lobe earrings
Swarovski Stud Earrings Ginger gray rose gold plated with teardrop silhouette (49 euros)


A novelty not to be missed? This trio of Swarovski rings ! They are rose gold plated and have very minimal but sophisticated shapes at the same time.

Swarovski rings
White gold plated rose ginger rings set (119 euro)

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