Sundek Men’s Costumes 2018: Photos and Prices

In the context of beachwear , and even before surfing, Sundek is a historic company. As for the rest iconic They are his shorts With the’ rainbow rear became the symbol of the brand. New models in new colors e prints they are proposed next to the classic variants next to each other.

Let’s take a look at the new proposals Sundek men’s costumes 2018!

Sundek men's costumes 2018
Sundek men’s costumes 2018 (cost € 89)
Sundek men's costumes 2018
Sundek men’s costumes 2018 (€ 89)
Sundek Men's swimwear 2018
Sundek men’s costumes 2018
Sundek Men's costumes
Sundek sea boxer (price 89 euros)
Sundek 2018 sea boxer
Sundek men’s swimwear (€ 89)
Sundek man costume with flowers
Sundek man costume with flowers
Sundek men's costumes 2018
Sundek men’s costumes 2018 (99 €)


The iconic rainbow is the distinctive and timeless sign of the Sundek beachwear brand. Entire generations of surfer and not only have they let themselves be conquered by the now world-famous brand. The Sundek 2018 men’s costumes range from shorts sea ​​and broadshort up to the briefs, passing through the parigamba.

Medium or long boardshorts are made of nylon with network internal. The double layer and the triple stitching guarantee the resistance of the garment. Design a low life it is completed by the contrasting rear rainbow and the pocket with Sundek logo patch applied.

The Sundek men’s collection also includes the capsules signed Sundek x Diadora . In the latter the rainbow posterior and the Diadora frontal mark stand out on vitamin colors.

sundek man costumes 2018
Medium-waist short sea trousers (price € 89)
mannequin costumes sundek man 2018
Medium-waist short sea trousers (€ 89)
boxer sea sundek man 2018
Sea short with a fixed waist (89 €)
man striped suits sundek man 2018
Mid waist elasticated shorts (cost € 95)
sundek man costumes 2018
Medium-waist elasticated sea cloth (89 €)
sundek men's costumes 2018
Mid waist elasticated shorts (89 €)


The Sundek sea boxers are all ad quick drying . Life is closed with drawstring adjustable or elasticated . Moreover the technicality and the professionalism of the realization do not take anything away from the style fashionist of the brand!

In fact the costumes are declined in solid colors and many trendy fantasies! Prints a lines and geometric designs alternate with palms multicolored, pattern camouflage and Hawaiian themed prints with islands and hibiscus flowers !

The 2018 sea shorts also pay tribute to Seth Castell . The famous American photographer is the author of the book Underwater Dogs, one of the best known and acclaimed photographic collections in the world and crowned bestseller by the New York Times!

sundek boxer sea 2018
Mid waist elasticated shorts (price € 89)
sundek costumes 2018
Mid waist elasticated shorts (89 €)
sundek costumes 2018
Sea short with elasticated waist (89 €)
Sundek man 2018
Short sea trousers with elasticated waist (cost € 89)
sundek man costumes
Sea long trousers with elasticated waist (95 €)
sundek man costumes 2018
Long sea trousers with button (89 €)
sundek man costumes 2018
Short sea trousers with semi-elasticated waist (price € 64)

style trunks

The fitted men’s costumes are made of lycra with the inner side lined. There life elastic has an internal drawstring adjustable .

The tight shorts are declined in various nuance, to which the different tonal combinations of the tricolor rainbow are combined. The logo Sundek in rubber it’s sewn on the back.

boxer sundek summer 2018
Lycra sea boxer (42 €)
parigamba sundek summer 2018
Lycra sea boxer (cost € 42)
sundek summer 2018 costumes
Lycra sea boxer (42 €)
man's summer costumes 2018
Lycra sea boxer (42 €)


In the Sundek sea briefs the rear rainbow is replaced by side bands in three contrasting colors. The plain-colored basil models without applications are instead adorned by the written Sundek a polka dot or in nuance a contrast on the back.

All Sundek men’s briefs are then completed by the Sundek logo, also in the maxi version, which is printed on the back or on the front.

men's briefs sundek summer 2018
Lycra briefs with writing (price 36 €)
sundek men's slip 2018
High waist lycra briefs (39 €)
sundek men's slip 2018
Lycra briefs with writing (cost € 39)
sundek men's briefs summer 2018
Sea slip with logo (39 €)
sundek men's slip 2018
Lycra camouflage briefs (36 €)


Sundek was founded by a Californian swimwear company in 1958 and is represented and symbolized by the historic rainbow. The brand in the 60s created the first shorts for the surf world using nylon instead of cotton. In this way a greater resistance and an easy drying was guaranteed. The entrepreneur from Prato Luciano Pacini in 1979 established Kickoff to produce and distribute the Californian brand in Italy. In those years the rainbow model was born with the rainbow on the back. In the mid-nineties Pacini obtained from the American parent company not only the commercial management of the brand in Italy, but also in the rest of Europe. Over the years the proposal of the house is enriched with new models including the shorts decorated with hibiscus flowers, but also the collections for women, children and sportswear.


You can buy the new Sundek men’s costume collection 2018 in all the physical stores located both nationally and globally. The online store is also present

What do you think of the Sundek men’s summer 2018 collection? Which models would you give to your He? Let us know by leaving a comment!


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