Summer smalti 2013: summer trends

What are the enamel trends for summer 2013?

Summer has finally exploded and we have decided to offer you one selection of the most popular nail polishes and the trendiest trend nails to highlight the hands that with the bbronzatura they are becoming ever more beautiful.

What are you fans of nail polish, gel, glitter, 3D effect, in this glimpse of summer 2013 enamels you will surely find some valid and super colored proposals to have cheerful manicure to show off on holiday!


The glittery glazes they are a must-have for the summer trends: they are fun, modern and give a young look to the manicure. Compared to the proposals of the past few years, the 2013 summer glitter glazes are very opaque and intense as those signed Collistar of the collection Bronze Look , which give a truly extraordinary jewel effect.

summer 2013 enamels

They are ultra shimmer and glittered even the 2 glazes came out with the make up collection Mac Temperature Rising , in 2 wonderful colors: Scorching Haute , magenta and Tropical , bronze.

Mac temperatures rising

On the same style, but with real glitter to be applied on a thin base of enamel, i Pupa Crazy Crystals Nail Art Kit that ensure one glitter effect in fluorescent colors that capture the eye. Perfect for summer parties at the disco, at the beach or on the beach. summer 2013 enamels summer 2013 enamels summer 2013 enamels


Among the summer trends in manicure and nail art, texturized and rough enamels stand out. The effect recalls the sand of the sea , but also it sugar . They have an effect opaque but bright with small tone-on-tone or contrasting grains. How to apply sand-effect glazes? It is important not to apply a base or even a top coat, and with a pair of hands of these glazes the 3D effect is assured! The fashion for this type of nail polish summer 2013 was launched by OPI with the very famous Liquid Sand , the collection of Mariah Carey and from the brand Nails Inc who had even presented the Concrete manicure collection at the beginning of the year, anticipating an emerging trend.

Mariah Carey Liquid Sand

Liquid Sand

An alternative is i Pixie Dust Zoya , called their very chic “sugar-based” glaze effect! zoya pixie dust

Instead the glazes with this finish more popular among the summer proposals low cost they are the ones signed Kiko , from the collection Sugar Mat . summer 2013 enamels


Among the 2013 trendy glazes we find the glazes and feathers effect , a truly unprecedented texure for the summer. These glazes have a semi-transparent base and are enriched with very small straws that resemble feathers colors of the rainbow. To obtain a super intense effect you can apply a base of your favorite nail polish and then two of the feather effect. The most particular for this season? Those of the collection Glaze the Horizon by China Glaze: really magnificent! summer 2013 enamels summer 2013 enamels


You got it right, let’s talk nail jewelry! I’m really the emerging fashion in the field of manicure and nail polish summer 2013! Real accessories that resemble fake nails in gold or silver that apply to “nude” nails for a super glamor effect!

The most famous and talked about are of the English brand Bohem , and turn every look into a triumph of elegance. Sold in packs of two, i nail jewelry Bohem is worn on one or both rings, they are easy to apply thanks to the supplied glue sheets and of course they are reusable: really beautiful for party evenings by the sea!

summer 2013 enamels

summer 2013 enamels

Always with this effect in demand are also the i Nails Inc feathers with with feathers for a 3D look.

Nails inc effect feathers


Numerous cosmetic companies presented collections of enamels with a gel or glossy effect . They are glazes that have the advantages of semi-constants or gels in terms of strength and lucidity but that do not require the UV lamp to be applied. They are spread on the nails like classic glazes, but they are more dense and create a volume effect on the nail. Perfect for those with fragile nails! Among the most requested summer proposals and now loved by millions of nail addicts there are the Pupa nail polish Lasting Color Gel and the glazes Gloss effect Gel of Collistar .

Pupa Lasting Color Gel


The color that most represents summer 2013, together with coral and to the classic and always magnificent fuchsia , is blue, teal and green , nuances that recall the sea, the symbol of every summer. Chanel obviously he dictated his guidelines for shades must have of the hot season with 647 Lilis , 657 Azur is 667 Bel-Argus proposed in the Ete Pavillon 2013, 2 are metallizati – shimmer, the other is without pearlescence.

Chanel glazes summer 2013

If we do not want to limit ourselves to just the three colors proposed by the French fashion house, we find the most fashionable nuances within the Naughty Nautical summer collection of Essie , which offers blue, turquoise and dreamy green! summer 2013 enamels summer 2013 enamels summer 2013 enamels We hope that our foray into the world of summer trends can help you, and of course tell us about your favorite summer 2013 glazes for this sunny season, holidays and fun ! 😉

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