Summer make-up tutorial with Pupa Hot Tropics

Hot Tropics pupa tutorial One of the most beautiful collections of this summer is without a doubt the Hot Tropics of Pupa , rich in bright colors perfect for summer make up.

We create this together with the products of this collection tutorial makeup that has the main color of gold, matched with an opaque black to give intensity to the eye.

The lips are highlighted without being too heavy, bare with a touch of gold gloss Pupa .

The products used for this make up summer tutorials I’m:
– eyeshadow Hot Tropics Diamond Eyeshadow in color 04 Tropical Temptation Metallic Gold of Pupa ;
– opaque black eyeshadow;
– pencil Hot Tropics Automatic Liner Metallic Gold of Pupa ;
– eye primer;
– black mascara;
– purple face primer Pupa Professional base Pre-trick;
– eyeliner and shade brush;
– white pencil;
– lipstick / pencil with naked lips;
– gloss Hot Tropics Waterfall Gloss in Hawaiian Sunshine Pearly color of Pupa . Hot Tropics pupa tutorial

Pupa hot tropics eyeshadow gold

To start with the tutorial for the make up summer we spread the primer over the whole face; after we apply a primer on the eyes. Hot Tropics pupa tutorial

With the eyeliner brush and the opaque black eyeshadow we draw a small line on the crease of the eye.
Hot Tropics pupa tutorial

With the gold pencil Pupa let’s color the whole mobile eyelid, which we will then fix with the eye shadow of the same color.
Hot Tropics pupa tutorial

We apply the Diamond eyeshadow in the color 04 of Pupa where we put the pencil.
Hot Tropics pupa tutorial

Let’s fade the black eyeshadow inwards to give depth to the look.
Hot Tropics pupa tutorial

With the gold eyeshadow, we fade the upper part of the black.
Hot Tropics pupa tutorial

We draw a line of black pencil, black eyeshadow or black eye liner at the lash line, both upper and lower.
Hot Tropics pupa tutorial

We have two abundant passes of mascara .
Hot Tropics pupa tutorial

For the lips, after passing a burrocacao, we draw an outer outline with a white pencil to give volume and illuminate the outside area and make the outline more defined. We blend the white pencil well and apply a nude lipstick. Hot Tropics pupa tutorial
With the gold gloss of Pupa we illuminate the central part of the lips.
Hot Tropics pupa tutorial

Hot Tropics pupa tutorial
Pupa’s bright gold eyeshadow is perfect for enhancing your look, it’s great on tanned skin and you can show it off on evenings and summer parties!

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