Stradivarius Casa 2018: cups, lights, decorations (Catalog)

Fashion knows no bounds the known well knows brand Spanish low cost which has created the line for fashion lovers in the home Stradivarius Lifestyle .

If you want to give an extra touch to your room or renew the style of your flat do not miss the new Stradivarius collection for the house!


Frames, lamps and cushions will donate personality at every corner of the home . Wood and metal are perfect for combining the practicality of materials with a typical design of the industrial style , everything is always in key ultra-feminine !

For those who want to be glam even in office , the Stradivarius home collection also furnishes the desk with notepad, pen holder and bookmarks. We see all the products with photos and prices.


There home it’s ours corner of paradise in which we preserve the most cherished memories. How to give up therefore to frames and wooden photo frame that give value to our most beautiful moments with one shabby chic style .

Even the desk covered with paperwork will buy one touch glamor and chic with the penholder in metal and with the industrial style of the wall metal bulletin boards .

Stradivarius photo frame 2018
Photo holder Valentine’s Day (price € 9.99)
Stradivarius photo frame
Picture frame for dots (€ 9.99)
Stradivarius photo frame
Minimal photo frame (cost € 12.99)
Stradivarius frame
3 poster frame (price € 9.99)
Stradivarius house 2018
Metal wall panel (€ 12.99)
Stradivarius framework
Metallic panel with wide stripes (€ 15.99)
Stradivarius metallic framework
Metal framework without margin (cost € 12.99)
Stradivarius photo frame
Metallic round photo frame (€ 12.99)
stradivarius pen holder
Grid pen holder (price € 7.99)
stradivarius tray
Metal tray (€ 15.99)


The sofas are the central point of the living room, but sometimes they are not enough to make the cozy atmosphere . An extra touch is needed and must be the right one! THE cushions with prints of the Stradivarius house catalog are for us. Written, polka dots is Cheerleaders they also make the most traditional living room modern.

Style can not be sacrificed to comfort even when traveling. The Spanish brand has created the pillow for the neck and the polka dot mask to be chic and super feminine even after many hours of flight.

stradivarius travel set for sleeping
Travel set pillow for the neck and polka dot mask (€ 15.99)
stradivarius pillow pillow
Double pillow pillowcase (cost € 12.99)
stradivarius pillow pillow with pompom
Pompom pillow case (€ 15.99)
stradivarius pillow case
Good face pillow case double face good night (€ 12.99)


The luminous writings of the Stradivarius home catalog light up every room giving an exclusive touch and giving each room personality.

The decorative letters in 3D offer the opportunity to furnish your home following the trends of the moment. The wooden writing is perfect if you prefer it vintage style and shabby chic .

If you want to make the rooms cozy and intimate, how to do without the lamps shaped cactus or pineapple that reflect the trends of the last season?

stradivarius home
Luminous box of letters (€ 19.99)
stradivarius home
Small lights box (cost € 17.99)
stradivarius decor
Box of lights with letters (€ 17.99)
stradivarius lamp
Lamp in the shape of a cactus (price € 15.99)
stradivarius lamp
Lamp in the shape of ananas (€ 15.99)
Large wooden smile (€ 12.99)
stradivarius sign
Happy small word sign (price € 7.99)
stradivarius sign
Cactus sign (€ 12.99)


Do we want to make our office more sparkling or make our favorite book unique? Bookmarks checked, magnets color block, notepad with cherries are perfect stationery items to make the work environment colorful and cheerful.

If the Scotch, the polka dots or the crocodile prints are the must have of our clothing, the accessories can not be outdone! The pencil cases of the Spanish brand with our favorite prints will make us feel stylish even when we take notes.

To plan our commitments, the inevitable appointments or important evenings, the Stradivarius agendas they are indispensable. Striped diagonal or with glitter we will always be with them in our purse glam and chic .

Stradivarius house 2018
Squared and polka dot magnetic bookmarks (cost € 4.99)
Stradivarius calamite
Color block magnet (4,99 €)
Stradivarius heart clip
Heart clip (€ 4.99)
Stradivarius notepad
Cherry notepad (price € 5.99)
Stradivarius lifestyle
Miniplanner with diagonal lines (€ 4.99)
Stradivarius agenda
Planning glitter (price 12,99 €)
Stradivarius pencil case
Engraved case (€ 7.99)
Stradivarius pencil case
Polka dot canvas case (7.99 euros)
Stradivarius pencil case
Case crocodile type (€ 7.99)


To keep our jewels tidy and safe, the Stradivarius house catalog presents us with a round box set. The pink flesh box , this season’s trendy color, is super feminine suitable for style lovers romantic .

The most fashionable will not miss the jewelry boxes diamond you hate cactus , for an industrial style but female thanks to the rounded and rounded shapes.

stradivarius round jewelry box
Round jewelery box (€ 9.99)
stradivarius jewelry box
3T jewelery box (price € 12.99)
stradivarius mirror
Jewelry mirror (cost € 12.99)
stradivarius jewelry box
Cactus jewelry box (€ 12.99)
stradivarius jewelry box home
Diamond jewelery box (12.99 euros)


How to start the day well or make the coffee break happy? The cups Stradivarius with motivational phrases they will make us face the daily commitments with the right charge.

If we can not give up caffeine even when we are away from home, the travel mug of Stradivius Home will accompany us around the city.

stradivarius mug
Travel mug cat (€ 15.99)
stradivarius cup
Optimistic cup (cost € 9.99)


There Stradivarius Casa collection It is available in the Stradivarius online shop in this page . If you prefer shopping in stores you will find the products in the many single-brand stores present throughout Italy and in the shopping centers of major Italian cities such as Rome, Bologna and Milan.

What do you think of the new Stradivarius home catalog? Which gift idea do you like best? Please let us know in the comments?

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