Stradivarius 2017 home collection: all new products

The style part of the house and the objects you choose to decorate yours rooms they tell a lot about you.

If you are at the fashion and lovers of new trends, you can not miss the new Lifestyle Stradivarius Casa collection!


Dishes, candles, paintings : Stradivarius thinks of the whole house. Perfect objects to satisfy the taste chubby chic between golden details and polka dot . A super home collection girly , glam items to give as gifts and treat yourself. To keep the style always with you, even in private life.


You are lovers of the confectionery ? Then you will fall in love with the Stradivarius kitchen line. Decorated ceramic plates finely with golden polka dots , molds for ice shaped heart and even lunch boxes to always be fashionable at work or at school.

THE colors proposed are tenuous and pastel and subjects resume i trends of the moment as the beloved one pineapple .

Stradivarius dishes
Star and love ceramic plates (cost 4.95 Euro)
Stradivarius ice mold
Heart ice tray (price € 5.95)
Stradivarius Pineapple saucer
Pineapple saucer (cost 7.95 Euro)
Stradivarius Lunch stand
Rice fiber lunch stand (price 12.95 Euro)


Low prices e unique graphics these are the two main characteristics of these cup. But there is no shortage of refined details and new materials like the wood . The motivational phrases will inspire your breakfasts based on tea and coffee breaks. Perfect both as crockery and as objects of furniture or containers.

Stradivarius set cups
Set 2 cups better together (price 12.95 Euro)
Stradivarius cup
Star cup (cost 7.95 Euro)
Stradivarius cup with cats
Cups with cats (price 7.95 Euro)
Stradivarius cup with gold hearts
Cup with gold hearts (cost 7.95 Euro)
Stradivarius cups
Mugs with lettering (price 7.95 Euro)
Stradivarius Mug
Dream mug (price 7.95 Euro)


To be green, you do not need it anymore green thumb and a lot of patience. Stradivarius decorates the house with small ones fake seedlings with vase, which will create a relaxed and super ecological environment. You can forget to give it water and just dust it to keep your little green corner at its best.

These vases, available in many colors, are beautiful both alone and with others to create a green area in the home.

Stradivarius Plant with flowers
Plant with flowers (price 9.95 Euro)
Stradivarius Fake plants
Fake plant (9.95 Euro)
Stradivarius vase of fake flowers
Vase of fake flowers (cost 9.95 Euro)
Stradivarius plants
Large plant (price 12.95 Euro)
Stradivarius two-colored vase
Two-colored vase (cost € 5.95)


You need motivation and inspiration in your days? Why not start with home decorations. Stradivarius has designed many poster is bright boards to hang up photo is phrases .

Of the little ones album of memories you can show your friends and make your home intimate and full of life. If you love traveling the truth must have is the map of the world where you can put photos or points to mark the places visited or that you will visit. It is obviously found in the new Stradivarius Home Catalog.

Stradivarius Magnetic whiteboard
Magnetic white board (price 17.95 Euro)
Stradivarius Photo frame
Magnet wall photo frame (cost 17.95 Euro)
Stradivarius photo frame
Love wall photo frame (price 15.95 Euro)
Stradivarius photo frame
Wall picture frame with clothespins (cost 15.95 Euro)
Motivational writing Stradivarius
Metal sign with the word ‘Dream’ (price 12.95 Euro)
Stradivarius framework
Mini ‘Love’ sign (cost 4.95 Euro)
Stradivarius bright picture
Light board (price 15.95 Euro)
Stradivarius poster
Poster card (cost 19.95 Euro)
Stradivarius paintings
Pack 3 signs (price € 5.95)
Stradivarius written Hello
Written ‘Hello’ (cost 7.95 Euro)
Stradivarius blackboard
Hexagonal whiteboard (price 17.95 Euro)
Stradivarius notepad
To do list with magnet (cost 4.95 Euro)
Stradivarius pineapple photo frame
Pineapple photo frame (price 7.95 Euro)


Hearts, letters and jars full of light bulbs decorate the room giving it one brightness new. Perfect le initials of the name or surname to be used as knick-knacks.

I do not miss them pillows with details and written in sequins to be placed on beds, sofas or armchairs. They are all part of the Stradivarius 2017 home collection.

Stradivarius heart with lights
Wooden heart with lights (price 15.95 Euro)
Stradivarius Wooden letter
Wooden letter L (cost 7.95 Euro)
Stradivarius Letters with lights
Letter M with lights (price 17.95 Euro)
Stradivarius Giara with lights
Jar with lights (cost 9.95 Euro)
Jar with Stradivarius lights
Jar with lights and hearts (price 12.95 Euro)
Stradivarius glitter pillow
Cushion cover with Love lettering in glitter (cost 9.95 Euro)


There Stradivarius Casa 2017 collection is on sale in the Stradivarius online store in this page . Obviously it is possible to buy these products also in Stradivarius points of sale.

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