Storybook Cosmetics: all products and where to buy

Storybook Cosmetics is an American brand of inspired cosmetics to fairy tales, to history and to magic .

Storybook Cosmetics products are very popular abroad but not everyone knows that the brand also ships to Italy !

In this article we show you a complete overview of the make up and wonderful ones makeup brushes Storybook Cosmetics and we reveal where you can buy.

Storybook Cosmetics

Storybook Cosmetics

Storybook Cosmetics

Storybook Cosmetics Makeup products


Storybook Cosmetics is an American brand born in October 2016 from the genius of the three sisters Erin, Mandy is Missy Maynard . Always passionate about objects dedicated to fairy tales , to mysticism and magic, the step to create one cosmetics line it too was unavoidable.

From the beginning Storybook Cosmetics has hit the mark becoming a viral brand. Indeed, the three sisters are in constant search for novelties among the most original to be proposed to lovers of the genre who want to combine make-up with some magic.

And even just observing the Storybook Cosmetics catalog , immediately jumps to the eye the uniqueness of each product : from eye shadow palettes, to eyeliner, to brushes.

Storybook Cosmetics

Erin, Mandy is Missy Maynard they transmitted theirs passion , imprinting it in every single product proposed. Approaching the brand, one immediately has the perception of being projected into one fable , in close contact with wizards and fairies, with elves and spells.

Among the most sought after products, they are certainly worthy of note i brushes , refined and sought-after, real collector’s items artwork . Now we offer you an overview of the most representative products that stand out for their originality!


Wizardry and Witchcraft Eyeshadow Palette proposed by Storybook Cosmetics immediately fascinates thanks to his packaging .

A finely decorated antique book that reminds of a fairy tale and which contains it inside 12 shades diversified by finish between opaque, pearly and metallic. There cruelty free formulation and ultra pigmented promises an easy shade of colors and a perfect adhesion thanks to impalpable textures and very soft.

Each eye shadow can be used both dry and wet for further saturation .

Wizardry and Witchcraft Eyeshadow Palette Storybook Cosmetics

The 12 shades contained in the space palette from neutrals to stronger colors but always sober and elegant. All can be mixed and combined to create original shades and very particular.

A versatile color range and particularly usable for every type of make-up both day and night.

Storybook Cosmetics Wizardry and Witchcraft Eyeshadow Palette

The 12 shades that compose it are:

  • Broomstick: brown rust (matte);
  • Sorcerer: ruby red (metallic);
  • Cloak: graphite gray (matte);
  • Potions: emerald green (metallic);
  • Prophecy: pearl white (pearly);
  • Salem: taupe (pearly);
  • Merlin: sapphire blue (metallic);
  • Bewitched: platinum champagne (metallic);
  • Cauldron: black coal (frost);
  • Spell Book: mahogany (pearly);
  • Charms: mother of pearl (matte);
  • Jinx: bright silver (metallic).

Storybook Cosmetics Wizardry and Witchcraft Eyeshadow Palette shades


The palette Storybook Cosmetics Charlie & The Chocolate Factory sees the collaboration of the brand with the Roald Dahl Literary Estate. A real one tribute to Dahl and the illustrations that characterize the book ” Charlie and the Chocolate Factory “.

Also in this case the packaging takes the form of a book, illustrated and finely decorated in gold leaf, which encloses within it 12 eye shadows and a large mirror.

All the powders smell of chocolate and for this palette a delicate and pastel color range has been chosen, which is reminiscent of sweets, chocolate and sweets. A very greedy limited edition not to be missed!

The 12 shades proposals in the Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Palette are characterized by diversified finish.

This certainly helps in the creation of refined make-up , sought after and original.

  • Charlie Bucket: pink marshmallow (frost);
  • Snozzberries: intense orange (matte);
  • Augustus Gloop: milk chocolate (matte);
  • Mike Teavee: milk and mint (matte);
  • Willy Wonka: burgundy (metallic);
  • Oompa Loompa: pastel orange (Matte);
  • Fizzy Lifting Drink: pastel gold (matte with glitter);
  • Veruca Salt: vanilla (Matte);
  • Everlasting Gobstopper: pink bubblegum (Matte);
  • Violet Beauregarde: purple berry ( matte with glitter );
  • Wonka Bar: dark chocolate (matte);
  • Golden Ticket: bright gold (metallic).


Quill & Ink Storybook Cosmetics it’s a gel eyeliner so beautiful to represent a collector’s item. The packaging it is indeed made up of an elegant one tin case decorated in gold.

The Storybook Cosmetics eyeliner design is very reminiscent of the classic fountain pen with inkwell , the same used by the old scribes who dedicated themselves to ancient texts.

Inside it contains an ampoule with the gel eyeliner , a feather-shaped brush and a tip to protect its tip. Style a little vintage takes us back a bit in time and let’s face it, it makes us dream!

Everything is taken care of in the smallest detail and made precious by gold details that make a simple cosmetic, a real collector’s item.

THE’ eyeliner in solid form It is contained in a sort of glass ampoule with a gold cap that recalls the ancient flasks of ink .

Her vegan and gluten free formula consists of a very high percentage of black pigments, which make the product extremely intense and opaque. The application is also simple thanks to the brush supplied by the thin tip and extremely precise, suitable for creating graphic and subtle lines.

In short, one of the most popular proposals of the brand.


In the catalog proposed by Storybook Comestics i do not miss them Liquid Lipstick . It is about vegan liquid lipsticks that promise a long lasting and optimal coverage.

There sliding texture dries quickly and not dry lips, keeping them perfectly opaque for a long time and without compromising comfort. Transparent packaging with finely silk-screened silver cap. A. Is included precision applicator which makes the distribution of the product optimal, ensuring homogeneity.

Adventure, fantasy, horror and a touch of romance characterize them 4 shades available :

  • Horror: dark crimson red;

Liquid Lipstick Storybook Cosmetics Horror

  • Fantasy: pearly lavender rose;

Liquid Lipstick Storybook Cosmetics Fantasy

  • Adventure: intense metallic gold;

Liquid Lipstick Storybook Cosmetics Adventure

  • Romance: ancient rose nude.

Liquid Lipstick Storybook Cosmetics Romance


Storybooks Cosmetics it stands out without a doubt for the originality of the proposed brush sets. Storybook Cosmetics Wizard Wands it’s a composed set from 5 eyes brushes in synthetic bristles .

All are made from an original shaped handle Magic wand made of a metal alloy. Contents in an original velvet envelope , also decorated, represent a fabulous gift idea and a collection set.

Make up the set in limited edition :

  • Flat thick liner brush: flat flat brush for eyeliner;
  • Tapered blending: gradient brush with cat’s tongue;
  • Flat long packing brush: flat eye brush;
  • Flat shader: wide gradient brush;
  • Blending brush: gradient brush.

The set is proposed in three color variations united by the same characteristics and equipment:

  • Gold Storybook Cosmetics Wizard Wands;

Gold Storybook Cosmetics Wizard Wands

  • Gun Metal Storybook Cosmetics Wizard Wands

Gun Metal Storybook Cosmetics Wizard Wands

  • Rose Gold Storybook Cosmetics Wizard Wands

Rose Gold Storybook Cosmetics Wizard Wands


Secret Garden Brush Set proposed by Storybook Cosmetics it is made up 5 face brushes made by hand and in synthetic bristles.

The particularity is contained in the handle, in transparent acrylic in which they are positioned real seasonal flowers . To make each Storybook Cosmetics brush extremely unique and original pink gold details , placed at the base like a seal and at the end.

All the brushes with transparent handle are contained in one green velvet envelope decorated in gold.

Secret Garden Brush Set Storybook Cosmetics

Make up the set, the following face brushes:

  • Foundation brush: brush for liquid and cream foundation;
  • Flat top contour brush: brush for contouring, for products in both powder and cream;
  • Tapered brush: perfect for highlighting both with powdered and creamy products;
  • Standard powder brush: universal powder brush;
  • Setting / blush brush: angled brush for blush.

Secret Garden Brush Set Storybook Cosmetics brushes


Bullseye Brush Set is characterized by 5 eye brushes focused on creating details.

Also very original in this case the design that sees the handle of each brush, made in the shape of an arrow in silver, gold and rose gold. The case made of leather and shaped is also interesting quiver with gold details .

It takes us back in time, into Middle Ages !

Bullseye Brush Set Storybook Cosmetics

THE 5 brushes contained in the set, all cruelty free I’m:

  • Precision concealer brush: precision concealer brush;
  • Small concealer brush: small concealer brush;
  • Blending brush: gradient brush;
  • Packing brush: squared precision brush;
  • Flat definer brush: wide brush for definition

Bullseye Brush Set Storybook Cosmetics brushes


Also the set What’s A Name Rose Brushes certainly stands out for its originality. Four face brushes in synthetic and cruelty free bristles which represent a wonderful bouquet of roses .

To remember them is certainly the handle that represents stem and foliage made in emerald green metal alloy .

Real jewels for our make-up!

What's A Rose Brushes Storybook Cosmetics

The brush set with the shape of red roses consists of:

  • Tapered highlighting brush: cuspid brush for highlighting;
  • Angled contour / blush brush: angled contouring brush
  • Flat top powder brush: flat brush from powders;
  • Powder brush: universal dust brush.

What's A Name Rose Brushes Storybook Cosmetics brushes


Between next exits provided by the brand for the Winter 2017 2018 , we announce the new one DragonFire Storybook Palette , inspired by the fantastic world of dragons both in packaging and in shades of eye shadows proposals.

Surely, it will amaze us, like all Storybook Cosmetics products!

DragonFire Storybook Palette

And how not to be attracted even by the new ones Storybook Dragon Lipstick from the wonderfully inlaid packaging like scales of dragons and enchanted reptiles!

Storybook Dragon Lipstick

Really wonderful in them pencil cases in silver, gold and rose gold. Both proposals are inspired by the famous TV series Games Of Thrones and their influences are perceived.

Curious as we are to know them the shades ?

Storybook Dragon Lipstick lipsticks


Where to buy StoryBook Cosmetics? All the products StoryBook Cosmetics you can buy it online online shop of the official website . There shipment It is carried out Also in Italy but coming from the USA is a customs risk even if traceable. The Shipping fees they vary depending on the destination: in our case they have a price of $ 11.65 . It is possible to carry out orders paying comfortably also with Paypal .

UPDATE: Alternatively, if you do not want to have customs problems or additional expenses, the best solution is to buy from this page of the website Beautybay ! It is a European website so there are no customs problems and finally resell the products StoryBook Cosmetics!

What do you think of this beauty brand? Do you like the products? We await your opinions!


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