Stickers and glitter for Nail Art

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Lesson 16: Stikers and glitter for Nail Art
Nail Art Materials first part In recent articles we have discovered the various tools to make Nail Art ( first part , second part , Part Three ), from today starts the illustrative part of the materials used for nail decoration.
The first ones we discover are the stickers and i glitter .

A small premise is a must: being a course of Nail Art , I will focus on materials that can be used on natural nails as well as on those reconstructed. In this first part we will know the stickers and i glitter .

The stikers they are real nail stickers, they stick as if they were figurines and are fixed with a layer of transparent top coat to prolong their life. They are found in different shapes and sizes, they can be small and represent butterflies, little flowers, hearts and so on. or they can cover the entire nail, as well as those of Essence that you see in the picture and you can know better reading here .
Nail Art Materials first part

There are also other brands that offer adhesive glazes, for example i Sephora Nail Patch or only you nail sticker by Marionnaud.

THE glitter are inevitable among the materials from Nail Art and UNDERGROUND PROTAGONISTS OF THE 2012 TREND UNGHIE, as they give a touch of great style even to a simple French. They are available on the market in different sizes, shapes and colors, they can be swarovski or plastic, but in any case they are certainly beautiful.

THE glitter apply with great simplicity, just put on the nail (in the point chosen for our glitter) a little ‘transparent glaze or a drop of nail glue (personally I prefer the transparent glaze), apply the glitter with the help of the dotter or with a stick pushes cuticles and then fix it with a coat of top coat.
Nail Art Materials first part

Discover also the sequins for Nail Art , le Microspheres for Nail Ar t , i Strip Lace and Decorations in plastic for Nail Art.

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