Someday, Justin Bieber’s perfume arrives in Italy

Douglas scent Justin Bieber Someday The new perfume of Justin Bieber Someday “Will arrive in Italy and will be presented in preview from May 2012 in all Douglas perfumery .

The new essence of international popstar is dedicated entirely to the millions of fans around the world and therefore is a feminine scent!

The Douglas perfumery welcomed with interest the opportunity to sell exclusively the new perfume of Justin Bieber in Italy, above all because the pop idol has decided to accompany the launch of its new fragrance with a charity project relying on “Give back brands” and donating the proceeds of sales to support some non-profit associations.

The new perfume of Justin Bieber Someday “Is a fragrance with a light, fresh and playful character, but at the same time sexy and provocative, enclosed in a modern and young bottle, just like the pop idol of international music.

The essence contains the scents fruit with floral tones like jasmine, combined with vanilla and musk.
Douglas scent Justin Bieber Someday
The Douglas perfumery they also decided to organize a competition at the launch of ” Someday “.

To enter the contest dedicated to the fans of the Canadian singer, musician and actor Justin Bieber just go to the Douglas perfumery closer, take a picture together with the silhouette of Justin and upload it to the site: specifying the point of sale.

The initiative will last for the entire month of June 2012. After that, during the month of July, on the perfumery site, it will be possible to vote for the photos and those preferred by the public will be able to win the popstar’s outlines. By will of Justin Bieber Unsolicited or unassigned awards will be donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Research Foundation for charity. A charity appearance to be appreciated.
Douglas scent Justin Bieber Someday
If you want to be always updated on the progress of the competition dedicated to the exit of the new perfume of Justin Bieber Someday you can also visit the Facebook page of Douglas.

The price of the perfume is around 35 dollars. The fragrance has broken every record of sales in the United States, who knows how it will go to Italy!

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