Smalti Nee Make Up winter 2012 2013

Nail Polishes Make up We present the collection of enamels created by the brand Nee Make Up for winter 2012 2013 composed of the fashion colors of this season , ranging from shades of octane green, to blue in cobalt nuances, to softer hues such as honey and caramel.

They could not miss them red nail polishes Nee Make up perfect for coloring our nails during the winter days and for the Christmas and New Year’s parties.

If you still do not know the Nee Make up nail polish you must know that they are very covering, from the first application. They have a right consistency, not too fluid and not too thick. The color is full already from the first pass and with the second it becomes perfect, luminous and intense.

But the big difference between the glazes Nee Make up and those of other brands is their remarkable resistance, they remain intact for 5/6 days without top coat.

Let’s see together the five shades that make up the winter collection of glazes Nee Make up :

Dark Blue Green n. 368, an enamel on the shades of green octane;

Nail Polishes Make up
Peacock blue n. 369, a beautiful deep blue;

Nail Polishes Make up
Black Ruby Red n. 372, a dark red decided;

Nail Polishes Make up
Nail Polish n. 361, a glamorous beige;

Nail Polishes Make up
Nail Polish n. 306, a lively red perfect for parties.

Nail Polishes Make up

The nail polishes Nee Make up can be found in online selling at the price of 9.80 euros.

Nail Polishes Make up

Which color do you like best?

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