Smalti Estrosa Seta: fall winter 2016 collection

The new Silk collection of Mood takes inspiration from the elegance and style of the 30s: a line of semi-permanent gel glazes with chic and refined nuances, ideal for autumn winter 2016.


For the 2016 season, Estrosa proposes four glazes in the 14 ml format: Cherry Lips, Orange Silk, Skins, is Soft Tulle . Unique and classy colors from the inimitable silk effect for bright and shiny nails. These are products that offer the quality of a professional brand combined with practicality of use which also allows less experienced people to make perfect manicure.

Estrosa semipermanent gel glazes are the ideal solution for those who want nails always treated. In fact they have the strength of a UV gel and last up to 3 weeks without getting tired .

Silk Smalti


In the Seta collection we find a variety of glamor colors suitable for all needs, for those who want to create a nude look or for those who adore colors on. We present the 4 glazes of the new collection that join the others 94 nuances which make up the range of semi-permanent Estrosa gels.

  • skin: nude pink glaze tending to beige, perfect for those who want a simple and well-groomed manicure. Also suitable for brides or for those who are beginners with the drafting of semi-permanent glazes.

Semi-permanent gel glazes Estrosa Pink silk

  • Soft tulle: soft lilac enamel, a very delicate color of great tendency for this season. A vintage shade that never goes out of fashion.

Semi-permanent gel glazes Estrosa Lilac silk

  • Cherry lips: cherry color, an intense and vibrant shade. This polish goes very well with all the autumn and winter outfits.

Red silky enamel

  • Orange silk: orange enamel that turns from brick to rust. A bright and lively color, the nails acquire personality and do not go unnoticed. Perfect for those who love being in the spotlight.

Extruded Enamel Orange silk


How to use? Semi-permanent gel glazes Estrosa apply in 3 simple steps. First of all, the Gel Estrosa base coat is applied, followed by the chosen Estrosa Seta enamel and then the Estrosa gel polishing top coat. At each step the polymerization is carried out in UV lamp for 180 seconds, or with a 40 Watt LED lamp for 20 seconds.

Estrosa guarantees an impeccable result determined by the formulation of the glazes and theirs textures soft and velvety that helps the drafting of the color. All semi-permanent gel glazes of the Estrosa Company are acid-free , without toluene, without formaldehyde, without dbp.

The high quality of the formulations, the continuous research and innovation process have led Estrosa to be one of the reference brands in the current panorama of Nail Art in Italy and the ideal ally for the beauty and care of the hands of every woman!


The glazes Semi-permanent gel Estrosa of the Silk collection they are already on sale at price of € 21.96 each on the online store and in all the brand’s retail stores. To find out about the Estrosa world, we invite you to visit the website where you can find the nearest store thanks to the convenient store locator.

What is the color of the Seta Estrosa collection that most intrigues you? Have you ever tried Estrosa nail polishes? Let us know everything by leaving a comment!


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