Small and feminine tattoos: 200 Photos and ideas to inspire

You are looking for new ideas for small tattoos? We present you the most beautiful feminine and unisex tattoos with lots of photos to satisfy all yours want to tattoo!


A moment to remember? A dream that comes true? A bad period that ends? Tattoos are this and much more, they are one indelible mark on the skin made with needle and ink that tells our story!

Tattoos have always been an integral part of the world of tribal peoples, and tradition continues in modern society.

Often those looking for images for a beautiful tattoo are discouraged because in most cases i tattoo are offered in large dimensions. This is why we have decided to offer you many examples of small tattoos with ideas and photos for him that for her , to allow you to find the minimal tattoo that’s 100% for you!

small tattoos


The small tattoos on the fingers are all the rage in this last period. To make sure they are absolutely perfect you need to turn to a professional who has extensive experience in the art of tattooing , and in particular in the creation of very small ones and in sensitive areas. In fact, the skin of the hands is very thin and the use of very small and precise needles , used with skill.

The tattoos on the fingers are very beautiful and significant, you know for example that many couples now choose not to exchange the ring during the marriage, but to seal their union just with a identical tattoo on the ring finger ? They also did it in the famous soap opera Beautiful, Steffy and Wyatt.

Tattoo on the finger

Tattoo inside the fingers

Small couple tattoo

Small fingers tattoos

Tattooed rings

Date tattooed on the fingers

Tattooed fingers

Small fingers tattoos

Hand tattoos

Stars tattooed on the fingers

On the fingers it is also possible tell a story , or a motto that represents us. Small tattoos with the inscription are very interesting believe ‘ what does it mean ‘believe’ , but also an inkwell and a feather can hide in itself a whole world.

Tattooed hands

Small tattoos fingers

Small tattoos

Tattoos little symbols

Tiny tattoos

Many people choose to stamp their skin forever significant small tattoos . A symbol that recalls a passion, like the violin key which represents love for music or bow and arrow with a heart-shaped tip, a clear reference to Cupid.

Small tattoos on the hands

Fingers with small tattoos

Symbols tattooed on the fingers

Rose tattooed on the hand

Small elegant tattoos

Feather tattooed on the finger

Between more original tattoos to do on the hands we also find skulls, aliens, moons, crowns, stars, writings, feathers, flowers, manga and souls.

Tattoo on the fingers

Moon tattooed on the finger

Symbols on the fingers


Between small tattoos for women one of the finest is the one on the wrist. Drawings from thin profiles , initials and symbols lucky charm to be kept under the eyes, in a delicate but pulsating point of our body. Here are some photos of minimal tattoos ideas coming from Instagram and the web for inspiration.

Tattooed book

Symbols tattooed on the wrist

Heart tattooed on the wrist

Small tattoos on the wrist

Written on the wrist

Tattoos on the wrist

Among the small wrist tattoo ideas we find other writings, but also flowers, hourglasses, shamrocks, mermaids, diamonds and feathers, all feminine and romantic symbols.

Mermaid tattooed on the wrist

Symbol tattoo on the wrist

star tattooed on the wrist

Tattooed wrists

Lightning tattooed on the wrist

Tattooed wrists

These are always small and discreet female tattoo on wrist , like the various astrological symbols, puzzles, mermaids, books, plants, but also the radio control keys and the recurrent themes of little birds flying free. They all are minimalist tattoos , little ones and minutes that are noticed only by those who pay attention to small details.

Bird tattoo on the wrist

Small wrist tattoos

Small puzzle tattoo

Wrists with small tattoos

Colored semicolon tattoo

Small tattooed plants

little tattooed mermaid

Small stylized tattoos

Camera tattoo on the wrist

Small wrist tattoos

Small tree tattoo

Symbols tattooed on the wrist

Fire tattoo on the wrist

Small tattoos

Little tattooed ghost

Flowers tattooed on the wrist

Dotted tattoo

Wrist tattoos

Initials tattooed on the wrist

Tattooed wrist

Globe tattooed on the wrist

Small wrist tattoos

Shells tattooed on the wrist

wrist with small tattoos


The tattoos on the arms are the most requested, because they are easy to hide and you do not notice much, if you prefer not to exhibit them. For hide tattoos just wear garments with long sleeves! Here are some ideas of tiny tattoos with sailboat, kitten, crown, rose and arrows.

tattooed arms

small tattoos on the arms

Small tattooed rose

Small arms tattoos

Tattooing small planets

Small forearm tatauggi


Even in this case, the small tattoos on shoulders, chest and neck, are particularly requested and loved. Among the most beautiful designs to draw inspiration from, we recommend the feathers, written and Japanese ideograms , which you can interpret at your leisure. They are among the female tattoos most loved.

Small shoulder tattoos

Small shoulder tatauggi

Small tattoos

Tiny tattoos


Also there Nape is a perfect place to get tattooed : this is a very sensual area that can be discovered or hidden mischievously depending on the moments and needs.

Here are some design ideas that you can tattoo, like gods colorful lollipops , a nice bunny, but also special symbols, like the logo of the most famous fashion house in the world, Chanel, but also hearts, elephants, a small flower and swallows. A small tattoo can easily be hidden if placed in areas that are not visible.

tattooed book on the neck

Neck tattoo

Small neck tattoos

Small tattoos on the neck

Neck with small tattoos

Tornado tattoo on the neck

Tattooed neck


Whether they are behind, inside or around the ear , the small tattoos in this area are really unusual and interesting! It is about Tiny tattoos , micro designs that must be made very well for their very small size. So here are ladybugs, kittens, dream catchers, cartoon and even a fox tattooed inside the ear!

tattoos ears

little tattoos ears

Tattoos little ears

Tattoos behind the ears


If you want tattoo yourself in the belly area , small tattoos will be the right solution for you. Here the skin often tends to relax and for this reason it is important to tattoo this area in discreet way , to avoid that the design literally goes to destroy itself with the passing of time, becoming a shapeless spot of color! Look in the picture how beautiful are the footprints of paws.

Small belly tattoos

Small belly tattoos

Small belly tattoo


The ankles are a point super sexy for small woman tattoos, because they emphasize the foot perfectly. The tattoos of this kind can wrap the ankles up to the feet, or they can be done in pairs, on both sides.

Ankle sea tattoo

Small ankle tattoo

Small ankle tattoo

Tattooed ankle

Small tattooed cross

Small foot tattoo

Small foot tattoo

Tattooed ankles

The ideas of drawing to be tattooed they are many, such as wings, masks of the small theater, but also written, imprints of small animals and pretty crowns.

Tattooed feet

Tattooed ankles

Ankle tattoo heart

Small tattoos

Tiny ankle tattoos

Small tattoo

Small tattoo

Small ankle tattoos

Sun and moon tattoo

Tattooed ankles

Small tattoos superheroes

Small ankle tattoos


Are animals your passion? There are many designs that we can tattoo on our body: seahorses, bears, unicorn, birds, small elephants, tigers, swallows, cats etc. The tattoo of animals can have a symbolic meaning , for example, the lion is synonymous with courage while the goddess of strength, or affective so it can be a memory dedicated to your pet.

Small tattooed elephants

Sea horse tattooed

Small birds tattoo

Seahorse tattoo

Small animal tattoo

Small tattooed animals

Little tattooed birds

Animal fingers tattoo

Elephant ankle tattoo

Small tattoos

Small phoenix tattoo

Small tattoos

Jellyfish tattoo

Tiny animal tattoos

Little tattooed bear

Small tattoos with animals

Side bird tattoo

Giraffe finger tattoo

Small tattooed animals


We all have a film and a book that we prefer, that tell a story touching for us, that communicate a message that has a unique meaning. Then let’s free the imagination and ask our tattoo artist to let us get on a time machine to relive the wonderful adventures of our cartoons childhood: Snow White, Winnie The Pooh, Aladdin, Dragon Ball, Beauty and the Beast . There are also imaginary characters from books like the Little Prince.

Little disney tattoos

Disney small tattoos

Tattoo Beauty and the Beast

Tattoos cartoons

Tattoo characters of books

Small tattoo

Have you found the small tattoo that’s right for you? We hope these ideas and photos for tattoo do it for you: it is very important to choose well drawing to be tattooed , because it will be forever! Do you want to make small tattoos or do you already have one? đŸ™‚


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