Sigma brushes: here is my review

Sigma brushes Who does not know the Sigma brushes ? This article by review is dedicated to you and all the beauty addicts who have not yet had the opportunity to try the magnificent brushes signed Sigma .

Today I want to introduce you to the Sigma Synthetic Essential Kit which includes 8 professional make-up brushes: 4 brushes are part of the Synthetic Kabuki Kit and 4 more of the Synthetic Precision Kit.

I’m brushes made of synthetic fibers that do not absorb the product and allow it to be applied with a high definition. They can be used for make-up powder, cream or liquids.

I do not exaggerate if I say that they are the best brushes I’ve ever used! They are high quality brushes designed in every detail to make a professional make up.

The Synthetic Kabuki Kit by Sigma includes four brushes:

F80 Flat Kabuki
It is a flat brush ideal for applying primers and liquid or cream foundations in the larger areas of the face such as foreheads, temples and cheeks. It allows to spread the product perfectly and homogeneously.

F82 Round Kabuki
This brush is useful for applying foundation in the rounded areas of the face such as around the eyes and nose, on the chin and on the contours of the face. The Kabuki F82 is also designed to apply mineral foundation.

F84 Angled Kabuki
This is a multifunctional brush, its angled shape makes it ideal for applying powdered or blush products in cream, It is also perfect for creating shadows and delineating the contours of the cheekbones and jaw.

F86 Tapered Kabuki
The last Sigma Kabuki brush with a tapered shape, is used to apply the products in the most difficult areas of the face or to apply primers, create light points or realize contouring. It is ideal for all formulas, in powder, cream or liquids.

Sigma brushes

The Sigma Synthetic Precision Kit also includes four brushes:

P80 Precision Flat
It is a flat brush, small and dense, it is ideal to hide stains, sun spots and imperfections.

P82 Precision Round
It has a rounded top and reproduces the shape of the fingertips. It has been studied to apply the eye base (primer) but it is also useful to create small nuances on the face.

P84 Precision Angled
It is the largest brush among those of the precision kit, has a angular shape and is used to realize contouring and create shadows on the sides of the nose and in the cavities of the cheek bones.

P86 Precision Tapered
It has a tapered and pointed shape that is ideal for applying the concealer under the eyes and on the imperfections on the face.

Sigma brushes

The difference between these brushes and all those I’ve tried until now (even high-level brands!) can be felt immediately, only by touch. The bristles have an unheard of softness, they are thick and their shape is perfect.

I tried to use them with different types of products (liquid and powder) and always facilitate the drafting, allow you to work on the details but also to simply lay out the foundation in larger areas. It is pleasant to use them because they give a beautiful sensation in contact with the face that it is difficult to explain if you do not try. I noticed that using i Sigma brushes not only is the makeup perfect, but it lasts longer, probably the way the product is applied makes the difference!

Sigma brushes

One of my favorites is the P86 that allows you to correct and cover small imperfections, such as pimples, with extreme precision, it is also useful to apply the concealer around the lips. Among the brushes of the kabuki kit, the F80 is inimitable, while the Angled Kabuki F84 is very versatile and I have used it for many different products. I used these Sigma brushes for more than two weeks and, it will seem incredible, but they have not lost a bristle!

I must admit that their price is not indifferent. The Synthetic Kabuki Kit it costs 56.00 pounds while the Synthetic Precision Kit it costs £ 49.00. I remind you that we are talking about brushes professional and in my opinion, rather than having many brushes of low quality, it is better to have a few but good!

Sigma brushes

You can buy them online directly on the Sigma website, in this one page find all the solutions. Buying the kit you save, because if purchased individually cost more (each brush of the Kabuki Kit costs $ 16.00 and the Precision Kit costs $ 14.00).

And what do you think? Leave us yours opinions ! 😉

First name Synthetic Kabuki Kit and Synthetic Precision Kit
Brand Sigma
Price Synthetic Kabuki Kit 56.00 $ and Synthetic Precision Kit 49.00 $
Advantages Excellent quality, precision, resistance
Disadvantages Not present
VOTES (scale from 1 to 10)
Quality 10
Price 9
Quality price 9.5
Effectiveness 10
Packaging 10
Overall rating 10

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