Si-curo Trebosi liquid glove

Si-Curo di Trebosi is a cosmetic foam that acts as a protective “liquid glove”, a very special novelty to protect our hands.

Si-Curo di Trebosi is a perfect product to be used by professionals in beauty institutes but also from us all during free time, for example when we travel on public transport or we are in external environments. It’s about a cosmetic foam which creates a complete barrier against the inference of physical agents, aggressive substances such as chemicals, acidic or alkaline solutions.

This product has been developed by Trebosi , famous brand in the field of nails that produces both classic enamels is everything you need to create gel and acrylic reconstructions of the highest quality, products loved by most expert nail tech and by the most demanding customers who want to show off nails with luminous, resistant and vibrant colors.

Sure it also has a persistent action against the aggression caused by the use of detergents, dyes, oils, varnishes, resins and fats, and also repairs from atmospheric agents such as cold and wind.


This is why the Si-curo Trebosi liquid glove proves to be a very suitable product also for use, as well as in the workplace, in public places as the supermarket, swimming pool or means of transport. The Si-Curo cosmetic foam from Trebosi acts like a real “liquid glove” guaranteeing one about four protection hours for both adults and for children , not containing toxic substances.

This product is characterized by a easy absorption noticeable after a few moments from the application and in addition it does not stain and does not grease.

The price of the SiCuro Trebosi cosmetic foam? 9.90 euros for a 200ml bottle. For more information on this particular Trebosi product and on the full range of products and accessories for the gel and acrylic nail reconstruction we invite you to visit the Trebosi official website .

What do you think of the Si-Curo Trebosi cosmetic foam , which protects hands from external agents? In our opinion it is a really brilliant idea: to try!

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