Shourouk for Sephora: jewel make up collection

Rhinestones, crystals, glitter, sequins, pendants … here are the protagonists of the new collection Shourouk For Sephora !

The famous chain of French perfumeries, in collaboration with the famous jewel designer Shourouk , gave birth to one make up line amazing! Jewelry halfway between baroque is vintage they create a mix of unexpected colors and contrasts transforming palette, eyeshadows and blush in real bijoux !


It can be one band, a bracelet, a necklace … could also become a belt to emphasize the waistline! This brooch it can be transformed into the accessory we prefer based on our needs. The feminine touch given by pink flashy ribbon It fits perfectly with i bright and bright colors of this multi-use bijou. Shourouk Sephora Magic Jewel will be available at the price of 34,90 Euro .

Shourouk For Sephora Shourouk jewelry For Sephora Shourouk jewelry


For one bright look here are the splendid nuances of the Sephora Shourouk Colorful Eyeshadow eye shadows . Brilliant colors, unique in their thousand facets reminiscent of i jewelry so loved by us women: diamonds, sapphires and amethysts! Shourouk for Sephora Colorful Eyeshadow are available for 11.90 euros in 5 shades:

Pink Sapphire;

eyeshadow sephora pink sapphire

Amesthyst Fairy; sephora eyeshadow Amesthyst Fairy

Blue Topaz; eyeshadow sephora blue topaz

Diamonds are forever; eyeshadow sephora diamonds are forever

Mystic Quartz. sephora eyeshadow Mystic Quartz


Impossible not to notice it! Brilliant Jewel & Brush it’s not just a powder brush , but a real collector’s item. The decorated handle turns a make up accessory into a jewel! Superb to take with you to touch up your make-up with style, but also perfect for displaying in the bathroom or on our vanity. Shourouk For Sephora Brilliant Jewel & Brush it is sold at the price of 79,90 € .

Shourouk Sephora brush Shourouk Sephora brush


In a make-up collection that celebrates the beauty of jewels they could not miss shiny glazes to combine with our makeup (and our precious rings)! Here is the i Color Hit Nail Polish Shourouk For Sephora for sale a € 4.90 in 4 different shades:

Amesthyst Fairy;

sephora enamel Amesthyst Fairy

Blue Topaz; enamel sephora blue topaz

Mystic Quartz; sephora enamel Mystic Quartz

Pink Sapphire. pink Sapphire sephora enamel


A super trendy trousers to put in your handbag to always have all the make up products that we need during the day at hand! Shourouk For Sephora Jewel Pouch it is sold at the cost of 17,90 €.

Shourouk For Sephora Jewel Pouch


An absolute novelty: a box that seems to contain a bracelet, instead it contains one palette of jewel eyeshadows . There Jewel Eyeshadow Palette it is a delight for the eyes, both to look at and to use! Jewel Eyeshadow Shourouk Palette For Sephora is on sale for 29,90 € .

Jewel Eyeshadow Sephora Palette sephora Jewel Eyeshadow Palette

sephora jewel eyeshadow palette


A casket full of colored pearls: it is the Jewel Blush Shourouk Sephora , nothing better to give color and light to cheeks ! Available to 14,90 €.

Jewel Blush Shourouk Sephora


Now we just have to wait for the debut of this wonderful makeup collection a end January 2015 ; the whole line will be available in all Sephora store It is on official site of the brand where you can buy it.

And what do you think of the Shourouk for Sephora makeup collection ? We can not wait to try it!

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