Short curly hairstyles for the summer

Curly hair cuts If your curls are very short, but no less rebellious, do not worry, you can go crazy with many new trendy and original proposals.

With i short curly hair In fact, it is easy to create more special and versatile cuts that give an urban and romantic effect at the same time. Also with i short hair we can dare the colors a little more excessive, without being vulgar or funny clowns!

Do not try to keep them in order at all costs, the wavy hair must be left free, even if sometimes a disheveled effect is created.

But let’s get to the heart and find out what they are short curly haircuts in fashion for the summer 2012 .

For a look that does not go unnoticed we can revolutionize our head with a haircut almost extreme, a small shave on one side and natural curls on the other, as Emma Marrone teaches, the effect is certainly stunning!

emma brown curly hair

But there are also many other super trendy solutions for the summer and the VIPs dictate fashion.
Curly hair cuts
Curly hair cuts
The hair of the 1920s is also back, sophisticated and chic, a classic for those who have short curly hair, but certainly the easiest and most practical to carry.

Curly hair cuts
Interesting novelty instead asymmetrical haircut on curly hair, with a longer tuft only on one side and scaled frangettina.

Curly hair cuts
Curly hair cuts
Which one of these short curly haircuts attracts you more? If you are looking for other ideas, discover ours hair section with the latest hairstyle fashions.

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