Shopping: 6 rules to get home happy!

According to statistics, one in two women love shopping . It is therefore the most popular activity and even those who say they do not like to do so, actually spend whole nights on Zalando, having their parcels delivered in a safe.


So they all go shopping, but who does it in the right way ? Because like any self-respecting discipline too going around for shops provides rules that, if followed to the letter, will take you to do not come home in tears on your crocodile wallet because you’ve spent too much and you’re not sure that that fuchsia sequin top is so in line with your style.


So now detached from Facebook, concentrate and study these rules as if they were for your survival! đŸ™‚


Open your wardrobe and look at what it contains. Focus your attention on those pants that you do not wear because you do not know what to match them, or on that blouse that would need a longuette.

In short, you have to to pin on the list all the garments that will allow you to exploit 100% those you already have. It would not make sense to come home with the eighteenth white damask jacket if you do not know what to wear it with. Usually the best time to do this shopping list is when you get ready to do the change of season of your wardrobe, because you review all the clothes you have one by one.

walk-in closet

make shopping list


Once the list is drawn up, you have to decide how much you can spend for the shopping session. Then make a calculation between your income (salary, pocket money of the mother, money of the rich boyfriend) and the fixed outputs.

Leave a fairly large margin that allows you not to eat only milk and cereals from here until the end of the month, because hunger makes you nervous, remember it. Now that you’ve determined how much you can spend, leave at home a debit card and a credit card . I know it does a lot I love shopping but it is the only way to respect your budget, otherwise you will not be able to resist that bag in leather that you are sure you will not find anymore if you do not seize the moment, so much with the credit card you are spending in the future.

shopping money


You should avoid the weekend because there are more people who live in shops, most of the sizes are crammed at the entrance of the dressing rooms waiting for someone to put them back and the line to try is longer than that to enter the Expo. But if you can not go to work during the week for work commitments then I recommend the opening hours , usually for at least an hour and a half you will have the store (shining and in order) almost everything for you.

The same is true for the evening hours , but remember to be respectful and cross the exit at least five minutes before closing time. Sales people have a life that goes beyond folding t-shirts and talking to the walkie talkie.

Other ideal days? When it rains, it snows or there is a strike of means. But besides the right day, you must think that your mood must also be. Depressed as Cecilia Rodriguez on the Isla Desnuda? Better stay at home and listen All by myself repetitively, because if you go to stores you will buy to fill the void you have inside and not that of your closet (which in truth no longer has a free corner!).



The password is comfort. He therefore wears clothes that are easy to slip off, do not have too many buttons and are not too tight. So avoid the turtlenecks that will take away part of the make up every time you pull it off or shirts.

The ideal is a pair of trousers and a wide-necked cotton shirt , which limits the sweating caused by the hundred degrees of the spotlights positioned in the dressing room. Choose neutral colors so that they fit the garments you will try in the store. The underwear must be flesh-colored so that it is invisible under any dress, remember true my notions on the intimate woman ?

In addition to clothing, your appearance is also important , then away to the depilation (because a leg style Cita will not do justice to any skirt that you will try!), face made up slightly because a face slammed and sleepy you will not like any jersey and hair gathered, maybe in a braid that this year is absolutely glam. Do you think they are things taken for granted? Unfortunately not for all!

shopping woman


Always remember this: a salesman who takes the provisions would be ready to do anything to get some extra money. So you will not have any scruples to tell you that the egg-shaped canary overcoat is fine and that it is the best-selling one, even though there are actually ten exposed ones!

Ergo, let us help you find the sizes, colors and models but as regards the final choice, you have to redo your taste and your judgment. Better your ‘no’ too strict than a flattering ‘yes’ of the shop assistant.

shopping orders


Once you have identified the leaders of your list, go to the dressing room, choose the widest, which has at least one stool to rest your things and enough hangers to place everything you have with you. In fact, placing your shirt on the ground, is equivalent to going home with many more friends: hairs, germs and I dare not imagine what else!

Remember that it is allowed to leave the dressing room , so once you have worn what you have chosen, open the curtain, exit and head towards the large mirror usually placed at the end of the dressing rooms. First because there will be more light and will allow you to better evaluate the color and then a mirror and a large environment will give you a better overview.

Another essential thing to do? Walk, try to sit down, pull up your leg, your arms because you have to be sure that what you’re feeling is following your movements without tightening or pulling. Take with you at the cash desk only what has convinced you one hundred percent, because a leader who does not convince you in the store, you will not like it by magic as soon as you cross the door!

dressing room Shopping

Now reread the article at least once more, repeat it as you would with the history lesson and only when you know every point by heart, you can feel ready to conscious and winning shopping !

If during the reading you had doubts or even curiosity, leave a comment!

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