Shaka Innovative Beauty: novelty makeup and skin care winter 2018

Shaka Innovative Beauty , the beauty corner of OVS, for this winter enriches the range with a series of references that stand out for their excellent value for money .

We participated in the presentation event and we are ready to show you in preview , all the Shaka news which will be integrated with the current permanent makeup and skin care range.


Between Announcements proposals from Shaka for the winter 2018 there are the Unconventional eye palette , 5 color palettes from the particular ultra-pigmented formulation ensures long life and optimal adhesion of the pressed powders.

There textures that distinguishes each palette is soft, silky, easy to blend and especially saturated with pigments that determine a full color and always intense.

All the Unconventional Shaka Palette they have been designed to be versatile and easy to use in everyday life. Each in fact is made up of a balanced one diversification of the finish .

Matt, semi matt , is pearled allow you to combine shades and contrast effects for make-up eyes always different and original, thanks also to the possibility to play with them use wet & dry .

The 5 color variations available I’m:

Shaka Unconventional Palette

Unconventional Shaka Palette

  • Nude: hazelnut / beige / brown neutral tones;

Shaka eye palette

  • Peach: warm peach / orange tones;

Shaka eyes palette

  • Pink: shades of pink and burgundy;

Shaka Palette eye shadows


The range of Shaka references is also enriched by the line of Unconventional lipsticks proposed in 14 unusual and trendy shades , all characterized by a very current finish matt .

The particular formulation that distinguishes each Unconventional Shaka Lipstick promises a full color and intense and a sliding application and always homogeneous. The presence of a balanced combination of waxes and oils , give the product optimal fluidity and comfort without drying the lips.

Shaka Rossetti Unconventional

Unconventional Shaka lipsticks

A high content of texturing powders and perfectly spherical they contribute to make the product elastic, creamy and highly comfortable, determining a full color , intense and without smudging.

Fourteen lively and ed original shades proposed by the brand: it ranges from black, to gray, through turquoise to intense purple. A chromatic selection maybe a bit ‘challenging, but perfect for those who love to dare and want to show off their personality!

Shaka green lipstick

Shaka Lipstick Unconventional


If you love lipsticks, but you can not do without a liquid formula that promises one long seal you will certainly not resist the new ones Velvet Lip Cream proposed by Shaka .

Shaka Velvet Lip Cream

Sliding, comfortable and colorful, the new ones Velvet Lip Cream Shaka I’m liquid lipsticks designed to last over time, without retouching or drying lips.

The matte finish makes Velvet Lip Cream liquid lipsticks current and modern. Proposed in 14 different shades , from the most classic to the most avant-garde, born to satisfy the tastes of every beauty addict.

Shaka Liquid lipsticks

Shaka liquid lipsticks

The practical flocked applicator makes the drafting of the product not only simple, but always uniform for one optimal color rendering and an estate that lasts over time.

Velvet Lip Cream Shaka


Shaka also thinks of the skincare and he does it by introducing 5 new fabric face masks , each with different features to adapt to any type of skin and need.

Shaka Fabric masks

Here are the 5 Face Mask Shaka in fabric available:

  • Illuminating mask: thanks to the Cherry Blossom Extracts it helps to even out the complexion, making it radiant;
  • Moisturizing mask: gives hydration thanks to the presence of hyaluronic acid;
  • Smoothing mask: with a lifting effect thanks to the extracts of Mallow and Hyaluronic Acid, it progressively contributes to the reduction of wrinkles and signs of aging;
  • Nourishing mask: fig extract and a pool of botanical extracts provide nourishment giving firmness to the skin;
  • Soothing mask: the extract of Oats and Hydrolyzed Silk gives comfort and soothes even the most sensitive skin giving a pleasant relief.

Shaka Fabric face masks


The novelty Shaka face they do not end here, 7 delicious ones also arrive Mini Mask in cream perfect to satisfy any need of our skin. It is about single-dose face masks ready to adapt easily to any type of skin and that can be used individually or differentiating them depending on the area of application on the face.

Shaka Mini Mask

The 7 variants available I’m:

  • Moisturizing: the extract of Aloe Vera gives the right degree of hydration to the skin of the face for 24 hours;
  • Purifying: extracts of mineral powders and specific plant extracts have a strong purifying action on acneic or impure skin;

Mini Mask Shaka

Shaka monodose facial masks

  • Energizing: a mix of plant extracts brings freshness to the skin, giving comfort and hydration,

Shaka single-dose face masks

  • Nutritious: thanks to the almond and karité extracts it nourishes the skin in depth;
  • Anti Age: the extracts of vitamin C, A and E help to counter the damage caused by free radicals, among the main responsible for skin aging;

Shaka anti age mask

  • Illuminating: peony and flavonoid extract give the skin an immediate brightness;
  • Exfoliating: purifies the skin in depth, preparing it for the application of subsequent treatments.

Shaka face mask in cream


All the Announcements proposals from Shaka for this winter they are already available at all OVS sales points distributed throughout the country.

It is also possible to buy online on the official website .

What do you think of these Shaka news? Which product do you prefer among those offered by the brand?


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