Sephora novelty 2018: creams, shampoos and skincare

Everything you need for a complete skincare and haircare routine. We present you the super Sephora news 2018 for the skin and hair care !


Dry skin? Hair weakened by a hectic life? The special line Sephora Collection it deploys all its arsenal of unpublished beauty products to moisten chapped hands, quench your skin and refresh your hair!

Let’s find out all in detail!

SEWORA HAND CREAMS (price 4.90 euros)

A new incredible assortment of creams man the delicate ones with unmistakable fragrances. The brand new Hand Balm Sephora Collection take care of the hands that, after the rigors of winter, definitely need pampering and nutrition.

This is the fan of fragrances you’re balms hands available:

  • Almond , nourishing and repairing;
  • Coconut water , nourishing and soothing;
  • Goji , nourishing and protective;
  • Honey , exfoliating and smoothing;
  • Pink , nourishing and illuminating;
  • Mandarancio , nourishing and plumping.

sephora hands creams


The skin, to be firm and compact, needs its daily ration of water: to quench your thirst every day Sephora offers a new line of moisturizing face .

Two textures for two different sensations on the skin: the new Sephora creams are in fact proposed in gel version fresh and pleasant and in cream version soft and delicate.

The light and non-greasy textures of these special moisturizing treatments leave the skin softer and nourished and their formula, rich in beneficial properties, gives a feeling of immediate comfort.

The new Sephora face moisturizers are declined in four fragrances which correspond to as many functional characteristics:

  • Coconut water , nourishing and soothing;

sephora face creams

  • Green tea , opaque and rebalancing;

sephora moisturizing gelee

  • Pomegranate , anti-fatigue and energizing;

sephora face cream 2018

  • Pink , refreshing and illuminating.

sephora moisturizing face cream

SEPHORA SECURE SHAMPOO (cost 5.90 euros)

Our hair (when they are not really fresh) adore it dry shampoo , to revive its splendor when you do not have time to wash them.

The new Sephora Dry Shampoos are characterized by a special formula that absorbs excess sebum , eliminates bad odors and makes your hair clean with just one spray.

They are offered in two fragrant versions:

  • Green tea , refreshing and purifying;
  • Coconut , refreshing and volumizing.

new dry sephora shampoo

DRY BALSAM SPRAY (price € 7.90)

Do you suffer from dry hair? You will go crazy for the new innovative dry conditioner without rinsing signed Sephora!

This incredible balm in exotic spray coconut scent allows you to shorten the hair beauty routine. Vaporized on lengths and tips, this treatment gives untangling , nourishes the fiber and repair split ends . Just a shot of spray and you’re done!

dry balsam sephora


Moving on to cleansing the face, the brand of the famous French perfumery chain presents its new Face Konjac Radiance Sponge .

This particular Konjac sponge 100% natural allows to effectively eliminate dead cells, excess of sebum and even the pigments of make up with the use of only water . Furthermore, the pink clay contained in it (a mixture of white and red clay) helps to sublimate the dull skin.

It is therefore a detergent sponge to be passed on the face for deep clean the skin and pores , but also for smooth and exfoliate , leaving the face fresh and bright, with no signs of aridity.

sephora konjac sponge illuminating

SET OF 3 KONJAC SPONGE (cost € 7.90)

Do you love the Konjac Sponge and want to try all the variations available on the market? Sephora for the beginning of 2018 presents a practical skincare set containing 3 Konjac sponges with three different specific features.

In fact, the skin always needs to be cleansed, but its needs and needs are not always the same.

Inside the kit we find the sponge all ‘ pink clay ideal for dry skin that needs brightness, that universal white to clean deeply all types of skin, and the black one to the skin charcoal to eliminate excess sebum, shiny effect and other typical imperfections of oily skin.

konjac sephora sponges kit


Finally, the Sephora Collection line offers the brand new Peel-off Mask Radiance & Smoothing .

This is a special face mask illuminating and smoothing to leave on for 10-15 minutes and then remove it easily, lifting it up like a film .

Its formula is rich in extract of grapefruit seeds is Vitamin E : the must for those who dream of a brighter, more uniform and brighter complexion.

Peel mask off sephora


The spectacular Sephora Collection skincare are available in the Beauty Stores of the French chain and on the official Sephora in website THIS PAGE from the end January 2018 .

What do you think of these Sephora novelties 2018 products for face and hair care? What is your favorite? We await your comments!


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