Sephora Lipsticks, Lipstories Lipstick: 40 colors!

Sephora launches the new lipstick collection LipStories Lipstick declined in 40 shades all to wear and ready to tell each their own story.

We show you preview all the Sephora LipStories Lipstick range to reveal these little wonders!

Sephora LipStories Creamy Lipsticks


Once again Sephora amazes with a novelty ready to drive us all crazy beauty addict lovers lip products .

They are called LipStories Lipstick and characterize the brand new lipstick collection proposed by the brand, from the innovative concept with a decidedly “social” approach.

Social media characterize much of our daily life and Sephora he thought this collection, taking up the widespread tendency to post photos and images that represent our life.

The new ones LipStories Lipstick are the first lipsticks to have a story to tell through a appealing packaging and modern that immortalizes moments of daily life in perfect style Instagram !

Sephora LipStories Metallic Lipsticks

Which peculiarity makes the new ones as unique as they are original LipStories Sephora Lipstick ?

The secret lies in the name chosen for this range of lipsticks, evocative and modern: the 40 declinations color proposals are divided according to precise issues .

Ten in fact the themes are chosen by the brand , each of which tells a story focused on ” social world “: From trips to parties, from a simple day at work to the holidays.

These are just a few examples, each of which sees protagonists 4 shades connected to each other and linked to specific events and occasions.

This choice by Sephora , suggests the use of colors, making sure that each of us can find the most suitable shade for every occasion, worldly or not.

Sephora Lipstories Metallic Lipsticks

Representing the ten themes chosen by Sephora , a Eco-friendly packaging , lively and lively in cardboard, on which significant and glamorous shots are impressed.

The container is in fact conceived in a eco-responsible optics : every #lipstories It is ultra-compact with less plastic and more paper, vegetable ink and a rotating mechanism without glue or silicone.

It weighs 51% less than conventional lipsticks and consists of a significant percentage of recycled materials and 0% of metal, so reduce the quantity of carbons by as much as three times or that impacts on the environment.

Finally Sephora offers a glamorous lipstick and more ecological !

And if it is true that lipstick is born to celebrate the best moments, adventures and memories that characterize our life, i LipStories Lipstick they are ready to accompany us every day with a very precise shades!

You are ready to discover all the features that make the new ones unique Sephora LipStories Lipstick ?

Creamy Lipsticks Sephora LipStories


The new ones LipStories Sephora Lipstick they are characterized by a particular formula that promises a long hold and an absolute comfort. Yielded in three different finishes , cream, matte and metallized, ensure a very high pigmentation and a full and intense application without the need for retouching.

Intense and vibrant, they are sliding and covering, designed to adapt to every single need thanks to wide color range which sees classic shades combined with vibrant variations outside the box.

Opaque Lipsticks Sephora LipStories


Sephora offers well 40 different shades for his new ones LipStories Lipstick , divided into 10 themes each of which sees protagonists 4 shades choices based on the theme.

Diversified Finish accompany the saturated and intense colors, making each lipstick, one ” beauty tool “Designed to make a specific occasion unique.

Let’s find out together all 40 shades proposals and related themes chosen by the brand, where they are included.


Shades suitable for Christmas festivities that express warmth and familiarity.

  • 11 Fireside: dark chocolate satin;
  • 44 Woof: intense black matte;
  • 10 Yum Yum: milk chocolate with a warm satinated undertone;
  • 48 Just Add Tinsel: metallic silver;

Sephora Lipstick Stories Holiday


The range of lipsticks designed for d dynamic dynamics and in career!

  • 45 City Beat: navy blue matte;
  • 27 Hong Kong by Night: hot red metallic;
  • 09 Labyrinth City: red cold matte;
  • 47 Cash Money: green satined wood;

LipStories Lipstick Sephora selfie


A series of lipsticks designed for those who love to travel and immortalize through the selfies more dynamic.

  • 14 Twolips: intense fuchsia matte;
  • 25 First Class: red orange matte;
  • 04 Somewhere in Spain: warm satin beige;
  • 49 Ice Breaker: intense blue metallic purple

Sephora lipsticks LipStories trips


Nostalgic nuances that evoke romance and magic.

  • 35 Take a Bite: warm red light matte;
  • 22 A Little Magic: intense red cold matte;
  • 29 Malt Shake: dark brown cold satin;
  • 41 Take a Spin: metallic champagne;

Lipstories Lipstick Sephora memories


Suitable for weddings , represent the classic nuances that embody love.

  • 38 Off Limits: mauve matte;
  • 03 Oui !: delicate satinated peach;
  • 07 Love Love: nude beige cold matte;
  • 51 Light Festival: metallized copper;

Lipstories Lipstick Sephora nostalgia


Summer shades and vibrant, synonymous with relaxing holidays .

  • 06 Tan Lines: nude beige satin-finish;
  • 36 Spring Break: cold coral pink satin;
  • 21 Pineapple Express: intense cyclamen satin;
  • 24 Deep Water Bay: neutral red satin load;

Sephora LipStories Lipstick relax


Shade perfect to participate in elegant brunch with friends !

  • 43 In the Clouds: white matte;
  • 26 All Washed Up: hot red matte;
  • 32 Berry-licious: berry matte;
  • 01 Brunch Date: brown nude matte;

Sephora LipStories Lipstick brunch


The lipsticks dedicated to romantic walks in the company of the people we love.

  • 49 Ouch: metallic tiffany blue;
  • 30 Matinee: satin brick;
  • 33 Wanderlust: intense plum matte;
  • 31 Golden Gate: cold fuchsia matte;

Sephora LipStories Lipstick romance


For music lovers who love i concerts and sharing.

  • 23 After Hours: deep red cold matte;
  • 39 Desert Trip: satin cyclamen;
  • 42 No Cell Service: intense copper metallized;
  • 50 Trippin: lavender matte;

Sephora LipStories Lipstick concert


THE summer lipsticks par excellence, perfect for pool parties!

  • 12 Celebrate: fuchsia fluo matte;
  • 37 Hot in Havana: warm orange satinao;
  • 28 Popsicle Lips: strawberry red satin;
  • 13 Coconut Groove: metallic cyclamen.

Sephora LipStories Lipstick swimming pool


Below we propose you the swatches of all the shades proposed by Sephora for his new ones LipStories Lipstick :

Rossetti Sephora LipStories Sephora LipStories lipsticks Sephora lipsticks LipStories


All lipsticks LipStories Lipstick they are already available at all Sphora beauty stores in Italy.

However in Italy 30 shades are available also available online on Sephora website in This Page at the price of 8.90 € each .

And you like these new ones Sephora lipsticks ? Which do you prefer among the shades proposed?


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