Sephora Italia: here are the most expensive products for sale!

What are the most expensive products for sale in the Spehora Italy perfumeries? We show you the perfumes, the creams, the make up references and the accessories with the highest price ever to satisfy all yours curiosity!


Sometimes, in order to have a complete and satisfying beauty station, it is not necessary to spend crazy figures, in other cases, however, out of necessity or passion, we find ourselves in love with super expensive products , many of which have prices not only out of our budget, but to say the least insane!

In order to chat with you and satisfy even the smallest curiosities we decided to show you the more expensive cosmetic products available for purchase from Sephora.

Among these we find the legendary perfumes Tom Ford , the legendary face creams La Prarie and also an exclusive one Estee Lauder face kit that touches the 1000 euros of price . Let’s find out together: you never know that some of you decide to make a madness!


Tom Ford perfumes are very famous, enclosed in design pack . The fragrances proposed by the designer are inspired by magical and bright natural landscapes and interpret femininity with great class.

The most expensive is called Tom Ford Fleur de Portofino and is inspired by the cascades of acacia flowers that spill over the rock of the Mediterranean coast paths. The price? Dizzying: 193 euros for the 50 ml eau de parfum variant e 458 euros for the 250 ml maxi bottle. You can buy on This Page .

Tom Ford Fleur de Portofino

Is called Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Water , and you can buy it here , the fresh variant of the iconic Neroli Portofino, fragrance best seller of the brand. This perfume costs only 129 euros in 50 ml bottle e 189 euros in 100 ml format. It is a citrus-amber fragrance, inspired by the Mediterranean landscapes: unique!

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Water

Do you love the scent of jasmine? Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge It could bewitch you! Defined by the manufacturer as ‘sensual, voluptuous and audacious’ this perfume boasts, for the first time used in a fragrance, the absolute precious jasmine petals sambac, combined with sclarea salvia and spices. Jasmine Rouge it costs 193 euros in 50 ml format e 289 euros in the 100 ml version, and you can buy it on This Page .

Tom Ford Jasmin Roug


The High End products are the most expensive ever, those super luxury . This category includes unique goodies, able to make the most faithful make-up addicts dream, ready to do anything to have them.

Among these the stupendous face powder is rightfully included Météorites Voyage Perles de Poudre Compactée Exceptionnelles , for sale on This Page at the price of 123.90 euros . With diamond powder encapsulated in the micro spheres that compose it, this super luxurious powder corrects the discolorations, smoothes the skin and makes it radiant.

It is an exclusive make-up product because it comes created by hand from Guerlain artisans: wow!

Météorites Voyage Perles de Poudre Compactée Exceptionnelles

Sisley Eclat Tenseur phyto-aromatique instead, it’s a special one foundation that costs well 170.50 euros , available on This Page . As explained by the brand, it is a fresh, silky and light opalescent gel, designed to enhance the luminosity of the complexion thanks to stimulating and invigorating active ingredients and iridescent micro-needles, which give the complexion a effect of immediate radiance . It also has a long-lasting opaque effect and gives a tensor, smoothing and revitalizing effect.

Sisley Eclat Tenseur phyto-aromatique


Is it necessary to use very expensive products to have beautiful leather? It is possible, but not mathematically certain! The fact is that high-cost skincare products are numerous! On the Sephora perfumery site there are so many: discover the most interesting, with sky-high prices!

Let’s start with Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Sculpting / Refinishing Dual Infusion , a high-range remodeling treatment with extracts of black diamond truffle , one of the rarest and most precious ‘treasures’ in the world. This particular ingredient stimulates the vitality of the skin according to the brand.

The goal of this product? Rejuvenate the complexion and promoting its youthful appearance thanks to the action of two elixers sealed in different containers, which combine to make the skin’s texture uniform, perfect it and make it smoother and more toned. It can be buy here . at the cost of € 326.90 .

Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Sculpting / Refinishing Dual Infusion

Then we find out Dior Prestige Huile Souveraine , a nutritive oil-serum whose goal is to make the skin elastic, with a ‘full’, luminous and shining effect. Composed at 100% from natural oils , with a high concentration of Rose Souveraine absolute, is also excellent for treating delicate skin. How much? € 351.90 , and it can be buy here .

Dior Prestige Huile Souveraine

Among the extra luxurious face products could not be missed then Sisley Sisleya-Elixir , An intensive 4-week treatment, renewal and restructuring. This product contains nutritious malt extract, white stress willow leaf, redensifying pavonia padina, reinforcing solano and ginko biloba and vitamin E, with anti-radical action.

He has one gel emulsion formula and, according to the brand, ensures one ‘Fishing skin’ . It is used for a 4-week cycle to restore the vital functions of the skin, to counteract the signs of aging and stress. His price? Record, 409 euros , for sale here .

Sisley Sisleya-Elixir

We get to La Prairie Cellular Cream Platinum Rare , considered ‘an experience of extraordinary transformation’. This extra luxury face cream includes colloidal platinum , which helps restore the electrical balance of the skin, promoting the absorption of nutrient ingredients.

Its moisturizing effect changes according to climate changes, humidity and the temperature of the environment and has a rejuvenating effect that preserves the texture, radiance and tone of the skin. Also in this case the price is very high: 590 euros for the 30 ml pot and 906.50 euros for the 50 ml one, it is on This Page .

La Prairie Cellular Cream Platinum Rare

Another product of excellence in high-cost skincare is certainly represented by Lancome Absolue L’Extrait Concentré-Élix, that costs 405.50 euros and you can buy here . Proposed by Lancome as ‘a masterpiece inspired by nature, sublimated by science’, it has a unique regenerative power, given by the heart of the Lancome rose. With this product ‘the skin rediscovers a sublime and shining youth’.

Lancome Absolue L'Extrait Concentré-Élix

We speak again of La Prairie, with the luxurious night treatment , Cellular Radiance Night Cream . Designed to give radiance to the skin, this cream It has an intensive formula that plays an anti-aging action and restores the natural defenses of the skin. The price is record-breaking: € 522.50 , for sale on This Page .

Cellular Radiance Night Cream The prarie

Here is the expensive and super coveted Dior Prestige Le Grand Masque , a ‘deeply reoxygenating’ face mask, which reactivates the breathing of the skin. Reduces the skin and redefines the contours of the face, giving a effect of freshness and renewal one of a kind. The effect? Of more beautiful skin, luminous and pulpy, while the face appears more rested. It costs only 196 euros , practically cheap compared to others, and it can buy here .

Dior Prestige Le Grand Masque

The Japanese cosmetic house Shiseido also offers an extra luxurious night moisturizer: Shiseido Future Solution LX Total Regene . This cream, the cost of which is 255.90 euros and is for sale on This Page , has an energizing effect and reduces the visibility of all signs of aging, such as wrinkles and loss of firmness. It also performs an elasticizing and moisturizing function as well as illuminating, giving a face to the face more vital and youthful appearance.

Shiseido Future Solution LX Total Regene

On This Page we also find Eisenberg Sérum Diamant Concentrated Lumi , a serum that regenerates, firms, unifies and performs an anti-wrinkle action. It is used on the face and neck and uses active ingredients of the latest generation , like diamond dust, which stimulates the micro circulation and gives brightness and a powerful complex S.P.J.D.E (1) and extract of leaves of the imperatoria, with an intense reconstituting effect. The effect of this serum, which costs € 316.90 , is that of a luminous and firm face, with visibly reduced lines and fine lines.

Eisenberg Sérum Diamant Concentrated Lumi


Last, but not least, facial treatment more expensive than ever : Estée Lauder Re-Nutriv Re-Creation , which includes a night serum and a face cream.

The price? Ben 990 euros ! Is situated for sale here .

This combo of super expensive face products work synergistically to offer the skin a supreme luxury ‘, Making it day after day more beautiful, transformed.

The two products in synergy activate the production of collagen, reducing skin spots and the signs of aging, restoring brightness and radiance to the skin thanks to natural lipids and extracts of rare exotic plants. According to the brand, this is an exceptional treatment that it will really reborn your skin ‘.

Estée Lauder Re-Nutriv Re-Creation


Not only the facial skin deserves a very scrupulous care with specific products, but also that of the body! In fact, at Sephora we have also found several products dedicated to body care, from the luxury price.

Among these we find the famous intensive treatment Guerlain Orchidée Impériale , considered the excellence of anti-aging treatments for the body. Its formula combines the Gold Orchid and Orchid Water technologies, an essential extract of 3 mythical orchids, for a toned, smooth, soft and luminous skin. If used regularly gives according to the brand one revitalized skin , toned, sculpted and hydrated. It is for sale on This Page is it costs 399 euros.

Guerlain Orchidée Impériale

Sisley Sisleya Concentré Anti-Age Fermet it is instead a luxurious moisturizing body that boasts an important concentrate of active ingredients that combines the power of an anti-aging serum with the comfort of a cream. It is used in areas subject to relaxation, such as décolleté, arms, buttocks, abdomen and thighs, to donate a more compact and young appearance.

Among its assets we find spirulina extract, a micro algae with nourishing and revitalizing properties and ratania extract, with an immediate tensor effect, and oat extract from organic farming. You can buy on This Page at the price of 335 euros.

Sisley Sisleya Concentré Anti-Age Fermet

La Prairie Cellular Night Cream Repair Face Neck Décolleté instead it is a moisturizing and regenerating night cream that repairs the skin. Inside we find multi-level complexes that help to correct the imbalances caused by the skin aging process. Suitable for treating normal to mixed skin, reduces irritations is smoothes face, glue and décolleté leather. On sale here , costs 193 euros .

La Prairie Cellular Night Cream Repair Face Neck Décolleté


In this journey through the luxury products available for purchase in Sephora Italy perfumeries could not miss the accessories, those special devices that make us more beautiful in a moment!

Here then Iluminage Precise Touch Home treatment for hair removal , a special device that uses one patented epilating technology useful to remove unwanted hair from any type of skin, regardless of pigmentation (the devices useful for this purpose in fact, generally do not work on the darker skin).

It is possible to use this product to treat the area around the lips, the underarms and the bikini contour, as well as the whole body, thanks to the 150,000 pulsations available .

How much does this perfect product cost to say goodbye once and for all to unwanted hair? 250 euros , for sale here .

Iluminage Precise Touch Home treatment for hair removal

He could then miss our beloved Dafni smoothing brush ? It is a real portento, which allows you to straighten your hair by simply brushing it , saying goodbye to the classic plates forever. Very easy to use, it reduces the timing of styling significantly: it’s a must have!

It costs 199 euros and you can buy here .

smoothing brush dafni

We end our journey to discover the most luxurious and expensive products in perfumery with Clarisonic Smart Profile , the exclusive and complete skin cleaning system of the latest generation that uses Smart technology, for a perfect facial and body skin in just one minute a day. Evolution of the classic Clarisoni we all love, this new device has an intuitive interface and improved battery life. The effect? Cleaning 11 times more effective than manual cleaning!

It costs 265 euros and you can buy it on This Page .

clarisonic smart profile

Have you found any interesting products among those we presented to you? You are running a break your piggy bank to grab one of these expensive products, or find these prices out of place ? Let us know your opinions by leaving us a comment! We are waiting for you to discuss it with you!

Furthermore, if you have desire for shopping , but from the price certainly more accessible, do not lose the 20 Sephora news to have immediately , And discover ours price comparator that allows you to find the beauty product you want at the most convenient cost !

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