Sephora Color Hit nail varnishes in the shape of an ovetto: novelty Summer 2018

Sephora for the next one summer 2018 puts nails in the foreground manicure sought-after, original, bright and lively.

In fact, it launches the Sephora range of enamels Color Hit , a real explosion of color below form of an egg that we show you in preview !

Sephora enamels summer 2018

summer enamels 2018 Sephora


The legendary and appreciated Sephora enamels change their look totally and in view of the summer season are presented in a completely new look starting from the formula .

Sephora offers one new formulation which promises extreme brilliance and one held up to 5 days for an impeccable and impact-resistant manicure.

All Sephora Color Hit glazes are formulated to release an intense, vibrant and full color already from the first application, combined with quick drying for a perfectly uniform final result.

The fan of colors proposed by the brand: from a great classic like carmine red through lively and imaginative pop shades, from elegant nude to original iridescent shades.

Well 52 color options different ready to characterize a summer manicure or super vivacious nail art.

Finally also the packaging , now more modern and appealing in the shape of a small egg. It is very nice and convenient to keep in your bag or take on vacation for its small size.

Sephora Color Hit glazes 2018


Sephora offers the new Color Hit Nail Polish in 52 different colors , characterized by a full, rich and vibrant color combined with a formula long lasting .

Differentiate by finish, here below all shades proposals ready to satisfy every single need, making the manicure an authentic complement to our make-up.

  • 62 Full moon part: pearly aquamarine green;
  • 72 Girls Night Out: pearly green acid;
  • 74 Engagement Ring: Pearl grey;
  • 140 Enchanted World: pearly pastel peach;
  • 141 I’m a princess: peached pink peach;
  • 145 Glitter Moon: charcoal glitter;
  • 176 Silk dreams: satin beige;
  • 184 Scandalous look: iridescent violet with red pearlescence;
  • L02 Under the covers: white chalk cream;
  • L03 Sugar coate: milky rose;
  • L04 Strawberry macaron: pastel pink cream;
  • L35 Jealous: red hot strawberry;

Sephora enamels Color Hit tonality

  • L41 Cherry popsicle: intense red classic;
  • L43 It girl: dark blood red;
  • L44 Resist to temptation: dark marc;
  • L47 Cross the line: sour cherry red;
  • L76 Black lace: black cream;
  • L104 Way to heaven: milk and mint;
  • L115 Secret admirer: intense fuchsia;
  • L118 Enjoy the sunset: intense salmon cream;
  • L119 Save the date: classic warm red;
  • L120 Romantic date: pink confetto cream;
  • L121 Road to love: chocolate cream;
  • L123 My superhero: ruby red cream;

Sephora colored glazes 2018

  • L126 Time to rock: aubergine;
  • L127 Loosing control: cold purple;
  • L128 Lavender field: lavender;
  • L129 Lilac fantasy: lilac cream;
  • L131 Bikini party: green water;
  • L132 Sean sun and fun: royal blue;
  • L138 Cookie break: cookie;
  • L147 Peach blossom: intense peach cream;
  • L149 Private boudoir : dark red wine cream;
  • L158 Sweet summer tan: taupe;
  • L177 You’re so precious: strawberry red;

Sephora colored nail polishes summer 2018

  • L178 Rose bouque: antique pink;
  • L179 Flirting game: warm pastel pink;
  • L180 Miss or Madam ?: very light pink cream;
  • L181 Be a unicorn: hot fuchsia;
  • L182 Mama’s angry: red cherry cream;
  • 183 Join me in NY: Burgundy;
  • L185 Parisian show: bright red cream;
  • L186 Endless kiss: red orange cream;
  • L187 So cute !: poppy cream;
  • L188 Orange rocks !: intense orange cream;
  • L189 Lady luck: red coral cream;

Sephora nail varnishes shades

  • L191 Into the wild: olive green cream;
  • L192 Winter spirit: gricio violaceo cream;
  • L193 Bikers trip : dark rifle barrel;
  • L194 Late night out: dark aubergine cream.

Summer enamels 2018 Sephora


All the Color Hit nail polishes Sephora launched in view of summer 2018 have just arrived in Sephora perfumeries and are on sale at unit price of 3.50 € .

It is possible to buy the new Sephora enamels also online directly on the Sephora website in THIS PAGE .

And what do you think of these new Sephora enamels? Let us know your opinion in the comments!


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