Semi-permanent gel glazes Estrosa: review

Extruded Gel Smalti Quick and easy … here are two adjectives that describe the Estrosa gel glazes !

In this article we will talk, in particular, of the basic kit and the application of the enamels semi-permanent Estrosa .

Mood is an Italian company and presents in its catalog a wide selection of gel colors, tools and all kits Made in Italy , including what I’m about to introduce you.

The Estrosa semi-vanishing enamels kits are not only a complete solution, but above all a valid alternative for those who are beginners and do not know precisely which materials are necessary to obtain a good manicure.


The basic kit of Mood it consists of a very practical case and pochette containing:
– one UV lamp 36 watts with 4 bulbs and a timer, extremely useful as it facilitates the professional’s work by establishing the right amount of seconds useful for gel polymerization;
Cleanser Magic degreaser + pads of cellulose, help to degrease and remove the dispersion of the gel from the nails;
Remover + Remover wraps , facilitate the removal of gel glaze;
lime kit with double grain + buffer (or bricks) + chopsticks wooden spinners (12 pcs) + removal tool, important for nail preparation;
base gel polish (primer) + defense coat (nail protector pre-post application gel polish ) + gel color (magnetic sheen metallic art 7088) + polishing (glass-effect top coat), are the basic products for the application of semi-permanent glazes and, moreover, the particular shape of the cap facilitates the handle thanks to its ergonomic shape.
Enamels and Estrosa kits
Enamels and Estrosa kits
Extruded Gel Smalti

As you can see, therefore, the kit for semipermanent gel glazes Estrosa it is complete and well organized. From this point of view, I would recommend it, but with our review we will also check their quality and durability.
Estrosa basic kit
Enamels and Estrosa kits


The Estrosa enamels they have a dense consistency that allows the product to remain, before curing, stable on the nail without dripping on the edges and also appreciates the glass and gloss effect that the polish gives to the nails.

In these images you can see the result of the application on the nails.

Extruded Gel Smalti
Extruded Gel Smalti

In the photos below you will find examples of nail art Estrosa and the Deluxe kit for semipermanent gel glazes Estrosa .

Nail art Estrosa
Nail art Estrosa
Deluxe Estrosa Kit


I am more than positive for this basic kit, but above all for the set deference coat – enamel – polish! It has remained completely intact after 3 weeks, no scratches or chipped parts. The only visible part of the nail is the lower area where there is considerable regrowth!

Extruded enamel

So, absolutely promoted and straconsigliato! I also had a bit of difficulty at the time of removal. There are two possible explanations: either it was still firmly on the nails or the Remover is not super efficient and you need to apply more and keep it about 20 minutes.

Finally, here are the products and tools needed for removal:
– remover wraps;
– remover;
– push cuticles (removal tool) or wooden sticks;
– buffer;
– cuticle oil.

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