Rossetti Neve Cosmetics: review and swatches


They are called Dessert à Lèvres and they are the most talked about natural lipsticks of the web, proposed by Neve Cosmetics in five new color variations, which today we present with swatches on lips and review of some of the most beautiful shades of nuance.

As announced by the manufacturer, the Neve Cosmetics Dessert à Lèvres lipsticks were a success since the first launch and many of us were waiting for the expansion of the range with new intriguing shades , also combined with a fantastic Promo!

These days our desire has been fulfilled, because on the official website of the Piedmontese brand are now available 5 new lipstick Neve Cosmetics vegetarian: Cinnamon Roll, Sakura Mochi, Chocolate Eclair, Strawberry Sundae and Pink Donut.

Neve Cosmetics Dessert in Levres


The names of these Snow lipsticks are reminiscent delicious sweets which make your mouth water, making us think of donuts, cakes and ice cream, a real treat for our lips!

The range includes as already mentioned 5 new color references , of which we had the pleasure of previewing the Pink Donut, Sakura Mochi and Chocolate Eclair variants, which we will present on this occasion with lots of photos and swatches.

snow cosmetics new lipsticks


The other beautiful lipsticks of this series also include Cinnamon Roll, defined by Neve a “bright pomegranate orange color with a cinnamon-colored undertone., very warm and delicious” e Strawberry Sundae , which the mineral makeup brand identifies as “the color of strawberry syrup, intense hot fuchsia in red base! The irresistible alternative to classic red “.

Neve Cosmetics Dessert in Levres Neve Cosmetics Dessert lipsticks in Levres



The packs of these Neve Cosmetics lipsticks are in colored cardboard in pastel tones : a real joy for the eyes, which immediately attracts for the feminine and charming style, simply irresistible!

snow cosmetics lipsticks packaging snow cosmetics lipsticks packaging


Also the case is very charming , while maintaining a simple and clean style. The packs are in fact a beautiful pastel lilac color, embellished by the Neve Cosmetics logo on the side and a delicious cupcake at the upper end of the cap.

snow cosmetics lipsticks dessert a levres

Here is the i Neve Cosmetics lipsticks that we have tested in the last period: Chocolate Eclair, Sakura Mochi and Pink Donut. These colors are very nice and wearable: Chocolate Eclair is definitely the most profound and chic, very fashionable for this season, while Pink Donut and Sakura Mochi they are lighter and more delicate, more suitable for daily use or for girls who love soft and delicate colors on their lips.

snow cosmetics Chocolate Eclair, Sakura Mochi and Pink Donut


The texture of these lipsticks, which contain shea butter and moisturizing agents , also excluding completely petrolatum, silicones and parabens, it is rich and flowing. The application is simple and the feeling on the lips is soft and pleasant , also amplified by the irresistible scent of vanilla cakes which is released from the sticks.

The duration on the lips is quite good, even if it is products without aggressive agents that tend to ‘hold’ the pigment to the lips, the seal is not extreme. Anyway the colors have a beautiful brightness just applied, which is transformed over time into a satin effect that remains, until the disappearance of the product from the lips, after a few hours.

snow cosmetics Chocolate Eclair, Sakura Mochi and Pink Donut


As you can see from the swatches that follow the formula of these lipsticks is creamy and luminous , making them a real treat for the lips. Here in detail Chocolate Eclair, Sakura Mochi and Pink Donut:

snow cosmetics swatches Chocolate Eclair, Sakura Mochi and Pink Donut


The most sensual color of this range: Neve Cosmetics Chocolate Eclair It is a warm red with a brown undertone that elegantly dresses the lips. The texture, as already mentioned, is soft and flowing , therefore treating it to a product that is easy to apply it tends slightly to pluck on those who do not have a very defined lip contour, such as me, for this advice I recommend applying this lipstick in combination with one lip pencil in tone or to a perfection pencil of the lip contour with a transparent color, such as the famous one prissy, always Neve Cosmetics.

snow cosmetics lipstick chocolate eclair


Inspired by traditional Japanese dessert prepared with cherry leaves, the Sakura Mochi lipstick is a cold and extremely portable pink: I think it can really be good to all the girls for its versatile and delicate tone, which softens the facial features giving a innocent touch to the lips.

snow cosmetics lipstick sakura mochi


It is light coral pink instead of the variant Pink Donut , a warm tone that can be easily combined with every look. Compared to the other two products in the range, which still have one formulation in my opinion very similar , this lipstick tends on me to put a little emphasis on the skin that forms in the center of the lips. Apart from this detail I find the delicious nuance , particularly suitable for the spring season, which we hope will arrive soon!

snow cosmetics pink lipstick donut



The five new variants of lipsticks Neve Cosmetics Dessert à Lèvres are available for purchase on official website Neve Cosmetics , as in all physical points of sale Neve Cosmetics , to the price of 11.90 euros each.

On the occasion of the launch there is one promo , which allows you to take advantage of one 15% discount on the whole range of Neve Cosmetics products starting with the new lipsticks, or for example the make up collection Baroque Mystery , the Future Perfect bio eye pencils, as well as all the Arcobaleni pallets, among which the Duochrome palette is the most loved and desired!

Furthermore, Neve proposes expenses of shipping by courier for only 2.99 euros for orders up to 19 euros, while lowering themselves 99 cents for orders from 19 to 69 euros, becoming free tickets exceeding € 69 in amount.

new snow cosmetics lipsticks

What do you think about them? Neve Cosmetics lipsticks ? We love the creamy al formula 100% natural and vegetarian! Let us know your opinions with a comment!


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