Rossetti L’Oreal lips are made to speak

L’Oréal has always supported women who with their determination, stubbornness and strength are changing the world. It is no coincidence that the motto that has always accompanied the brand, ” because you are worth it “.

Today this important message becomes clearer: L’Oréal launches the collection of lipsticks Lips Are Made For Talking that we show you in preview revealing features and concepts.

Rossetti L'Oreal lips are made to speak


The women they are changing the world thanks to the character, the determination, the strength of will and the courage that makes them unique and special .

L’Oréal has always been committed to launching a message as important as it is significant: each of us is unique, possesses unrepeatable characteristics .

There is no model of “universal” beauty because every woman is authentic and beautiful in her own way, as well as her ability to express herself, her own ideas and the values ​​that distinguish her.

But being a woman is never simple, it is a path impervious and full of responsibility where the determination and the fortitude they are basic as well as trust turned to one future full of satisfactions .

Each of us must be able to express himself freely shouting his own belief because the lips are made to speak !

Rossetti L'Oreal lips are made to speak


L’Oréal celebrates the voice, character, determination and stubbornness of every woman through the new exclusive collection of Color Riche lipsticks in limited edition The lips are made to speak !

Each lipstick is characterized by a significant packaging , where the protagonist is the color, combined with an inspiring phrase that represents the incipit of a real personal story. Each lipstick represents an invitation and a encouragement never allow society to impose limits on its potential.

There collection Lips are made to speak boasts six chromatic variations lively, vibrant and exclusive that express character and personality just like the typical female figure.

A range of emblematic and meaningful lipsticks with which you can express your thoughts through the make up lips . Six evocative phrases ready to represent a real mantra to be repeated and put into practice in everyday life because every woman is worth and is a very special limited edition .

L’Oréal once again leaves the mark with one limited edition distinguished by the typical quality of the Color Riche lipsticks , intense, creamy and comfortable.

Rossetti L'Oreal lips are made to speak


L’Oréal composes his own limited edition The lips are made to speak, of six wonderful Color Riche lipsticks from creamy texture and comfortable and from bright finish .

Six shades that offer an intense chromatic saturation combined with the comfort and hydration typical of Color Riche lipsticks.

Here all shades available in detail:

  • I’m worth it: intense red, classic and with a cold undertone that expresses charisma, courage, strength and passion;

Rossetti L'Oreal lips are made to speak

  • I love: deep and intense fuchsia designed for the woman who invests passion and love in everything she does;

Rossetti L'Oreal lips are made to speak

  • I dream: romantic nude pink for a modern woman who believes in dreams and struggles to make them;

Rossetti L'Oreal lips are made to speak

  • I say No: hot and intense pink, designed for a free, enterprising and courageous woman;

Rossetti L'Oreal lips are made to speak

  • I say Yes: bright orange designed for a dynamic and lively woman with contagious optimism;

Rossetti L'Oreal lips are made to speak

  • I can: a warm beige nude definitely bon ton dedicated to the woman who loves to be the protagonist of her life.

Rossetti L'Oreal lips are made to speak


All the new lipsticks L’Oreal Color Riche belonging to the limited edition Lips are made to talk , will be available starting from March 2018 at the price of 12.99 € each .

They will soon be available in the best perfumeries and drugstore such as Tigotà, Acqua e Sapone and Lillapois. They will also be on sale online at Amazon in this page .

And have you already chosen your favorite shade? Let us know your opinions through the comments!


Rossetti L'Oreal lips are made to speak

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