Rossetti Guerlain My Rouge G: packaging with interchangeable case!

The iconic Rouge G Guerlain lipsticks they dress again! The famous Maison launches My Rouge G, integrating the entire line with 30 brand new shades from customizable homes .

We show you in preview all new ones My Rouge G Guerlain certain that you will fall in love with the many packaging all to collect!

Rossetti Guerlain My Rouge G


Guerlain renews the iconic Rouge G Lipstick lipsticks by integrating the range of new colors and offering a very precious as luxurious novelty linked to packaging .

La Maison proposes a range of collectible houses Yes they can replace choosing from 15 different proposals . You can choose design lipstick and cap!

Elegant and refined, the Guerlain Rouge G Lipsticks are known for performances that characterize them: one creamy formulation and saturated with pigments that offers an intense and homogeneous color.

The formula consists of ruby powder which gives brightness, hyaluronic acid which has a filling and smoothing action e mango butter with nourishing action, makes Guerlain lipstick a real lip treatment.

There textures instead, highly moisturizing, offers comfort to the lips giving them a elastic film and sliding a long duration .

My Rouge G Guerlain lipsticks


There are 30 new shades proposed by Guerlain and to be added a different kind of packaging .

The classic Rouge G lipstick has a metal houses chic and very elegant that includes a mirror embedded in it.

Guerlain renews it by making it even more modern by proposing 15 different houses in which it is possible to insert the refill of our favorite Rouge G e change it whenever you want it , maybe combining it with our look!

My Rouge G Guerlain lipsticks metal case

With flowers, animalier, leather or marble effect, shiny gold or with lace, all the houses proposed by Guerlain represent an authentic collector’s item precious and luxurious.

Fifteen cases created by the jewelry designer Lorenz Bäumer , ready to satisfy the tastes and style of the best beauty addicts thanks to which you can show off your favorite lipstick by dressing it each time in a different way.

Let’s discover all the Guerlain design houses:

  • Minimal Chic;
  • Miami Glam;
  • K Doll;
  • Gipsy Folk;
  • French Mademoiselle;

Ross Rouge My Rouge G Guerlain

  • Exotic Safari;
  • Wild Jungle;
  • Very Batik;
  • The Original;
  • Romantic Boheme;

Packaging My Rouge G Guerlain

  • Preppy Chic;
  • Perfect Black;
  • Gold set;
  • Neon-ista;
  • Neo-gothic.

My Rouge G Guerlain Packaging customizable


Guerlain complements the range of iconic Rouge G Lipstick with 30 new shades . From nude to reds, from coral to peach, from beige to burgundy, the range of Guerlain refill also sees 8 exclusive shades in limited edition .

Here are some of the most significant shades proposed by the Maison:

  • Guerlain Rouge G Refills 999: milky white;
  • Guerlain Rouge G Refills 333: blue royale;
  • Guerlain Rouge G Refills 777: Golden yellow;
  • Guerlain Rouge G Refills 111: Emerald;

Ross Rouge My Rouge G Guerlain customizable homes

  • Guerlain Rouge G Refills 888: intense cyclamen;
  • Guerlain Rouge G Refills 555: dark chocolate;
  • Guerlain Rouge G Refills 520: milky rose;
  • Guerlain Rouge G Refills 214: classic warm red;

My Rouge G Guerlain shades

  • Guerlain Rouge G Refills 78: warm light marc;
  • Guerlain Rouge G Refills 77: hot peach pink;
  • Guerlain Rouge G Refills 74: intense intense purple;
  • Guerlain Rouge G Refills 72: cherry red cherry;

Rossetti Guerlain My Rouge G

  • Guerlain Rouge G Refills 71: red strawberry cold;
  • Guerlain Rouge G Refills 70: light strawberry red;
  • Guerlain Rouge G Refills 67: ruby red;
  • Guerlain Rouge G Refills 65: milk chocolate;

Guerlain My Rouge G Lipstick shades

  • Guerlain Rouge G Refills 62: nude pink hot;
  • Guerlain Rouge G Refills 45: intense red hot;
  • Guerlain Rouge G Refills 43: hot orange;
  • Guerlain Rouge G Refills 42: hot orange red;

Guerlain shades My Rouge G Lipstick

  • Guerlain Rouge G Refills 41: classic warm red;
  • Guerlain Rouge G Refills 28: scarlet red;
  • Guerlain Rouge G Refills 25: dark ruby ​​red;
  • Guerlain Rouge G Refills 23: coffee;

Guerlain colors My Rouge G Lipstick

  • Guerlain Rouge G Refills 22: hot red orange;
  • Guerlain Rouge G Refills 21: cold red;
  • Guerlain Rouge G Refills 06: nude rosé intense;
  • Guerlain Rouge G Refills 03: cold hazelnut.

Guerlain My Rouge G Lipstick colors


The launch of the entire range of refills and houses My Rouge G proposed by Guerlain is scheduled for the Mid-April 2018 in UK .

We have no definite dates about the arrival in Italy nor information about prices for the moment but, as always, we will keep you updated.

We remind you that all Rouge G Guerlain lipsticks are available at the best dealership perfumeries of the brand distributed throughout the country.

What do you think of these wonderful customizable Guerlain lipsticks ? Which one do you prefer among those proposed?


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