Rossetti Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle: entire collection

Rihanna never ceases to amaze and complements his Fenty Beauty cosmetic line with a screaming capsule: it’s called Mattemoiselle Lipstick , the new line of opaque lipsticks designed by the star.

We show you in preview all the lipsticks Fenty Beauty c he make up the color range, certain that will make you literally go crazy!


The well-known brand created by Rihanna , is ready to make a center for the umpteenth time, integrating the permanent range with an interesting novelty. They are called Mattemoiselle Lipstick and characterize the new line of opaque lipsticks signed by the famous singer.

Fenty Beauty it is synonymous of originality and uniqueness: characteristics that transpire also from the choice of the chromatic range proposed for the new ones Mattemoiselle Lipstick .

Fourteen shades ranging from the most classic and soft until you get to those more decisive, strong and absolutely unique in their kind.

Fenty Beauty Matte lipsticks

Suitable for satisfying every kind of need, i new Fenty Beauty lipsticks ensure a very high pigmentation , combined with comfort and hydration.

The matte finish that characterizes i Mattemoiselle Lipstick , thanks to the sliding formula, dress the lips, making them glam and sophisticated like velvet.

A long seal ensures a flawless make-up lips throughout the day, making us extremely glam on every occasion, just like the singer.

Opaque lipsticks Fenty Beauty

And if Rihanna he had launched some anticipation on his social profiles, the wait did not disappoint the expectations.

THE Mattemoiselle Lipstick Fenty Beauty they are ready to land also in Europe, dressing our lips with a clever touch of originality and character.

Mattemoiselle Lipstick Matte lipsticks Fenty Beauty

Like all the references proposed by Fenty Beauty , even the new ones opaque lipsticks they are destined to drive us all crazy beauty addict .

We show you preview all the shades that characterize the chromatic range of Mattemoiselle Lipstick: are you ready to choose the one that suits you best to reflect your personality?

Mattemoiselle Lipstick Fenty Beauty Matte Lipsticks


Fenty Beauty has selected 14 vibrant shades that characterize the new ones Mattemoiselle Lipstick Matte Lipsticks .

He decided, saturated and original , all shades exhibit one absolutely unique style , the same that makes Rihanna one of the most glamorous and trendy characters.

Suitable to meet every need, ranging from nude classics and warm rosés, until you get to more intense, decisive and strong shades, suitable for those who love to show off character and personality .

Here they are:

  • Chocolate Brown: intense chocolate with a warm undertone;
  • Deep Purple: dark plum;
  • Blood Red: dark blood red;
  • Pitch Brown: dark chocolate;

Matte lipstick Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Lipstick

  • Mauve Brown: mauve;
  • Dusty Pink: dark and intense pink;
  • Berry Red: intense warm red;
  • Brown Nude: nude brown with mauve undertones;

Fenty Beauty Rihanna opaque lipsticks

  • Navy Blue: mix of blue, black and purple;
  • Berry Pink: magenta berry;
  • Periwinkle Purple: periwinkle;
  • Coppery Orange: terracotta;

Rihanna matte lipstick Fenty Beauty

Forest Green: intense green;

In-Your-Face Purple: lilac.

Matte lipstick Fenty Beauty


The new opaque lipsticks Mattemoiselle Lipstick proposed by Fenty Beauty officially will debut in the USA December 26th on .

The price will be around the 19.00 $ like the previous ones Starlit Hyper-Glitz Lipstick .

They will also be available for purchase on the official website (do not ship to Italy).

It will also be possible to buy the new ones Fenty Beauty lipsticks from Harvey Nichols website , English beauty store, which also ships to Italy without risk of customs starting from December 26th.

And do you like the new opaque lipsticks offered by Rihanna? Have you already chosen your favorite shade?


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