Pupa Princess Nail Polishes: swatches, review and Nail art

After the preview of the new make-up Christmas collection 2013 Pupa Princess, today we present the review and the swatches of the 4 glazes.

Pupa’s Christmas is colored pastel tones , delicate and refined style. The pink is the undisputed protagonist: it is embellished with glitter and matched with other perfect nuances to create romantic and glamorous nail art.

In the castle of Pupa all women are princesses almost like porcelain dolls, between golden coronets and pink and green macarons. We plunged into this fantastic world to relive the Christmas fairy tale proposed by Pupa and decorate our nails with the new Pupa Princess nail polishes.

Let’s find out in detail the glazes present in the Pupa Princess collection with the swatches:
225 Princess Nude ; a very delicate nude pink, porcelain effect;
nude princess pupa polish

634 Princess Mauve; a wonderful mauve pink, enchanting on all types of skin … very elegant;
polish pupa princess mauve

752 Princess Green ; a very light pastel green, discreet and charming;
polish pupa princess green

830 Princess Sequins . A riot of light, a top coat with microglitter and holographic bead sequins really perfect for parties!
polish pupa princess sequins

The Christmas 2013 nail collection of the Pupa Princess collection has the classic elegant packaging of all the Lasting Color, 5 ml glass bottle. Suggested price € 6.00.

The classic medium-large Pupa brush allows good precision and easy drafting.
pupal pupa princess

The composition of the glazes in principle is the same as all the other Pupa, is slightly different for the nude color and for the green.

Since these last pastel colors are not easy to draft and we risk a non-uniform result, I suggest two passes, the first very thin and the second decided, but not too full.
pupal pupa princess

The mauve pink is very covering perfect already with a draft and very easy to apply, it is very fast drying.

Excellent glitter enamel, fast drying easy spreading and a good distribution of the glitter on the nail, perfect already with a pass, but with two the nails nail effect is assured.

I find the collection of Smalti Pupa Princess definitely ‘out of the chorus’ compared to the typical lines of Christmas glazes, however I think this is its strength, in response to the usual red, gold and silver Pupa decides to dare and paints for us a Christmas bon ton with colors of finish cream almost candy effect, feminine and romantic because all women are princesses!
pupal pupa princess

The proposal is courageous and audacious. I do not like pink, but the mauve color has literally conquered me and is undoubtedly my favorite combo with glitter enamel.

I leave you with a very simple Nail Art step by step!

– wheel of half pearls UnghieMania ;
– Pupa 634 Princess Mauve enamel;
– Pupa 752 Princess Green enamel;
– Pupa 830 Princess Paillettes enamel;
– Pupa gel top coat.
nail art pupa

The realization is very simple, we spread on the index and annular the green enamel while on the middle and the little finger that mauve, then with the top coat we apply the half pearls and complete the whole with the glittered top cot.
nail art pupa
nail art pupa

Alternatively you can also apply only the mauve enamel and apply the half-pearls for a simpler and more refined effect.
nail art pupa

What do you say, do you like the Pupa Princess nail polish collection? What polish do you prefer?

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