Pupa Navy Chic nail polishes: swatches, review, nail art

After showing you the make-up made with the new collection Pupa Navy Chic today we want to present the swatches of the glazes, the review and a Nail Art Navy Chic.

The Pupa Navy Chic nail polish collection includes 6 glazes of which three Lasting Color Gel and three Lasting Color Mat , as the name suggests, recalls the classic “navy” style soft colors alternated with a strong blue, a “vintage” memory and a great desire for summer!

Let’s find out more closely!
001 Matt Yellow , a beautiful yellow matt, bright on, a very summery color, even just watching it puts joy.
polish pupa matt yellow

002 Matt Pink , matt vintage pink, sophisticated and elegant soft!
pink pupa matt pink

003 Matt Coral , a very intense matt almost fluorescent coral, a well defined and gritty color, on the tanned skin will be truly magnificent!
pink matt pupa polish

060 Aquamarine , the classic aquamarine color, marvelous green tending to blue, exactly the color of the sea put on the nails.
aquamarine pupal polish

061 Wisteria , a summer sky color, clear and romantic … it’s a very special tone!
polish pupa wisteria

062 Shocking Blue , deep and decisive, a timeless navy blue, elegant to combine with white, red, yellow and blue! It is he who sets the trend.
pupa shocking blue


The three Pupa Navy Chic nail polishes Matt have a very special finish is not the classic matt “off” on the nail, they remain almost satin is as if they kept a light despite the opaque color, they are really very beautiful.

The three Pupa nail polishes Gel effect they have all the features that we have already appreciated with the first launch of the gel line and really very special colors. I am extremely polishes , resistant and of fast drying .

The characteristics of the Navy Chic Pupa nail polishes are all excellent, good durability even for the matt, perfect drafting (recommend for all two passes) and excellent pigmentation, are very opaque.
polish pupa navy chic
pupa navy chic enamels

Single council we want to give you is on the matt glazes, before using them it is preferable to avoid the leveling bases, rather you prefer them classic transparent bases .

And now we want to show you a Nail Art in Navy style prefect!

Required for the realization
– enamels from the Pupa Navy Chic collection;
– Nail Art Pupa brush;
– Pupa dotter;
– striping from Nail Art;
– studs Mania nails ;
– Pupa gel top coat.
nail art Pupa Navy Chic

Spread on the forefinger and the little finger the blue enamel, on the annular and the middle roll out the yellow enamel. Cut the striping into strips and then apply them on the ring finger.
nail art Pupa Navy Chic
nail art Pupa Navy Chic

Spread the blue enamel on the ring finger and remove the striping strips, you will have obtained a double color stripe effect in a very quick and simple way.
nail art Pupa Navy Chic
Pupa nail art

With the stamping made a sailboat on the forefinger and with the brush and the aquamarine enamel designed small waves.
nail art Pupa Navy Chic
nail art Pupa Navy Chic

On the medium, with the brush and the blue enamel, realize an anchor. You can choose whether to leave the effect opaque or add the top coat for a shiny effect.

The nail art is done! You like it? How about these Pupa Navy Chic nail polishes?
nail art Pupa Navy Chic

We love them, it’s definitely one of the best Pupa collections of all time! đŸ™‚

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