Pupa Nail Art: 4 video tutorials

Pupa nail art Pupa Milan has opened the Pupa Nail Academy , a school to learn through video tutorial how to take care of your nails and create original and creative looks.

The courses are taught by five experienced and passionate nail & nail-art girls who will guide us step by step to the discovery of all the “tricks” to take care of their nails and to enhance them with nail art suitable for any occasion and any age .

The first videos are already online and we present four of them, all dedicated to the creation of beautiful nail art with enamels Pupa and in particular with the nail art kit released for spring 2011. These are fantastic two-color kits that allow you to create a truly marvelous marble effect. In each package there is a bright enamel (basic art) to be used as a colored base and a decorative top coat (art top) to be passed after the application of the first one. With two simple steps you can get a unique effect on each nail, immediate and spectacular.

Other products used during the video they are the active growth base, the bright fixative enamel, the pen corrects enamel and some Lasting Color nail polish Pupa .

Pupa nail art

Here is an original idea to use the new ones nail art kit of Pupa , White & Pop Fuchsia and White & Pop Pink, in a simple and nice way. It’s an ideal look for both short and long nails. This solution gives so much liveliness and allows even the less experienced of nail art to try new techniques. You are ready to follow the video tutorial ?
Construction time: 20/30 Minutes – Difficulty: Simple

Mikeligna presents one nail art floral, spring, suitable for all occasions. The brand new kits are always used Pupa : White & Pop Blue, White & Pop Violet and White & Pop Coral. This also video tutorial It is quite simple and allows you to learn how to use nail art kits in a variety of ways.
Construction time: about 8 minutes – Difficulty: easy

In this video one is represented nail art very simple but of extraordinary effect. The color dominated is pink and the particular decoration is performed only on two fingernails to not weigh down the result. As Maddalena says, if you are sad, just look at your nails to smile. You will learn how to create a lively look is irresistible, suitable for any occasion. Your allies will be White & Pop Violet, White & Pop Fuchsia, White & Pop Pink and Lasting Color enamel Pupa 303.
Time of realization: for the nail art a few moments to be added to the drying time of the enamel – Difficulty: easy

Do you like coral tint? Do you love elegant and romantic style? Then this tutorial it’s for you. Equip yourself with White & Pop Coral kits and Lasting Color 800 and 502 enamels video You will learn how to make decorations in the shape of a heart, in three different versions. It looks like one nail art complex but not at all. It is recommended to make the drawing on the thumb and ring finger nails, but the choice is yours.
Time of realization: about ten minutes – Difficulty: medium

To find out others video , visit the web page dedicated to Pupa Nail Academy .

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