Pupa holographic enamels: swatches and review

Olografico Pupa glazes We have already presented a preview of the Pupa collection of holographic glazes, coming out for the 2012 and today we show you the swatches and the review of the numbers 033, 035 and 038 always in preview, because these products have not yet come out on the market.

The Pupa holographic glazes they are presented with the packaging of all time, elegant and irreplaceable, there is no longer the writing Lasting Color, but the new writing Holographic Nail Polish smiles at us.

The Polish Pupa Holographic it is innovative and has no equal in its consistency, although there are many others on the market holographic glazes .

Apparently it looks like a normal glaze with the usual draft, instead, surprisingly, it reserves us a beautiful effect, as if it created a patina of light that does not seem to belong to the nail varnish , but it is precisely there that the hologram is born.

in enamels are contained of the very special 3D spheres that capture the light and reflect it almost by magic. They have a long life and with the top coat they remain perfect for up to 5 days.
Olografico Pupa glazes
The application of the Pupa holographic glazes it’s simple and fast. Thanks to the brush designed specifically for a quick draft, it will be a pleasure to create holograms on the nails. The photos of the swatches they speak more than a thousand words.

Olografico Pupa glazes You can create really original nail art!
Olografico Pupa glazes

The Pupa holographic glazes (Holographic Nail Polish) will be on sale before summer 2012.

First name Holographic nial polish
Brand Pupa
Price 5.90 euros
Advantages Excellent value for money, perfect holographic effect
Disadvantages Not present
VOTES (scale from 1 to 10)
Quality 10
Price 9
Quality price 9
Effectiveness 9
Packaging 8
Overall rating 9

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